Nizhne Solotvyno

The village of Nizhne Solotvino is located in the Uzhgorod district of the Transcarpathian region in the foothills of the Carpathians and belongs to the Baranyn territorial community. The population of the village is more than 800 people. The first mention in written sources dates back to 1405. In those days it was called Slatina. Until 1995, the village was called Nizhnya Soltvina.

Rest here can be combined with treatment. You can rent housing in the private sector or sanatoriums “Thermal Star” and “Derenivska Kupel“, where mineral and thermal waters are used for treatment.

Нижнє Солотвино

Nizhne Solotvyno is also known for its wines. For their storage, there are special burrows in the rock, similar to hobbit huts.

Among the architectural monuments, the attention of tourists is attracted by the Church of the Holy Intercession of the end of the 19th century and the “House with Chimeras” created by a local resident.

Deciduous and mixed forests are rich in mushrooms and berries. Fishing enthusiasts will not be disappointed, there are catfish and trout. Tourists are attracted by beautiful landscapes, clean air and thermal waters. The wonderful scenery of the surrounding places has long attracted film directors. In 1970, the battle scenes of the Hollywood blockbuster “Waterloo” were filmed on the territory of the village.

Temperature in Nizhny Solotvyno now:

-6.4o C   |   20.5o F

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Санаторій «Термал Стар»
Derenivka, 226, Nizhne Solotvino
+380 ....

from 1400₴/night

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