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Private sector in Tatariv

The village of Tatariv is famous for the extraordinary beauty of its nature and excellent recreational opportunities. It is located in the mountains by the famous Prut River. The climatic conditions here are so favourable that they have a pronounced healing effect on many diseases.

Приватний сектор у Татарові

Private sector in Tatariv

The private sector is the most affordable option, as travellers rent accommodation directly from its owners. They can choose to rent a room, a whole house or a part of it.

The main feature of such accommodation is the availability of a kitchen, which significantly saves the budget.

Housing in the private sector is so diverse that holidaymakers can choose absolutely any option. The owners provide all the necessary amenities and pleasant additional services, which are often included in the rental price.

The houses are located in comfortable proximity to the most important infrastructure facilities and are not too far from the main attractions. Therefore, the private sector in Tatariv is always in demand.

Садиба «Дана»
83, Nezalezhnosti str., Tatariv village
+380 ....
from 750 ₴/night

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Description of the area

This area has been widely known for a long time, but only a hundred years ago it became a popular balneological resort. Numerous tourists still come here not only from our country but also from neighbouring countries. Moreover, Tatariv (private sector accommodation) provides the best accommodation options for many of them.

The temperature in Tatariv now:

18.1o C   |   64.5o F

What to do in Tatariv?

Most holidaymakers come to the village to relax in the lap of nature and improve their health.

Famous ski centres are located nearby Bukovel and Vorokhta. In summer, you can also have a great time outdoors, and in winter, you can go skiing.
At any time of the year, tourists can go for a walk in the mountains, and autumn gives them a rich harvest of mushrooms and berries.

Not far from here are Polyanytsia with its interesting sights of the Bukovel resort. Travellers will definitely be interested in Hutsul architecture, wooden churches and ancient viaducts.

The most interesting locations nearby

How can our service help?

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Where can you eat delicious food?

Ресторан «Прут»
St. Nezalezhnosti, 14, Tatariv village
+380 ....
Ресторан «Білі Горвати»
St. Nezalezhnosti, 565a, Tatariv village
+380 ....
Колиба «Гуцульський двір»
St. Nezalezhnosti, 453, Tatariv village
+380 ....

How to get to Tatariv?

It is not difficult to get to the village. In summer, the best way to get here from Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv is by train. In winter, during the peak season, additional express trains from Dnipro, Kyiv and Odesa are added to the existing trains.

By car, you should stick to the P-03 and H-09 motorways.

🧡 Your rest in Tatariv will be one of the best and will be remembered for a lifetime!

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