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The village of Solochyn is located only 7 km from the city of Svalyava, which until recently was the district center of this region. Currently, the district capital is located in Mukachevo. The nearest railway station is located in Svaliava. The important Kiev–Chop highway runs nearby.

1,250 residents live in Solochyn. It is located among the picturesque mountains of Krekhai, which rises to the east of the settlement, and Tesanika, which supports the sky from the west. It is from Tesanyk that the turbulent mountain stream of the same name flows, Tesanyk, which is a tributary of the Pini River.


The narrow mountain valley in which Solochyn is spread is extremely rich in vegetation and life-giving mineral springs. The village is located at an altitude of more than 300 meters. In the Bukovyna tract near the village, there is a large number of boulders, which testifies to the volcanic past of the peak of Tesanika. Near the western part of Solochyn, you can admire the nature in the “Topolina” and “Tesanyk” nature reserves.

Researchers derive the name Solochyn from the terms “soloch”, which translates as “salt” and “solochak”, which means salt marsh soil. So the very name of the village indicates that the local land is saturated with healing springs, of which there are more than 15.

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Map of attractions of Solochyn

History of the village of Solochyn

Archaeological data indicate that the first settlements on the territory of Solochyn appeared as early as the 1st and 2nd centuries. to n. e. In historical written sources, the settlement was first mentioned in 1430. At that time, Solochyn was the property of the Druget dynasty, natives of Italy, who owned the Uzhgorod castle for several centuries.

The inhabitants of Solochyn took an active part in the national liberation uprising of the Kuruts in 1703-1711. After the devastation caused by the war, the life of the village froze for a long period of time.

A sign of the revival of active life in the village of Solochyn was the construction of a wooden church in the Mazanchynoy tract in 1791. Unfortunately, it has not survived to this day, as it was destroyed by fire in 1868. At the same time, a new church was built, which has survived to this day.

In 1857, the church turned into a center of education, as a church school was organized at it in Solochyn. In 1905, it was turned into a public school, which was located in the private house of Bochko, and then moved to the house of Mykhailo Turyanitsa. The modern school building was built in the Czechoslovak period of Transcarpathia history in 1935.

Mineral waters of Solochyn

Since ancient times, the village of Solochyn has been famous as a balneological resort, where you can improve your health with the help of healing mineral waters.

Near the foot of Mount Tesanyk, a source of sulfur-hydrogen water has long been used for healing. In the middle of the tract of Bilasovytsa there is a mineral spring with the original name – “Vovkiv kvas”. The fact is that during the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Czechoslovakia, an enterprising Jew named Vovk was involved in the production and sale of this water. Thanks to Vovka’s work, water was actively bottled and sold in Austria and Hungary. This name was fixed in memory of his active activity. In Vovka’s time, the source was called “Pannonia”. Nowadays, the source of “Vovkiv kvas” should be found 400 m from the buildings of the “Kvitka Polonyny” sanatorium. It is an inconspicuous structure that is half buried in the ground. To taste “Vovkiv kvas” you should go down to the semi-basement. But all tourists should know that you can get really drunk from this water. So if you see tourists coming out of the basement swaying, know that they are “soaked” by the local mineral water.

Мінеральна вода «Лужанська»

Mineral water “Luzhanska”

However, the most popular mineral waters of Solochyn are “Luzhanska”, “Luzhanska-3”, “Luzhanska-4”, “Luzhanska-7”, “Luzhanska-12” and “Polyana Kvasova”, which are used in the sanatoriums “Kvitka Polonyny” and ” Crystal source”.

“Luzhanska” mineral water is used for drinking, taking carbonated mineral baths, intestinal washing, inhalation procedures, etc. It is used for chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and biliary tract, mild and moderate diabetes, as well as after operations on the stomach.

“Luzhanska-3” together with “Luzhanska-4” are distinguished by their saturation with calcium, iodine and fluorine. It is used to treat diseases of the digestive organs, diabetes and thyroid gland lesions.

“Luzhanska-7” contains sodium, boron, fluorine. It has similar properties to the famous Vichy mineral water. “Luzhanska-7” has a therapeutic effect on the respiratory system, the nervous and cardiovascular systems, and the liver

Мінеральна вода «Поляна Квасова»

Mineral water “Polyana Kvasova”

The most famous local water is “Polyana Kvasova”, which is extracted from a depth of more than 500 m. That is why the composition of the water is not influenced by any atmospheric factors. “Polyana kvasova” contains orthoboric acid, thanks to which it acquired pronounced antibacterial properties. In addition, it normalizes metabolism, dissolves urinary sand. It is used for gastritis, ulcer and duodenitis.

Unfortunately, local underground reserves of mineral water have recently decreased almost twice due to the unreasonable development of the nature conservation zone.

Sanatorium of Solochyn

Санаторій «Квітка Полонини»

Sanatorium “Kvitka Polonyny”

Kvitka Polonyny sanatorium has been operating since February 4, 1965. Already in Soviet times, it gained fame as a center of effective treatment with the help of healing mineral waters “Luzhanska-4”, “Luzhanska-7” and “Polyana Kvasova”. Nowadays, the sanatorium, which covers an area of 15 hectares, provides its services to tens of thousands of people every year. The quality of service here is at the European level, and the prices are quite democratic.

Санаторій «Кришталеве Джерело»

Sanatorium “Crystal Spring”

A little later, in 1984, sanatorium “Crystal Spring” was created. The main therapeutic factor of the sanatorium “Crystal Spring” is carbonated hydrogen carbonate-sodium mineral waters “Luzhanska-12” and “Luzhanska-3”, which are used directly from the springs located on the territory of the institution. They treat the stomach, liver, kidneys and bile ducts, endocrine system, chronic non-specific lung diseases. The mineral springs of this sanatorium have been famous for their healing properties since the 16th century.

Silicon, iodine, zinc and boron give healing properties to water. The sanatorium constantly provides a full range of high-quality health services.

Winter rest in the village of Solochyn

To the village of Solochyn in the Mukachevo district of the Zakarpattia region, tourists from all over the world are attracted in winter not only by healing with healing mineral waters, but also by incredible places for skiing.

In Solochyn there are as many as three ski tracks of beginner and intermediate difficulty levels. They are located between Krekhaya and Tesanyk mountains. The descents are 1000 meters long and 50 meters wide. The height differences are more than 200 meters. All ski tracks climb to the top with a height of 860 m and belong to the Golubine sports and tourist complex. They are equipped with one rope lift 500 meters long and 2 multi-lifts 300 and 400 meters long. All descents are treated with ratrak.

What else is there to have fun in Solochyn?

There is something for tourists to see in the village of Solochyn. An ancient wooden church, built in 1868 on the site of a burned down temple, has been preserved here. Myslivsky Shenborn castle is located 14 kilometers from Solochyn. Now there is the sanatorium “Karpaty” – it is a fabulously beautiful palace of the 19th century, which has perfectly survived to this day. It looks simply wonderful – as if in a Disney cartoon (they probably “licked” the idea of a fairy-tale castle).

On November 10, 2020, thanks to the efforts of sculptor Roman Murnyk and blacksmith Stepan Rusnak, a mini-sculpture depicting Prince Rudolph of Habsburg, who was very fond of traveling in Transcarpathia, was unveiled in Solochyn itself.

Even experienced tourists consider recreation in “Solochyn” amazing. There are so many unique recreational resources that are unique even for the Carpathian region.

You can actively spend your time here in the following ways: steam in the bathhouse; swim in the pool; play billiards or table tennis; master horse riding; to look for and taste sources of healing mineral water; walk through the surrounding forests; order an excursion; go fishing; go skiing or snow tubing etc.

Піші екскурсії та походи в гори у Солочині

Hiking tours and hikes in the mountains

The wonderful mountain valley where the Solochyn resort is located is perfect for an active or relaxing vacation.

Walks in the forests and magnificent panoramas open to those who dare to hike to the high cliffs will complement and decorate the leisure time after an active day.

Церква святих Петра і Павла (Уклин)

Excursions to interesting locations in Transcarpathia

If someone is a little tired of skiing or wellness procedures at the sanatorium, “Solochyn” will allow you to admire nature and get acquainted with local attractions. After all, the most interesting objects of history and culture are located nearby.

In nearby Svaliva, you must visit the 16th-century St. Michael’s Church cut from a tree, and also visit the Historical Museum.

In the village of Uklin there is another amazing ancient wooden cathedral.

Children should be delighted to get acquainted with the richest local natural world. Here, the child will see free-range squirrels, blue jays, wild goats, woodpeckers, deer, etc.

The most interesting locations

Чани Свалява
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Свалявський історичний музей
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Михайлівська церква у Сваляві
The Church of Archangel Michael (Svalyava) is a Lemki church in the Bystry suburb of the city of Svalyava (Bystryanska
Церква святих Петра і Павла (Уклин)
In the village, the wooden church of the holy apostles Peter and Paul has been preserved. It was built in
Обавський камінь
The Obava stone is a unique natural monument of the Mukachevo district of the Zakarpattia region. It is the crater
Кирило-Мефодіївський жіночий монастир
Cyril and Methodius Women's Monastery of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate is a monastery of the UOC of the
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Once upon a time, a Turkish princess settled in the valley of the Uzh river, "by coincidence" also an evil
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Кафедральний собор Святого Мартіна
On the coat of arms of the second largest city in Transcarpathia, there is an image of St. Martin, who
Замок Паланок
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One of the most interesting and attractive places for tourists in Transcarpathia is the magical high-mountainous Lake Synevyr. It is
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During the Second World War, the Hungarian government built a military defense line in the north-eastern Carpathians - the Arpad
Водоспад Воєводин
The most powerful Transcarpathian waterfall is Voyevodyn, which is located 12 kilometres north of the village of Turya Polyana in
Долина нарцисів
Near the village of Kireshi (five kilometers north of the city of Khust) there is the most popular tourist attraction

Tours and excursions

Where to stay in Solochyn?

In Solochyn, tourists have a wide range of options housing, Where to stay. The village is home to the Kvitka Polonyny and Kryshtaleve Dzherelo sanatoriums, the Eldorado Hotel and the Suzirya Wellness Centre. In addition, the locals are happy to welcome tourists in cosy cottages, or offer to settle in private sector.

The Kvitka Polonyny sanatorium has a four-storey building of the same name, where guests can find 1-, 2- and 3-bed rooms. In addition, there is the Suzirya Hotel, a modern five-storey building with lifts, rooms of various levels of service (up to luxury apartments) and a dining room-restaurant on the ground floor.

The Eldorado Hotel offers rooms ranging in size from 15 m² to 45 m², which are equipped with all the necessary amenities and modern comfortable furniture.

One of the best options is to stay at the Kryshtaleve Dzherelo sanatorium. The location of the sanatorium away from the road, under the crowns of trees in a picturesque park on the very bank of a clear river, will provide tourists with endless comfort and privacy, and allow them to enjoy the clean mountain air in between wellness treatments. The convenient location of all departments of the sanatorium under one roof makes it possible to recover in comfortable conditions at any time of the year and to be independent of the weather.

Among the options for private estates, the most popular among tourists is the estate “U Eriky”. It has 2 three-storey cottages with 12 and 5 rooms.

The Kvitka Polonyny sanatorium offers holidays at a cost of 500 UAH/day per person for a one-room double room.

The Suzirya Hotel, located on the territory of the sanatorium, is a little more expensive. Here, rooms are rented at a price of 990 UAH/night per person for the most basic double room.

Prices for accommodation in the Kryshatleve Dzherelo sanatorium start at 1550 UAH per day for a double room.

A budget holiday option is the estate “U Eriky”. Prices start from 350 UAH per night in an attic room.

A full list of available sanatoriums can be found in our catalogue hotels in Solochyn.

The best accommodation options

Садиба «Європа» у Солочині
Solochyn village
+380 ....
from 750₴/night
Садиба «Vivat» у Солочині
Solochyn village, 5A
+380 ....
from 850₴/night
Садиба "Августин" у Солочині
Solochyn village, 2A
+380 ....
from 750₴/night
Ресторан «Ельдорадо»
Bilasovitsa tract, 270, p. Solochyn
+380 ....
from 650₴/night
Садиба «У Еріки»
Solochyn village, 266
+380 ....
from 350₴/night
Готель «У Макса»
Solochyn village, 290
+380 ....
from 450 ₴/day
Санаторій «Кришталеве Джерело»
Solochyn village, 1V
+380 ....
from 1550 ₴/day
Санаторій «Квітка Полонини»
Solochyn village
+380 ....
from 500 ₴/day

How to get to the village of Solochyn

Solochyn is relatively close to the main tourist centers of Transcarpathia. It is 35 km from here to Mukachevo, and 8.5 km to Svalyava.

The best way to get to Solochyn is to take a train to the town of Svalyava, and then you can take a minibus or a taxi to the village itself. You can also drive your own car along the Kyiv-Chop highway through the Polyana village.

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