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Sanatorium “Trembita”

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Sanatorium “Trembita” – Velyatino (Transcarpathia) opened in 2012 and immediately won the sympathy of tourists from all over the country. The cleanest mountain air, a variety of medicinal plants and truly luxurious nature work miracles even in the fight against serious diseases.

✔ Advantages of the resort

This medical and preventive institution is located in the village of Velyatino, Transcarpathian region, which is famous for its unique geographical location. The largest river of the Tisza region and the Kruglyak peak create exceptional conditions for recreation here.

Sanatorium “Trembita” (Veliatino) offers vacationers deep relaxation, enjoyment of nature and a peaceful atmosphere combined with a functionally developed space of the territory. And the prices for tickets here are democratic.

The advantages and unique features of the sanatorium are its following qualities:

  • great service;
  • attention to guests;
  • high qualification of medical personnel;
  • guaranteed improvement of patients’ health;
  • comfortable rooms;
  • excellent food;
  • developed medical base;
  • modern methods of combating diseases;
  • wide infrastructure, etc.

According to the reviews of tourists, all the conditions have been created at the resort in order to really improve your health and well-being.

🩺 Treatment in the Trembita health complex

Treatment at the “Trembita” sanatorium is mostly aimed at combating pathologies of the respiratory system.

Medical base

Sanatorium The treatment base of the resort includes the use of a bath and shower, oxygen foam or magnetic therapy.

Taking mineral waters of “Dragivska”, “Shayanska 4” and “Shayanska 242”, massage and microjet therapy is actively used.

Ozokeritotherapy, salt room, ultrasound and phytotherapy or electrotherapy also bring great benefits.


A course in a medical and preventive institution is indicated for patients with:

  • alveolitis;
  • asthma;
  • bronchitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • rhinitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • tonsillitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD);
  • emphysema.

Sanatorium “Trembita” also accepts patients suffering from disorders of the musculoskeletal and digestive systems.


Contraindications to staying at the resort are respiratory failure, ischemic heart disease (CHD), mineral metabolism disorders, recent heart attack or pneumothorax, lung obstruction, diseases of the digestive system in the acute stage, lung cancer, sarcoidosis, tuberculosis, etc.

💳 Trembita (Veliatino) prices in 2023

A ticket to a medical and preventive institution costs UAH 395-2020. per day depending on the selected room category and a certain tariff. It is easy to specify its cost by calling the phone number specified on the website.

The price includes:

  1. Hallotherapy.
  2. Souls.
  3. Usage of oxygen.
  4. Treatment with the use of ozokerite.
  5. Magnetic therapy.
  6. Massage.
  7. Microcurrents.
  8. Salt room.
  9. Ultrasound.
  10. Fito baths.
  11. Electrotherapy, etc.

For an additional fee, it is suggested to use the following procedures: aromatherapy, bioptron, ascending and circular shower, darsonvalization, pearl, mineral and milk baths, mud, inhalations with medicinal plants, massage chair, micro enemas, spirography or quartz tube.

It is convenient to find out how much this or that procedure costs on the website of the health center.

🥗 Infrastructure of the health complex

The infrastructure of the prophylactic includes:

  1. Bathroom.
  2. Swimming pool.
  3. Arbours.
  4. Beverette.
  5. Hammocks.
  6. Children’s entertainment.
  7. Barbecues.
  8. Lake.
  9. Laundry.
  10. Restaurant.
  11. Salt box.
  12. Sports and gym.
  13. Parking lot.
  14. SPA salon, etc.

Vacationers will find it most convenient to stay in beautifully furnished one- and two-room rooms. There is comfortable furniture, radio channels, television and an electric kettle everywhere.

Those who wish often also choose the private sector next to the hotel, finding accommodation at pages.

Resort guests have meals three times a day in the restaurant according to an individual or complex menu. In addition, there are cozy cafes or shops selling snacks, drinks, coffee and tea nearby.

Some vacationers prefer to purchase vouchers that include only the cost of medical procedures.

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Where to eat deliciously

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⛲ What to do: entertainment in the complex

A lot of entertainment is available for guests of the health resort. For them, here is provided:

  • mountain skiing holiday;
  • swimming in the pool;
  • procedures with thermal waters;
  • ping-pong;
  • hiking in the mountains;
  • fishing;
  • billiards;
  • excursions.

It is also recommended to visit a deer or ostrich farm, explore Velyatino, take a walk in parks and gardens, admire the valley of daffodils or sit in a cafe. Children play, swing on the swing, swim or have fun in the sandbox.

Tourists simply need to visit local attractions, the most interesting of which are Mukachevo and Khust, the village of Iza, as well as numerous cathedrals and churches.

From here it is also convenient to make a large number of excursions to all corners of Transcarpathia. Contacts for purchasing a tour are placed on special pages on the Internet.

Active recreation enthusiasts are offered a bus or bike ride. And absolutely no one here will be left indifferent by horseback riding or hiking in the mountains.

Tours and excursions

🗺 How to get to the Trembit sanatorium

It is necessary to tell how to get to the “Trembita” sanatorium.

It is most convenient to go here by bus from Vinnytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv, Mukachevo, Odesa, Ternopil or Khmelnytskyi.

An equally comfortable means of transportation from Lviv or Uzhgorod is the train. Public transport will take tourists from the station to the resort.

By car, you should choose route H09 through Bukovel to Khust.

On the map

📢 Reviews about the complex

Vacationers leave the most favorable reviews about the “Trembita” sanatorium. They really like the beautifully landscaped grounds, the effective treatment at any time of the year, and the luxurious pool.

Older vacationers recall the peace and quiet of gazebos, while young people share their impressions of a trip to Lake Synevyr, a visit to Mukachevo Castle, and rafting on the Tisza.

Sanatorium “Trembita” is a health and wellness complex that takes into account the interests of guests of any age, offering them rest at the best prices. Beautiful ecology, positive impressions and the unique nature of the Carpathians contribute to a quick and reliable rescue from any disease.

What is treated at the "Trembita" sanatorium?
Treatment at the resort is mainly aimed at combating pathologies of the respiratory system. The course of stay here is indicated for patients with alveolitis, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and emphysema. In addition, "Trembita" is a sanatorium that also accepts people suffering from disorders of the musculoskeletal and digestive systems.
The cost of a ticket to the "Trembita" sanatorium
A ticket here costs UAH 395-2020. per day depending on the selected room category and a certain tariff. It is easy to specify its cost by calling the phone number specified on the website.
Sanatorium "Trembita": how to get there?
It is necessary to tell about how to get to the resort. It is most convenient to go by bus from Vinnytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv, Mukachevo, Odesa, Ternopil or Khmelnytskyi. An equally comfortable means of transportation from Lviv or Uzhhorod is the train. Public transport will take vacationers from the station to the medical and preventive institution. By car, you need to choose route H09 to Khust through Bukovel.

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