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Tyachiv is located 136 kilometres from the regional centre (by road) and 149 kilometres away by rail. It is located in the middle of the Khust Basin on the right bank of the Tysa River. The Uzhhorod-Ivano-Frankivsk motorway and the Uzhhorod-Solotvyno railway pass through the town. The population is about 9700 people.


History of the city of Tyachiv

The name of the city of Tyachiv (Deutschau) translates from Old German as “German village”. The exact date of its foundation has not been established, but most historians believe that it happened at the turn of the first and second millennia. Historical written sources first mention Tyachiv in 1329. Then, according to the charter of the Hungarian King Charles I, Tyachiv received the status of a crown city along with the corresponding benefits. The charter exempted the townspeople from taxes and fees to local feudal lords. In 1504, the city’s self-government was expanded due to the fact that during the war with Turkey, the city and its surroundings were devastated. In 1551, the residents of Tyachiv were granted the right to freely use land, graze cattle in the royal forests, and conduct duty-free trade, but they were obliged to perform a number of state and public duties.

In the eighteenth century, Tyachiv enjoyed the right of self-government and had its own seal with the image of an eagle. In 1703-1711, the residents of Tyachiv took an active part in the Kurucs uprising. In 1946, after the annexation of Transcarpathia when Tyachiv was annexed to Soviet Ukraine, a small part of the city, located on the left bank of the Tysa River, was ceded to Romania. Since 1961, Tyachiv has been a district centre.

In Soviet times, Tyachiv operated a factory of artistic products, a brick and canning factory, a bakery and a consumer services plant.

Today, Tyachiv is the district centre of the largest district in Ukraine by area.

The temperature in Tyachiv now:

21.8o C   |   71.2o F

Map of attractions in Tyachiv

What to do and see in Tyachiv?

If you decide to visit Tyachiv or the Tyachiv district as a tourist, there are many different opportunities for tours and excursions around this charming region.

You should start your acquaintance with Tyachiv by visiting the most famous sights. A tour of the central part of the city immediately after arrival will not be exhausting, as it will not take you much time. All the sights and highlights of Tyachev are close by. In the very centre of the city there are ancient Catholic, Greek Catholic and Reformed churches, as well as busts and monuments of historical figures.

If you want to visit a museum, the best option is the private collection of antiquities “Sriberna Zemlya” in the village of Hrushevo at 2 Prykordonna Street. The special feature of this institution is that it allows you to pick up exhibits and even try on folk costumes.

If you are interested in sacred village architecture, Tyachiv region will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the unique churches of the so-called “Maramoroska Gothic”, which are located in the surrounding villages of Kolodne, Ruska Mokra and Nimetska Mokra.

It is worth visiting the Ugolsky Monastery, which is the oldest in Transcarpathia.

Що робити в Тячеві в теплу пору року?

What to do in the warm season?

In summer, the Tyachiv region attracts all lovers of the amazing Carpathian nature.

Firstly, it is like a magnet for fans of speleological tours. There are almost 30 vertical karst caves here. To visit the caves, you should apply for a special permit to the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve.

You don’t have to go underground to get acquainted with the karst wonders, as you can admire the unique “Karst Bridge” – a natural arch located in the Chur tract in Tyachiv district.

For fans of extreme sports, rafting tours on the steep mountain river Tysa are regularly organised in the Tyachiv region.

If you want to swim and sunbathe, we recommend visiting the famous Marina water park, which is located in Tyachiv at 114A Armiyska Street.

Not far from Tyachiv, you can enjoy almost seaside holidays on the salt lakes in Solotvyno. Their water and therapeutic mud are similar in composition to the Dead Sea in Israel. You will definitely enjoy this rest.

Що робити взимку у Тячеві?

What to do in Tyachiv in winter?

In winter, the Tyachiv region primarily attracts fans of skiing. You should start exploring the ski slopes of the Tyachiv region in the village of Ust-Chorna. It is located at an altitude of 553 m in the picturesque Gorgany Mountains. Ust-Chorna has ski slopes up to 1000 metres long and of varying difficulty. The slopes are equipped with rope tows and chairlifts of 250 metres, 400 metres and 750 metres in length. Most skiing enthusiasts visiting Ust-Chorna stay at the popular Yalynka tourist centre.

Another well-known ski resort in the Tyachiv region is the village of Kalyny, which lies in the picturesque valley of the Teresva mountain river, 36 km from Tyachiv and 25 km from the Teresva railway station. The Velykyi ski resort located here is fairly new. Many tourists are attracted by the resort’s good location, thanks to which they can enjoy skiing on the charming slopes. The complex boasts four slopes and a 4.5 km long snow tubing run located on the peaks of Dovgy Hrun and Yafunkuvata. The slopes are equipped with two drag lifts, a snow tubing lift, a snow groomer and a system of artificial snowmaking with snow cannons.

It is very useful to visit the thermal waters in the village of Velyatino, which is located near Tyachiv in Khust district. Located in this village resort «Tepli Vody» is an ideal option for winter recreation with thermal waters.

In addition, in winter, you can relax in the already mentioned Maryna water park.

The most interesting places near Tyachiv

Вишківський замок
The village of Vyshkovo is home to the remains of a powerful medieval Transcarpathian castle. In historical sources, the fortress
Приватний музей «Сріберна земля» в Грушово
The amount of antiquities on display in three small rooms would probably be enough for ten halls. Some of the
Угольсько-Широколужанський заповідний масив
Near the villages of Mala Uholka, Velyka Uholka and Uhlya, in the interfluve of the Tereblya and Teresva rivers, the
Угольський монастир в селі Угля
The exact age of the monastery is unknown. Researchers believe that the monastery was founded in the pre-Mongol period. There
Костел святої Єлизавети у Хусті
The Church of St Elizabeth is located in Khust at the crossroads of Constitution and Carpathian Sich streets. The Reformed
Миколаївська церква в селі Сокирниця
In the very centre of Sokyrnytsya, next to the stone Orthodox Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, tourists
Михайлівська церква в селі Крайниково
At a distance of 2 km to the south of the village of Danylovo, Khust district, Transcarpathian region, the neighbouring
Миколаївська церква з дзвіницею в селі Данилово
In the small village of Danylovo, Khust district, Transcarpathian region, with a population of 1800 inhabitants, there is the tallest
Церква святої Параскеви в селі Олександрівка
Near the church in the village of Danylovo, Khust district, Zakarpattia region, the road turns right, leading past a hill
Реформатський храм
The most elegant church in Tyachiv is a stone Reformed church with a three-tier bell tower. A real clock has
Миколаївська церква
After crossing the bridge over the Tereblya River, we soon enter the village of Kolodne. The village was founded in
Костел святого короля Іштвана
In the very center of Tyachiv, two ancient temples are located next to each other. First, you should familiarize yourself
Храм Успіння Пречистої Діви
A bronze bust of the artist Shymon Holloshi, who lived in the city since 1914, was installed near the Reformed

Tours and excursions

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Where to stay in Tyachiv?

There are many places in Tyachiv where you can comfortably spend the night. Here you can use both hotels of various categories and the private sector. At any time of the year, you can enjoy your holiday in Tyachiv guest houses, cottages and hotel and restaurant complexes, which will welcome you with joy and hospitality.

Among the best offers that are worth considering in the first place is the popular Serpanok Hotel. Among the main advantages of this place is its extremely convenient location. It is located in the heart of Tyachiv at 114 Nezalezhnosti Street. The contact phone number is 380986173737.

The main transport artery of the city passes here, and the bus and railway stations are located very close, a few hundred metres away. The hotel has 8 rooms that can accommodate up to 23 guests at once. The rooms are equipped with comfortable single and double beds, TVs, wardrobes and Wi-Fi network, which can be accessed free of charge. Guests can diversify their leisure time with a visit to the fitness centre, a game of billiards and skating on the ice rink. The Serpanok Hotel has a chic terrace and convenient private parking, as well as a dining room that can accommodate 70 people at a time. Prices for accommodation at the Serpanok Hotel start from 720 UAH per room.

For tourists who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and love comfort, the Oksana Hotel is a good choice. It is located in a quiet part of Tyachiv at 120 Armyska (Chervonoarmiyska) Street. The contact phone number is 067 510-15-04. It takes about 10 minutes to get there from the bus and railway stations.

In the hotel you can choose the room category, which can be an apartment, a suite, a standard room and a wooden house. The rooms have comfortable furniture, satellite TV, minibar, internet, air conditioning, and a private bathroom. Guests can also make use of the conference room, laundry service, car park, tour desk, sauna, swimming pool and jacuzzi. Prices for accommodation at the Oksana Hotel start from 944 UAH per room.

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Where to eat in Tyachiv?

Tyachiv has many options to satisfy your hunger. There are places to suit all tastes and budgets. One of the most popular places in Tyachiv to eat is the Golden Rose coffee shop. This modern and cosy cafe has 5 halls, as well as a VIP room and a separate banquet hall. The Golden Rose serves a variety of dishes typical of Hungarian and Transcarpathian cuisine. The cafe is famous for its specialities, namely the salad “Dari Laniv”, potato tokon dressed with cheese, kulesha in Rakhiv style, and exclusive ice cream “Golden Rose”.

The Golden Rose Coffee Shop is located at 81 Lajos Koshut Street, Tyachiv. Contact numbers: +380313421152, +380313432641.

The next place worth paying attention to is the restaurant “Pani Maria”. This restaurant offers a wide range of Ukrainian, Hungarian and Slovak dishes. Pani Maria is most proud of its signature culinary masterpieces, namely Segedyn goulash, goulash-levesh, tokan with cheese, baked gurka and Transcarpathian okroshka.

The restaurant is located at 114 Nezalezhnosti Street, Tyachiv. Contact numbers: +380986173737, +380686180018, +380993376603. E-mail: [email protected].

The 80-seat restaurant at the Oksana Hotel is popular. Here you will be treated to dishes of Transcarpathian, Hungarian and Slovak cuisine. In addition, there is a cocktail bar with a large selection of wines, cocktails and coffee.

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How to get to Tyachiv?

You can get to Tyachiv by train from Lviv or Uzhhorod, by bus from Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Stryi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kolomyia, Uzhhorod, Rakhiv, Mukachevo, Chernivtsi, Ternopil, Prague (Czech Republic). There is also a makeshift bus station in the city centre on Nezalezhnosti Street, from where minibuses (“minibuses”) go to the villages of the district (Bushtyno, Uhlya, Velyka Uholka, Vilkhivka and others). The nearest airports are in Uzhhorod, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv.

🧡 A trip to Tyachiv and the Tyachiv region will introduce you to the boundless beauty and diversity of the Transcarpathian region and leave the most vivid impressions!

Popular questions

Tyachiv: what to see?
If you are visiting Tyachiv for the first time, we recommend taking a walk around the city centre - the ancient Catholic, Greek Catholic and Reformed churches, as well as busts and monuments of historical figures will not leave you indifferent. We definitely recommend visiting the oldest monastery in Transcarpathia, the Uholsky Monastery. In winter, there are several ski resorts in the Tyachiv region - the Velykyi complex in the village of Kalyny and the slopes in the village of Ust-Chorna. We also recommend visiting the thermal waters in Velyatyno.
Where to stay in Tyachiv?
Tyachiv has a lot of housing offers for every budget. Our catalogue contains the best offers from hotels and the private sector.