The village of Pylypets is located at a distance of 19 km from the district center of the Zakarpattia region, the village of Volovets, on the way to Mizhhirya. The village is located at an altitude of more than 700 meters above sea level.

Pylypets is first mentioned in historical sources in 1463. Today, the population of the village is about 1100 people. According to legend, the village was named in honor of its founder Philip (Philips).


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садиба «Ваша Хата»
with. Pylypets, 177, Mizhhirsky district
+380 ....
from 600 ₴/day
готель «Горянин»
with. Pylypets, Shipot-Lazok tract, 348
+380 ....
from 600 ₴/day
готель «Гранд Пилипець»
with. Pylypets, 352, Mizhhirsky district
+380 ....
from 1950 ₴/day
Еко готель “Ізки”, Міжгір’я
Izky, Mizhhirya
+380 ....
from 590 ₴/night

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Кафе «Pit Stop»
Transcarpathian region, Mizhhirsky district, village Pylypets
+380 ....
ресторан «Аратта»
Transcarpathian region, Mizhhirsky district, village Pylypets, 343
+380 ....