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The village of Zapson is located in the Berehiv district of the Transcarpathian region, 4 km from the border with Hungary. Its population is 1,800 people, the area is about 4.5 square meters. It should be noted that the railway station located in the settlement is called Kosyny. Therefore, some travelers may be mistaken, expecting to get to the Kosino resort right away.

In fact, Zapson borders Kosyno, so those who came to relax at thermal waters often stop in the village. There are no attractions in the village itself, but it will appeal to those who like to rest in a peaceful rural environment.


The first written mention of the village of Zapson dates back to 1271. Then it was mentioned as a royal estate. The settlement was also owned by the Hungarian Zabsoli (Zapsoni) family, when there were no heirs left, it was divided among several landowners. In the 16th century, the village was destroyed by a Tatar raid. Residents restored the settlement, at the beginning of the 19th century a stone church was built, which has survived to this day.

Previously, the village was called Zabsol, Zapsol, Zapson. After the Second World War, the village was renamed Zastavne, the historical name was returned in 1992.

Current temperature in Zapson:

21.1o C   |   70.0o F

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The best housing options


Вілла «Писанка» (Велика Бийгань)
village of Velyka Byihan
+380 ....
from 800₴/day
Апартаменти «Будинок» у селі Запсонь
the village of Zapson
+380 ....
from 200₴/day
Вілла «Край Неба» (Запсонь)
46 Lesya Ukrainka str., Zapson village
+380 ....
from 2200₴/day
Mini-hotel Villa Mitades, Kosyno
M24, 80, Yanoshi, Berehiv district
+380 ....
from 3085 ₴/night
Kosyno Thermal Waters Hotel
village Koson, Tract 1
+380 ....
from 6000 ₴/night

Private estates

Садиба «Смерекова хата»
вул. Дачна, 77, с. Дийда , Берегівський район
+380 ....
Садиба “Хатинка Галинка”, Косонь
вул. Кошута, с. Косонь, Берегівський район
+380 ....
Садиба «Хатинка Іштвана», Косонь
вул. Барабаш 32, с. Косонь, , Берегівський район
+380 ....

Where to eat deliciously

Restaurant “Kulach” in Kosyno
90223, Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Berehiv district, village Koson, street Barrels, 96
+380 ....
Charda Restaurant in Kosyno
90223, Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Berehiv district, village Koson, Tract 1
+380 ....
Cafe-confectionery Hermina in Kosyno
90223, Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Berehiv district, village Koson ,st. Bochkay 1
+380 ....

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