The village of Izky is located along the road from Volovets to Mizhhirya, just outside the village of Pylypets. A little more than 800 people live in it. Once Pylypets village was not a separate settlement, but was a part of Izok.

The village is located between Borzhavska Polonya and Rusky Verkh mountain. According to the old-timers, this village has always been noted for its peaceful and pious population, there have been almost no murders or uprisings in it throughout its long history.

Крісельний підйомник в селі Ізки

Among the must-see places for tourists in the village of Izky is the wooden church of St. Nicholas, which was built in the 17th century. Unfortunately, the roof of the church and the entire belfry are covered with tin, which hides the authentic coating and significantly changes the appearance of the church. It is a pity that recently samples of tempera icon painting of the 17th century were painted inside the church. Contemporaries even painted over the famous Transcarpathian Madonna – the icon of the Mother of God.

Izky, like the neighboring villages, is popular among tourists primarily as a ski resort. Since 2007, 950-meter-long and 1200-meter-long chairlifts and rope lifts to Mount Magura have been put into operation here. From this mountain, you can move to the Ghimba mountain to the mountain skiing complex in the village of Pylypets.

There is a legend about the origin of the name of the village. Once upon a time, these places were driven by oprichsky rebels. At that time there was a very narrow mountain road. The wheels of the carts sparkled when they came into contact with the rock. Driving through the territory of the future village, the oprichs began to say with surprise: “Look, sparks!” And the village that later appeared near this road was called Izka – from the sparks.

The temperature in Izki now:

-2.7o C   |   27.2o F

Map of sights of Izok

The best housing options

Гостьовий будинок «Чотири Сезони»
Izky village, 201
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from 3500 ₴/day
Міні-готель «Шале на зарінку»
Izky village, 209
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Готель «Роксолана»
Izki, Bertse tract
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садиба «Ваша Хата»
with. Pylypets, 177, Mizhhirsky district
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Еко готель “Ізки”, Міжгір’я
Izky, Mizhhirya
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Where to eat deliciously

Кафе «Колиба»
Eco-resort Izka
+380 ....
Ресторан «Магур»
Eco-resort Izka
+380 ....
Кафе «Pit Stop»
Transcarpathian region, Mizhhirsky district, village Pylypets
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ресторан «Аратта»
Transcarpathian region, Mizhhirsky district, village Pylypets, 343
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Tours and excursions

тур в закарпаття на вихідні
3 days / 2 nights
From 2391 ₴
nature synevir
14 hours
From 750 ₴
тур в закарпаття
2 days / 1 night
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The most interesting places near the village Izki