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Sanatorium “Borzhava”

Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, village Dovge, str. 15, Sichovyh Streltsiv View on map
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The famous sanatorium “Borzhava” (Transcarpathia) is known for its excellent infrastructure, a large medical base and a good location. It is extremely popular among true nature lovers, as it is located in an exceptionally picturesque location in a well-developed area.

🏥 The main features of the sanatorium

This medical and preventive institution is only 35 km away from the nearest town of Svalyava. It can be said that it is located in the very heart of the Transcarpathian region on the outskirts of the picturesque village of Dovhe.

The LPU buildings are surrounded by majestic mountains and dense forest, and a river flows next to them. Therefore, during the entire validity period of the voucher, tourists enjoy a truly wonderful park with a beautiful fountain and clean air.

The advantages of the resort are:

  • closeness to nature;
  • a large number of places for relaxing;
  • opportunity to collect mushrooms and berries;
  • high-quality treatment;
  • year-round reception of vacationers;
  • excellent number stock;
  • reasonable prices;
  • comfortable atmosphere;
  • a wide selection of entertainment activities, etc.

The unique features of the sanatorium are that when treating patients, doctors use a complex of thermal natural healing factors in the form of mineral waters. Taking baths and showers is combined with the latest scientific developments in the field of hydrotherapy.
Those who arrived at the “Borzhava” sanatorium receive treatment on the basis of “Borzhavska”, “Kushnytska” and “Olegivska” mineral waters. They are distinguished by a rare chemical composition and healing properties that ensure the recovery of the body in case of various diseases.

“Borzhava”, a sanatorium of a modern profile, also uses hippotherapy based on the healing aura of horses with success.

The treatment is complemented by a large list of physiotherapeutic procedures.

🩺 Treatment in the sanatorium “Borzhava”

In “Borzhava” they treat:

  1. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  2. Dysfunctions of the digestive system.
  3. Cardiac and liver diseases.
  4. Pulmonary disorders.
  5. Neurological disorders.
  6. Pathologies of urinary organs.
  7. Vascular problems, etc.

The therapeutic base of the medical and preventive institution, as mentioned, is based on the use of drinking mineral waters. “Borzhavska” calcium-sodium hydrogen carbonate water, “Kushnytska” sodium hydrogen carbonate water, and “Olegivska” calcium-sodium silicon hydrogen carbonate water can be of great benefit. The course is complemented by the thermal bitter-salty “Teplytsia”.

Balneotherapy, which includes mineral baths with natural and herbal remedies for various purposes, is also widely used at LPU.
Physiotherapy, which offers amplipulse therapy, galvanization, laser therapy, ultrasound or electrophoresis, also brings great benefits to patients.

Sanatorium “Borzhava” offers procedures for various diseases.


Indications for treatment here are:

  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • inflammatory processes in the joints;
  • disruption of the activity of the central and peripheral nervous system;
  • obesity;
  • consequences of transferred Covid-19;
  • lung pathologies;
  • post-traumatic stress disorders;
  • rehabilitation of military personnel after receiving injuries, etc.


Despite the effectiveness of treatment, there are a number of contraindications to staying in a sanatorium. These include decompensation of organ function, exacerbation of chronic diseases, cancer, tuberculosis or a severe form of coronary heart disease.

Patients with untreated infections or early stage post-traumatic syndrome are not accepted for treatment.

To take a course at “Borzhav”, you need to wait for the end of therapy after rheumatoid arthritis or thrombophlebitis.

💳 Sanatorium “Borzhava”: prices in 2022

The cost of staying in a medical and preventive institution is UAH 940-3,200. per day, taking into account the category of the selected number.

The ticket includes:

  1. Dietary food (four times a day).
  2. Weekly change of clean bed linen.
  3. Consulting of leading specialists.
  4. Basic diagnosis of patients’ health.
  5. Accommodation in cozy rooms.
  6. Various entertainment program.
  7. Cleaner services.

Patients who have arrived at the “Borzhava” sanatorium receive different procedures. These include aromatherapy, therapeutic mud, inhalations, oxygen cocktail, treatment with mineral waters, exercise therapy, massage, physiotherapy, etc.

Spa and non-traditional massages are available for an additional fee.

For more detailed questions about how much this or that procedure costs, it is better to clarify on the sanatorium’s website or contact the contact numbers indicated on it.

🏊‍♂️ Sanatorium infrastructure

The infrastructure of “Borzhava” includes:

  • bar;
  • swimming pool under the roof;
  • billiards;
  • sideboard;
  • children’s rooms and playgrounds;
  • disco;
  • winter ski lifts;
  • karaoke club;
  • cafe;
  • cinema;
  • equestrian base;
  • mineral bath;
  • sports grounds;
  • gym, etc.

For those who decided to choose the “Borzhava” sanatorium, the room price starts from UAH 1,160.

Standard accommodation (furniture, shower, TV, refrigerator) with treatment and four meals a day will cost about UAH 2,320. A more spacious “Improved” room is estimated at UAH 2,680. A large junior suite, which also has a coffee table and a folding sofa, costs UAH 3,000, a suite – UAH 4,200. Accommodation in a cottage with an area of ​​30 m2 is estimated at UAH 2,320.

Standard rooms are equipped with furniture, a refrigerator, a TV, a telephone and a bathroom with a shower. In the rooms of the higher level, an air conditioning system, a balcony and a bath are additionally placed.

Many travelers choose to stay in the private sector next to the main building in order to come there for procedures. To choose options, it is necessary to study the page with a description of where the “Borzhava” sanatorium is located and what offers for accommodation in its vicinity.

🥗 Rest in “Borzhava”: food and accommodation

Nutrition in a medical and preventive institution is an important factor in accelerating the recovery of patients. It complements the procedures and is made taking into account dietary developments. The general menu includes five options of science-based diets for vacationers to choose from, which includes excellent snacks, salads, soups and other dishes. Milk, meat products, vegetables, fish, juices and fruits are always available for vacationers.

In the cafe, it is recommended to enjoy delicious Transcarpathian cuisine and drinks, get to know the skills of local chefs, and relax in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

It is also worth taking a walk to the nearby cafes, pubs and restaurants to try Ukrainian cuisine. All necessary contacts for tourists are available online.

⛲ What to do: entertainment near LPU

In order for the guests of LPU not to be bored, they are offered:

  • exhibitions;
  • performances of vocal groups;
  • tastings of local dishes;
  • children’s entertainment programs;
  • hiking;
  • holding picnics;
  • walks in the forest;
  • collection of mushrooms and berries;
  • competition;
  • fairs, etc.

While resting in the village of Dovge, during excursions, tourists explore local sights, get acquainted with the history, culture, traditions and folklore of Transcarpathia and enjoy its natural landscapes.

Lovers of antiquity are happy to visit Dovzhan Castle, architectural monuments, churches and other equally interesting objects. It is enough to look at the site of the “Borzhava” sanatorium to understand that there are inexhaustible cultural and natural riches next to it.

For those who prefer active recreation, it is recommended to make a foray into the mountains or take part in a horse trek.

Nature lovers must see Shipit waterfall, magical corners of Transcarpathia, mountain landscapes, daffodil valley and Lake Synevyr.

Leisure nearby

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Tours and excursions

🗺 How to get to the sanatorium “Borzhava”

It is necessary to tell those travelers who are going to the “Borzhava” sanatorium in more detail how to get there.

Getting to it is very easy. You need to go by train to the Svalyava station, which is approximately 30 km from the medical and preventive institution.

The airport is located in Uzhhorod at a distance of 120 km from LPU, so it is better to take a taxi, go by bus to the village of Dovge or order a transfer.

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📢 Reviews about the sanatorium

Reviews of the “Borzhava” sanatorium remain the most positive for vacationers. Many write about excellent food and tasting the best wines or note the healing effect of mineral waters.

Families with children praise interesting animation programs, and young people mention cycling, horse riding and hiking.

Many tourists enjoyed collecting mushrooms, medicinal plants and berries, as well as participating in wonderful excursions.

It is worth concluding that the excellent infrastructure of LPU provides travelers with all the conditions for a comfortable rest.

Sanatorium "Borzhava": what is treated?
Here they treat diseases of the kidneys and nervous system, urolithiasis, disorders of the gallbladder and joints, pathologies of the digestive and vascular systems, metabolic disorders, etc.
How much does a ticket to "Borzhava" cost?
The price of the ticket is 940-3200 UAH. per day, taking into account the category of the selected number.
Where is the sanatorium "Borzhava"?
It is located in the heart of the Zakarpattia region on the outskirts of the village of Dovhe near the city of Svalyava.

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