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Sanatorium “Thermal Star”

Derenivka tract, 226, Nizhne Solotvino village, Uzhgorod district, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine View on map
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The well-known sanatorium “Thermal Star” is famous in all corners of the country for its healing springs of useful silicon mineral waters. The whole balneological program of the resort, procedures and the SPA center are closely related to them.

✔ Description of the treatment and prevention facility

This luxurious wellness center is an extra-class boarding house that guarantees tourists a truly wonderful vacation in the bosom of picturesque wildlife, swimming in a unique thermal pool and using effective modern medical procedures that are sure to please guests of all ages.

The “Thermal Star” sanatorium is located in the well-known settlement of Nizhne Solotvino, Transcarpathian region, and with its high level of comfort, it stands out among other similar establishments. It has been operating since 2007 and its numerous houses are characterized by functional modern solutions.

The advantages and unique features of the sanatorium are:

  • a large number of comfortable sports grounds;
  • wonderful Carpathian nature;
  • year-round functioning of buildings;
  • numerous children’s entertainment;
  • the presence of a Carpathian tank;
  • a huge medical base and a wide profile of directions for combating various diseases;
  • huge park;
  • use of indoor thermal and outdoor heated pools;
  • own pump station;
  • convenient location near Uzhgorod.

The sources of “Thermal Star” mineral water are slightly different from each other. One supplies warm carbonated water enriched with silicon, sodium and chlorine. In terms of its qualities, it resembles the healing liquid of the Wiesbaden resort and is mainly intended for external use.
The second is drinkable, saturated with calcium and similar in properties to the springs of the French resort of Mondor.

It is necessary to mention separately the thermal pool of the resort. It is a special balneological procedure performed at a temperature of about 34 degrees. Here, a natural factor acts on the patient’s body in the form of silicon mineral water with a unique composition, which significantly improves the condition of people suffering from arthrosis, diseases of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, skin pathologies, a decrease in protective forces and cellulite.

Reviews of vacationers show that the rich combination of excellent opportunities of the health resort makes it a top-level institution.

🩺 Treatment in the prophylaxis

Sanatorium “Thermal Star” provides treatment using the latest medical and scientific developments.

Treatment base

Treatment base of the Thermal Star sanatoriumThe medical base of the health complex is connected with the presence of pools with mineral water, baths and showers, hydrolaser and lymphatic drainage procedures, cryotherapy, massage, thermal complex and physiotherapy.

The multidisciplinary direction of the prophylactic provides it with everything needed for the treatment of various diseases. A staff of highly qualified employees has developed a number of programs that take into account the fight against the symptoms of even serious diseases. The treatment here is complemented by water procedures, recovery in tanks, great rest, physical education classes and the services of cosmetologists.


The use of thermal silicon water significantly improves the well-being of patients with:

  • chronic arthritis;
  • severe dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system;
  • initiated osteochondrosis;
  • pronounced cardiac dysfunctions;
  • skin problems, etc.

Advanced technical equipment of the sanatorium helps to cope with vascular diseases. Therefore, the prices for tickets to “Thermal Star” fully correspond to the quality of the services provided here.

The resort also treats:

  1. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. Cardiological pathologies.
  3. Neurological disorders.
  4. Kidney disorders, etc.


Contraindications to staying in the “Thermal Star” sanatorium are:

  1. Hypertension started.
  2. Mastopathy.
  3. The rehabilitation period after the treatment of oncological diseases is not over.
  4. Relapses of chronic dermatological pathologies.
  5. Vascular insufficiency, etc.

Contraindications are related to the fact that not all patients will benefit from mineral waters, the composition of which includes boron, bromine, sodium and other trace elements.

💳 Prices in 2024

For those patients who do not have obvious medical contraindications, a ticket to “Thermal Star” will cost UAH 1,435-4,440. per day, depending on the category of the selected number. How much this or that option costs, it is recommended to check on its website. Taking into account the date of arrival and length of stay, the total cost often changes. In addition, the sanatorium provides promotions, discounts and special offers.

Basic procedures

Basic procedures of the Thermal Star sanatoriumThe cost of a resort ticket includes the following procedures:

  • aqua aerobics;
  • swimming pool;
  • bolusotherapy;
  • baths and showers;
  • vertebral and skeletal stretching;
  • darsonvalization;
  • inhalations;
  • use of mineral waters;
  • magnetic therapy;
  • massage;
  • ozone therapy;
  • sauna;
  • Scandinavian walking;
  • heat therapy;
  • physiotherapy;
  • electrotherapy
  • UHF, etc.

The treatment and prevention facility has at its disposal two sources of thermal waters, which contain silicon. They improve the well-being of patients with atherosclerosis, dermatological diseases, bone and endocrine pathologies, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, acne and eczema. In addition, they have a pronounced rejuvenating effect.

Additional Services

For an additional cost, it is offered to purchase a package of special services with the following types of procedures:

  • algae, anti-couperosis and porcelain mask;
  • vacuum therapy;
  • hydrolaser;
  • cryomagnetotherapy;
  • lymphatic drainage;
  • peeling;
  • application of helium;
  • ultrasound therapy;
  • face cleaning.

You can find out more about them by using the contacts indicated on the website of the health complex.

For those who wish, a voucher is also available, which includes medical procedures and meals with accommodation outside the hotel.

🥗 Infrastructure of the “Thermal Star” sanatorium

The general infrastructure of the medical and preventive institution includes:

  1. Arbours.
  2. ATM.
  3. Pools.
  4. Library.
  5. Beverette with mineral water.
  6. Children’s entertainment with a water slide.
  7. Medical Corps.
  8. Lake.
  9. Laundry.
  10. Bike and sports equipment rental.
  11. Restaurant.
  12. Sauna.
  13. Spa center.
  14. Sports complexes.
  15. Parking for own cars.
  16. Souvenir shop.
  17. Tennis court.
  18. Terrace.
  19. Tourist office.
  20. Chess center.


Vacationers are recommended to stay directly on the territory of the health resort. Staying in its comfortable rooms of the highest level allows you to quickly gain strength, have a great rest and noticeably improve your health.

Morning or evening bathing in the mineral baths and swimming in the thermal pool will bring great pleasure to both young children and adults. Therefore, for those who choose to stay in the “Thermal Star” building or cottages, the prices will not seem too high.

On the territory of the sanatorium there are twelve orderly two-story cottages, cut from a tree and surrounded by wonderful nature. They provide accommodation in the “Standard” class, “Semi-suite” with a coffee table, “Suite” with a folding sofa and “Grand-suite” with a living room, two bedrooms, a mirror and an iron. In summer, all rooms have individual air conditioning. Everywhere there is a bathroom, Internet, cable TV, mini bar and mini safe, telephone, hair dryer and refrigerator. Slippers and bathrobes are provided. The cottages also offer guests a bathhouse, a billiards room, and the warmth of a fireplace.

The main building of “Thermal Star” (Solotvyno) provides high-level accommodation in beautifully arranged and equipped with all amenities, “Lux” and “Standard” rooms. Together, almost 150 people can rest comfortably here.

You can also stay in the private sector next to the sanatorium. The choice of accommodation is available on the website.


Treatment at Thermal Star involves a comprehensive approach.

The three-time ration is recognized in the sanatorium as one of the most important components of its general medical base. Therefore, various dietary tables from the first to the fifteenth are widely used here, all dishes of which are available to order. The meal takes place in two comfortable halls, where the best national Transcarpathian and Ukrainian dishes are served.

For lovers of culinary masterpieces or pass holders, near Thermal Star (Uzhhorod) there are numerous bright cafes, colorful huts and atmospheric restaurants that provide tourists with excellent food for every taste and budget.

⛲ Entertainment

Tourists in the sanatorium walk around the neighborhood, swim in the lake, go on excursions to Transcarpathia or go fishing.

The restaurant will give additional pleasure to the vacationers at “Thermal Star” with its excellent cuisine and refined atmosphere.

Fans of active tourism are encouraged to do sports, climb mountains, play volleyball, tennis or football, or go horseback riding.

Children will surely enjoy playing badminton, bouncy castles or mini-golf, and their parents will be happy to try out the simulators and fitness center.

For guests of “Thermal Star”, the pool becomes not only a pleasure, but also a means to improve health.

All families will also enjoy relaxing with a barbecue or sauna, and in winter they will visit the ski complex.

Excursions and active recreation

Connoisseurs of history and culture will not refuse tours:

  • in Berehovo;
  • to the Valley of Narcissus;
  • to the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life;
  • in Mukachevo;
  • to the village of Iza;
  • to Uzhhorod;
  • to the wooden temples of Transcarpathia;
  • to Palanok Castle;
  • to local mineral springs;
  • to Lake Synevyr.

Those who visited the sanatorium leave rave reviews about such trips.

The most interesting places

Скелі закоханих у селі Костилівка Рахівського району
The cliff-rock or Lovers' Rocks above the village of Kostylivka in the Rakhiv district of Transcarpathian region is a Ukrainian
Страусина ферма у Хусті
There are many interesting places to visit when travelling in Khust district. One of these locations is the Ostrich Farm,
Озеро Кунігунда
Kunigunda (also known as Kunikunda) is the largest of the salt lakes of anthropogenic origin located on the western outskirts
Музей історії солекопалень
This unique museum tells the story of the development of salt deposits in the Transcarpathian region. The museum was founded
Водоспад Труфанець
Trufanets (Trofanets) is a waterfall in the Ukrainian Carpathians. A hydrological monument of nature of local importance. It is considered
Хустський замок
Why should you visit the Khust castle? Because this is a place with an interesting and long history. A majestic
Центр Європи біля Рахова
The geographic center of Europe, marked with a geodetic sign, is located between the settlements of Dilove and Kostylivka of
Водоспад Женецький Гук
Zhenetskii Huk (Zhenetski Vodospad) is a waterfall in the Ukrainian Carpathians, on the Zhenets stream (a left tributary of the

🗺 Entrances to “Thermal Star”

How to get to the resort should be explained in detail.

From Kyiv, it is convenient to go here by train to Mukachevo or Uzhhorod. At the station, you should change to a minibus or a taxi to the village of Nizhne Solotvyne.

The airport is located in Lviv or Uzhgorod, from there it is easy to get to the place by choosing a bus, taxi, car or using an individual transfer.

On the map

📢 Reviews about the prophylactic

Vacationers who had a wonderful rest at the medical and preventive institution leave favorable reviews about it. They write about impeccable service, the highest level of prophylaxis, its excellent medical facilities and healing silicon mineral waters.

People really like that the thermal star spa complex offers a choice between living in a wonderful main building or accommodation in a cottage, and two baths delight even the most indifferent.

Guests of the “Thermal Star” prophylactic (Nizhne Solotvino) note that the treatment was as effective as possible, they did not lack anything, and the rest corresponded to the highest level.

What is treated at the "Thermal Star" sanatorium?
Health programs at the "Thermal Star" resort (Transcarpathia) are carried out taking into account the latest medical and scientific developments. The use of mineral water helps with inflammatory processes of the gastrointestinal tract, bone and muscle diseases, heart diseases, skin pathologies and nervous dysfunctions, and advanced technical equipment allows you to cope with cardiac disorders, kidney problems and vascular disorders.
The cost of a ticket to the "Thermal Star" sanatorium
A ticket to the resort will cost not too high, taking into account the high-quality services offered, the amount of UAH 1,435-4,440. per day, depending on the category of the room chosen by the guest. It is recommended to find out how much this or that option costs on the website of the medical and preventive institution. The price may change depending on the total length of stay and the specific date of arrival. In addition, the health center constantly offers various discounts and special offers.
Sanatorium "Thermal Star": how to get there?
It is necessary to explain to those tourists who bought a ticket to "Thermal staru" how to get to the resort. From Kyiv, it is convenient to go here by train to Mukachevo or Uzhhorod. At the station, you need to change to a shuttle bus or take a taxi to the village of Nizhne Solotvino. The airport is located in Lviv or Uzhhorod, from there it is easy to reach "Thermal Star" (complex) by bus, taxi, car or using an individual transfer.

Hotel Facilities

Air conditioning
Conference room
Family rooms
Fitness center
Flat screen TV
Free parking
Internet - Wifi
Spa & sauna
Swimming pool
Taxi and transfer
Transfer to the airport
View of the mountains
Washing machine and dryer
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