Carpathian National Natural Park

Carpathian National Nature Park is a national park in Ukraine, on the territory of Ivano-Frankivsk region. Created to preserve the unique forest ecosystems of Central Europe.

The Carpathian National Natural Park is the first and one of the largest national natural parks in Ukraine. It was created by the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR No. 376 dated June 3, 1980. Back in 1921, a reserve was created within its current territory on an area of ​​447 hectares to protect the Montenegrin forests. Part of the current territory of the park from 1968 to 1980 was part of the Carpathian State Reserve, from which the Hoverlyan Forestry and Vysokohirne Forestry were separated when the park was created.

Карпатський національний природний парк

Carpathian Natural Park: photos and videos

A brief overview

🗺 Location N48°15’38” E24°34’27”
🔰 Date of establishment June 3, 1980
🏞 Area 50495 ha
🧭 Distance from Vorokht Near
🚙 Road for On foot
🏕 Stand with a tent Yes
🏡 Housing nearby Vorokhta
☕ Cafes and shops Vorokhta

How to get to the Carpathian Nature Park

 Walking route

🔰 Start Vorokhta
🚶 Walking distance Walk

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