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Sanatorium “Shayan”

SE sanatorium "Shayan", Shayan b/n, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine View on map
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Sanatorium “Shayan” in the village of Shayan is extremely popular among tourists from all over Ukraine. It is exceptionally well located among the mountains on the banks of the Tisza River, and the surrounding nature causes general admiration.

✔ Features of the resort

The sanatorium is located in the middle of the Shayan village in the Khust district of the Zakarpattia region. Its territory is characterized by unusual beauty and provides ample opportunities for various types of recreation at any time of the year. The attractiveness of the treatment and prevention facility is complemented by the presence of sources of healing mineral waters, excellent climate and clean air.

This LPU was opened in the middle of the last century and at that time accepted only domestic workers. Her department for restoring the health of patients suffering from diabetes is still famous.

Treatment at the “Shayan” sanatorium leads to very high results thanks to the unique local mineral water. It is named after the region where its source is located.

Other significant advantages of LPU are favorable prices, high quality of service and excellent food. Vacationers are offered bus and walking tours, as well as cycling and horseback riding in the most picturesque corners of Transcarpathia. Naturally, they leave friendly and positive reviews.

➕ Advantages and unique features of the resort

Advantages and unique features of the Shayan resortThe advantages of the “Shayan” sanatorium should include:

  • architectural value of the building;
  • a large number of water bodies;
  • great location;
  • high level of quality of the room fund;
  • availability of own pump;
  • large license program;
  • excellent food, etc.

The unique features of the sanatorium are that the main treatment factor here is the use of silicon bicarbonate-sodium “Shayanska-242” and “Shayanska-4”. Mineral waters resemble “Borjomi” or “Vichy Celeston” in their composition. Therefore, a trip here will be useful for those who suffer from kidney diseases, joint diseases, pathologies of the nervous and endocrine systems, disorders of the digestive system and metabolic disorders.

🩺 Treatment at the “Shayan” sanatorium

The medical base of the resort is based on the use of mineral water, ozokerite, underwater extraction of the spine, speleotherapy and physical education. Some of the procedures are included in the ticket price, and some are provided for an additional fee.


Indications for staying here are:

  • joint diseases;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • pathologies of the excretory system;
  • metabolic disorders, etc.

Therefore, those who came to the “Shayan” sanatorium will not have to guess what he is treating.


Many diseases are treated here.

But staying in the hospital is contraindicated for patients who suffer from:

  1. Decompensated diabetes.
  2. Infections.
  3. Nonspecific ulcerative colitis.
  4. Complicated stomach ulcer.
  5. Esophageal stricture.
  6. Severe hypertension.
  7. Chronic kidney diseases in the stage of exacerbation.

💳 Sanatorium “Shayan”: prices 2022

For those who are interested in how much a ticket to the sanatorium costs, it must be said that its price starts at UAH 690. But it should also be noted that it changes depending on the season.

What is included in the ticket price?

Sanatorium "Shayan": prices 2022The tour includes aromatherapy, hydrocolonotherapy, diagnostic studies, inhalations, use of ozokerite, climate treatment, exercise therapy, taking baths with various healing fillers, use of mineral water , physiotherapy, etc.

Additional procedures

The ticket price does not include:

  • hydromassage;
  • cryotherapy;
  • treatment in a salt cave;
  • mechanical foot massage;
  • ultrasound scanning;
  • phytobark.

🥗 Infrastructure

For those who came to the “Shayan” sanatorium, the ticket includes the use of its entire infrastructure. This includes visits to children’s and sports grounds, disco, internet and food.

A bar, a pump room, a gym, a concert hall and a restaurant are also available to vacationers.

In winter, there is a ski lift on Mount Loposh for a 300-meter track.

Near the “Shayan” sanatorium there is a well-maintained lake, and at some distance from the medical and preventive institution there is a resort with Velyatino thermal springs.

Where to stay in the sanatorium

Для тих, хто вибрав санаторій «Шаян», вартість путівки залежить від типу обраного номера.

The curative and preventive institution receives guests in 2 sleeping buildings, where more than two hundred people can rest at the same time. They are offered standard and deluxe rooms with 1 or 2 rooms.

  1. A large family suite with two bedrooms is available for guests, which can accommodate 4 people at once.
  2. There is also a smaller suite with individual air conditioning and a balcony.
  3. The “Standard” room is designed for economical tourists and offers them comfortable new furniture.
  4. The Superior Suite can accommodate one or two people.

Each accommodation option includes a balcony, bathroom with shower, TV, telephone, refrigerator, etc.

You can also stay in the private sector next to the hotel, information about which is presented on a separate page page

Where to eat

Sanatorium “Shayan” offers extremely favorable prices in 2022, taking into account the powerful comprehensive healing effect of treatment on the body of patients.
Each guest is offered 3 meals a day, taking into account dietary recommendations, which significantly accelerates the recovery process. Doctors also recommend consuming a significant amount of mineral water with each meal.

The diet for patients consists of products from local farms without the use of artificial ingredients. That’s why food in the sanatorium is distinguished by an amazing range of tastes.

The beautifully decorated restaurant “Shayana” opens its spacious and bright hall to tourists. And lovers of variety are invited to take a walk to the village, where there are various cafes, benches, restaurants and canteens. Here they serve authentic Transcarpathian cuisine with aromatic wine.

A little further away is the “Kolyba Opryshkiv” restaurant complex with wooden sculptures, artificial ponds and models of castles. There is a mini-zoo for children.

White mushrooms, natural honey, tinctures and paprika are sold on the market. For friends and relatives, it is recommended to buy souvenirs from the neighboring countries of Hungary and Romania, as well as products of local artisans.

Кафе-кондитерська «Smakolini»
St. Tsentralna, 0, p. Shayan
+380 ....
Ресторан «Перлина Закарпаття»
St. Tsentralna, 12, p. Shayan
+380 ....

⛲ What to do in the sanatorium

Travelers will not have to be bored. LPU offers them winter skiing, mineral waters, a large forest park area and walks in the Carpathian mountains.

Excursions and tours

It is worth buying a ticket to the “Shayan” sanatorium, because vacationers here have access to excursions to:

  • tasting halls of local wines;
  • valley of daffodils;
  • of the Transcarpathian Hutsul Region;
  • hospitals with “Dead Lake” mud;
  • Mukachevo Castle;
  • suspension bridges across the Tisza;
  • to Hoverla and Petros;
  • beekeeping farms;
  • Rakhiv district;
  • Khust Castle;
  • Uzhgorod Castle;
  • trout farms with fishing;
  • center of Europe;
  • Yablunytsky Pass;
  • Citadels, etc.

The most interesting places

Мукачівська Ратуша
Mukachevo Town Hall is a three-story administrative building in the city of Mukachevo (Transcarpathian region). It was built at the
Центр Європи біля Рахова
The geographic center of Europe, marked with a geodetic sign, is located between the settlements of Dilove and Kostylivka of

🗺 How to get to the “Shayan” sanatorium

It is necessary to tell in more detail how to go to the sanatorium “Shayan” (Transcarpathia). The easiest way is to take a train from Kyiv or Odesa to Mukachevo, Rakhiv or Uzhhorod. It is easy to get from the station to the village by regular bus, and comfort lovers are advised to take a taxi or order a transfer.

There is an electric train from Lviv to Mukachevo, travelers need to change to a minibus at the station.

There is an airport in Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv or Uzhhorod. From there it is best to order a transfer to the village of Shayan.

All contacts are posted on the sanatorium’s website, using which tourists will find out more precisely how to get to it.

On the map

📢 Reviews about the prophylactic

Reviews about the treatment and prevention facility are enthusiastic and numerous. Vacationers note that there is a lot of entertainment for all ages. Families can spend time in a cafe or at concerts. Young people like to spend time in the gym or on mountain hikes. The elderly prefer to sit in the library or go on excursions to the sights of Transcarpathia.

Therefore, those who decided to come to the “Shayan” sanatorium, the reviews will reassure and strengthen their decision to rest here.

Sanatorium "Shayan": what is treated?
A stay at the resort is indicated for patients suffering from gastritis, duodenal pathologies, urolithiasis and ulcer disease, urinary tract disorders, kidney disorders, prostatitis and other dysfunctions of organs and systems.
The cost of a ticket to the "Shayan" sanatorium
In 2022, the price of staying here starts at UAH 690. But it is also worth noting that it changes depending on the season.
How to get to the "Shayan" sanatorium?
It is easiest to choose a train from Kyiv or Odesa to Mukachevo, Rakhiv or Uzhhorod. It is easy to get to "Shayan" from the station by regular bus. Lovers of comfort are advised to take a taxi or order a transfer. There is an electric train from Lviv to Mukachevo, where you need to change to a minibus. There is an airport in Uzhhorod, Lviv or Ivano-Frankivsk. It is best to order transfer services from there.

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