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Zhdeniyevo resort is located in the picturesque Carpathians in the Mukachevo district of the Transcarpathian region. The height above sea level is 542 metres. It is here that people who prefer green tourism come to stay. In the mountains, in Zhdeniyevo and the surrounding area, there are mineral springs.

You can go skiing in Zhdeniyevo. A 700-metre-long drag lift takes you up to the Tyrsovata tract. The Zhdeniyevo slope is also equipped with a 110-metre-long multi-lift. The 800-metre-long piste has a height difference of 200 metres. For recreation You can rent skis, snowboards or sledges. There is a separate track designed for children and intended for sledding. There is also a skating rink. In the warm season, you can hike up the mountain.


You can also go hiking on the Vysoky Kamen and Pikuy mountains. The routes are quite difficult, so it is better not to take small children with you. On the way, you can admire not only beautiful landscapes, but also rare oaks and pines, which are more than 130 years old. If you wish, you can go on excursions to the nearest architectural monuments. In Zhdeniyevo itself, the stone church of St Nicholas the Wonderworker, built by Italian craftsmen in 1918, has been preserved.

Map of attractions in Zhdeniyevo

A brief history of Zhdeniyevo

The village of Zhdeniyevo was first mentioned in historical sources back in 1598. According to legend, it was founded by peasants who fled from Galicia. Initially, they settled in the part of the village that is now called Kotelnytsia. Over time, they settled in a larger area along the Zhdenivka river valley. Throughout its history, the village changed its name several times, depending on whether it was part of a particular state. The Hungarians called Zhdeniyevo Szarvasháza, which means “the house of the deer”. In the 1920s and 1930s, the Czechs, who ruled Transcarpathia, was called Žďeňovo/Ždeňová. The modern name of the village of Zhdeniyevo was officially approved in 1971. The name Zhdeniyevo is sometimes used in everyday life. However, officially, until 1971, the settlement was called Zhdeneve by the Soviet authorities.

In the XVII century, Zhdeniyevo was a part of the Chinadievo dominion and was owned by the Bruchinich family. After the Kuruca uprising in 1703-1711, the village was transferred to the ownership of the counts of Schönborn in 1728 and belonged to the Lower Vereka economy of their possessions. During their reign, a forestry administration was opened in Zhdeniyiv, and several stone buildings were constructed, including a two-storey house that resembled a castle. Two stone houses from the 18th century have survived to this day.

The Schönborns actively developed forestry in Zhdeniyevo. In 1840-1843, a small sawmill was built here on their initiative. A little later, in 1889, a large steam sawmill was opened in Zhdeniyevo. This enterprise, equipped with the most modern machinery, employed up to one and a half hundred workers. Up to 25 thousand cubic metres of timber were processed here per year. The company employed 147 workers. Among them were both local residents and German colonists.

The development of forestry in Zhdeniyevo continued actively during the Czechoslovakian (1920s-1930s) and Soviet periods of its history.

After Ukraine gained its independence in 1991, the village’s tourism potential began to develop. Nowadays, Zhdeniyevo has become a popular resort visited by thousands of tourists every year.

The temperature in Zhdeniyevo now:

12.0o C   |   53.6o F

Zhdeniyevo and its legends

Several interesting legends are associated with the village of Zhdeniyevo and its surroundings.

According to one, a girl named Eva lived in this area in ancient times. She had a boyfriend in love with her. They decided to get engaged. However, on the day of their engagement, the young groom was mobilised into the army. As a farewell, the young man carved an inscription on a tree for his beloved “Zhdy nia Evo”, which means “Wait for me Eva” in the local dialect.

According to another legend, once upon a time, on the site of modern Zhdeniyevo, four fugitives, Gitzhno, Zhdenka, Kachalo and Minho, hid in a dense forest from their enemies. After spending the night in a clearing among the trees, one of them, named Ždenka, was so impressed by the beauty of the local nature that he decided to stay here. It was he who founded modern Zhdeniyevo, which was named in his honour.

The third legend is related to a mountain called Husli. Once upon a time, an unfortunate young man named Pavlo lived near this mountain. He had a girlfriend who refused to marry him. She only mocked the unfortunate young man. One day she promised him her consent if he would play the harp at midnight on the top of the highest mountain in the area. However, the boy failed to fulfil the girl’s wish, fell down a steep slope and died. In the morning, the villagers found his body near the mountain. Since then, the girl has been cursed, and her spirit has settled in a gorge near Mount Pikuy, which the locals call “Gusli”. Guides always try to visit this gorge with tourists and tell them about this mystical legend. This story makes a particularly strong impression on tourists when told at night near a campfire.

Attractions in Zhdeniyevo

Zhdeniyevo cannot boast a large number of historical and architectural monuments. Only two stone houses dating back to the 18th century have survived from ancient times.

The first wooden church in Zhdeniyevo has not survived to this day. In 1692, written sources mention an old wooden church with branches in Zbyny and Shcherbovka. In 1733, a wooden church of St Nicholas with one bell was mentioned. The next mention of a wooden church in Zhdeniyiv dates back to 1881.

Храм св. Івана Хрестителя та Покрова Пресвятої Богородиці

Church of St John the Baptist and the Protection of the Holy Virgin

In 2011, thanks to the efforts of the Greek Catholic community, a wooden church of St John the Baptist and the Protection of the Holy Virgin was built in Zhdeniyevo. The church was built in the traditional Boyko style in compliance with all the necessary style canons. This beautiful three-storeyed Boyko church, despite its young age, gives the impression of an architectural monument of the eighteenth century.

Мурована церква святого Миколи Чудотворця

Stone church of St Nicholas the Wonderworker

Another architectural monument in Zhdeniyevo worth visiting is the stone basilica church of St Nicholas the Wonderworker. It was built in 1904-1918. It was built by Italian craftsmen. The church tower serves as a bell tower. During its history, the church was renovated several times, most recently in 1982-1984. The church belongs to the Orthodox community, and services are regularly held here.

Winter holidays in Zhdeniyevo

The largest number of tourists visit Zhdeniyevo in winter. At this time, the village primarily attracts skiing enthusiasts. Local slopes are located on the territory of the eXtremte hotel. Here you can ski, snowboard and sled. The slopes are equipped with a drag lift and a multi-lift. They are suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers. For more information about the ski slopes in Zhdeniyevo, please click on the following link.

In addition to ski slopes in Zhdeniyevo, in winter you can go ice skating, bathe in vats of hydrogen sulphide water, steam in a sauna or bath, work out in the gym, use the services of professional masseurs, ride snowmobiles or just take a walk, admiring the magical winter Carpathians and breathing the crystal clear mountain air.

In general, winter holidays in Zhdeniyevo are not inferior to the best European resorts in terms of comfort and quality of service, and the prices here are affordable and affordable.

Summer holidays in Zhdeniyevo

In summer, Zhdeniyevo has many different opportunities for recreation. First of all, it is a time for hiking in the mountains. Zhdeniyevo is the starting point for many interesting routes.


It is from here that the exciting climb to the top of Pikuy Mountain, which is just over 1400 metres high, begins. It is located on the border of the Transcarpathian and Lviv regions and is considered the highest peak of the Vododilskyi Ridge and the entire Lviv region. The mountain has a pronounced conical shape. It is the shape of the mountain that most likely gave rise to its name, as in ancient times warriors called a spear a spear because of its pointed end. The south-western slopes of the mountain are quite steep, while the northern and northeastern sides of the mountain are more gentle.

Гора Високий Камінь

Mount Vysokyi Kamen

Another popular route is to climb to the top of the 712-metre-high Vysokyi Kamen mountain. It is located directly next to Zhdenievo. This picturesque peak is a natural monument of national importance. This mountain has the highest habitat of rare trees in the Carpathians – rock oak and black pine. Rock oaks differ from ordinary oaks by their smaller leaves, almost sessile acorns and higher wood density. The black pines on Vysokyi Kamen Mountain are real old-timers, their age is estimated at 130 years.

The best route to Vysokyi Kamen starts from the village of Zhdeniyevo and goes through the village of Pidpolozzia.

It is 6 kilometres to the top, which will take about 2 hours. The road goes through a picturesque beech and oak forest, where you can hear melodious birdsong, and at the foot of the trees you can see forest lilies framed by soft green moss and grass. Do not go to the top of the mountain immediately after the rains, as the ground is very slippery and the ascent can be very difficult. There will be plenty of difficult places during the ascent, so you should not go here with children. If you have children with you on the route, you should warn them about the difficulties of the road and make sure that they are able to overcome difficult places during the ascent.

When you reach the top, you will be offered a stunning view.

Прогулянка лісом біля Жденієво

A walk in the forest

If you are not able to conquer the peaks for health reasons, or if you come with small children, we recommend that you simply take a walk in the forests around Zhdeniyevo, collecting berries, mushrooms and medicinal herbs along the way. Here you can pick blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, willow-herb tea, thyme, Icelandic moss, St John’s wort, porcini mushrooms and much more. A quiet walk in the cool forest will be a great option for relaxing on hot days.

Риболовля у Жденієво


Zhdeniyevo is a great place for fishing enthusiasts. You can go fishing in the clear waters of the local river or in private reservoirs, breathing in the fresh mountain air and admiring the surrounding charming landscapes.

Активний відпочинок у Жденієво

Other types of outdoor activities

In summer, Zhdeniyevo is a great place for mountain biking along routes of varying difficulty. There are several bicycle rental shops in the village at hotels and estates.

In addition to bicycles, outdoor enthusiasts in Zhdeniyevo can go quad biking, horseback riding or play paintball.

Відпочинок біля басейнів Жденієво

Rest by the pools

If you want to swim in the sea in the summer, there is an open-air saltwater swimming pool in Zhdeniyevo. It is located on the territory of the Reikartz Karpaty Hotel.

Джерело мінеральної води у Жденієво

Mineral water source

Zhdeniyevo also has its own mineral water spring. In May 2014, a chapel was opened around it in honour of the Praise of the Blessed Virgin Mary. So the water from the spring has not only natural healing properties, but also fills you with spiritual strength and cleanses you from sins.

In general, regardless of the season, a holiday in Zhdeniyevo will be an unforgettable event in your life full of pleasant moments.

The most interesting places near Zhdeniyevo

Церква Іоанна Предтечі в селі Сухий
A rather complicated version of the Boyko-type temple with 3 tops of two quadrants can be seen in the village
St Michael's Church in the village of Uzhok
The church was built and consecrated on 11.06.1745, as evidenced by the carved inscription on the doorpost. The church was
Церква святого Миколая в селі Гусний
In the village of Husnyi, there is a preserved Boyko three-storey wooden church of St Nicholas, which was built of
Чани Поляна
At any time of the year, vats in the village of Polyana are very popular, made with local healing mineral
Гора Пікуй
The village of Zhdeniyevo is the starting point for an exciting climb to the top of Mount Pikuy, which is
Церква Введення Пресвятої Богородиці в селі Абранка
The village of Abranka, Mukachevo District, Zakarpattia Region, was founded in 1611. In 1692, historical sources mention a church in
Церква Вознесіння Господнього в селі Ялове
It is hard to imagine that a traditional Transcarpathian village did not have a church until the end of the
Церква святого Василя в селі Задільське
The current church of St. Basil in the village of Zadilske, Mukachevo district, Zakarpattia region, was most likely built by
Церква Вознесіння Господнього в селі Тишів
For the first time, the village of Tyshiv of the Mukachevo district of the Transcarpathian region was mentioned in historical
Ужоцький перевал
There are enough roads in Transcarpathia. All of them pass through the Carpathian passes, and each of them offers wonderful
Михайлівська церква у Сваляві
The Church of Archangel Michael (Svalyava) is a Lemki church in the Bystry suburb of the city of Svalyava (Bystryanska
Обавський камінь
The Obava stone is a unique natural monument of the Mukachevo district of the Zakarpattia region. It is the crater
Палац графів Шенборнів (замок Берегвар)
In 1840, the owners of the Mukachevo-Chinadiyovo dominion, the Counts Schönborn, built a wooden house in the Berehvar tract as
Хата-музей «Лемковская садиба»
This unique house-museum was created in 1985 in the village of Zarichevo. Perechinsky region. It reflects the life and way
Бункер «Лінія Арпада» у Колочаві
During the Second World War, the Hungarian government built a military defense line in the north-eastern Carpathians - the Arpad
Водоспад Шипот
A visit to the uniquely beautiful Shypit waterfall will be no less impressive. It originates from a deep underground spring,
Водоспад Воєводин
The most powerful Transcarpathian waterfall is Voyevodyn, which is located 12 kilometres north of the village of Turya Polyana in
Полонина Руна
If the weather allows, be sure to make a climb to the rune (Rivne). During one day you can conquer

Where to stay in Zhdeniyevo?

In Zhdeniyevo and its surroundings, there is a sufficient number of different options for accommodation.


First of all, you should pay attention to hotels are located directly in Zhdeniyevo. The level of comfort offered here is on a par with, and in some ways even exceeds, the most famous European resorts. At the same time, the prices for accommodation here are quite moderate by the standards of Transcarpathia.

The most famous hotel complex in Zhdeniyevo is Vitapark Karpaty, better known as Reikartz Karpaty. In addition to three buildings with 56 rooms, the hotel offers an outdoor saltwater swimming pool, aqua aerobics, trampolines, billiards, fitness and herbal barrel, sauna with jacuzzi, etc. This hotel is a great option for a comfortable family holiday with children. Kids here will be delighted with the children’s room with a maze, a modern games room, bicycle rides, a playground with slides, creative workshops, active games, educational classes, fun movements, outdoor entertainment, mini-disco and many other interesting offers. In addition, children are entertained by professional animators throughout the year, whose services are included in the room rate. Prices for accommodation in this wonderful hotel start from 1971 UAH per night.

Готель «Смерековий двір» у Жденієво
253 Shevchenka St., Zhdeniyevo
+380 ....

from 900₴/night
Готель «Жди Ня Єво» у Жденієво
251 Shevchenko St., Zhdeniyevo
+380 ....

from 950₴/night
Готель «VitaPark Карпати» у Жденієво
257 Shevchenka St., Zhdeniyevo
+380 ....

from 2131₴/night
Готель «Extreme»
St. Shevchenko, 257, Zhdenievo
+380 ....

from 805₴/night
Готель «Лісова казка» у Жденієво
Zbini village, 75A (Zhdenievo)
+380 ....

from 1000₴/night

Private offers

For those who like a cosy holiday in a wooden house, the Lisova Skazka Hotel is a good choice. It is located in a wonderful picturesque place near the forest on the outskirts of Zhdeniyevo. The two-storey wooden houses of the hotel are decorated in Hutsul style and equipped with all possible amenities. There is a sauna, a bathhouse, a swimming pool, a vat and other spa services. The cost of accommodation here starts from 1000 UAH in summer and 1100 UAH per day in winter. During the New Year’s season, the price rises to 1700 UAH.

Another great option for accommodation in wooden cottages is the hotel “Zhdy Nya Evo”. In addition to a high level of service and a wonderful atmosphere, this hotel will delight you with affordable prices. The cost of a room here starts from 1200 UAH per night.

A great option for fishing enthusiasts in Zhdeniyevo is the Smerekovyi Dvir Hotel. The hotel itself is located in the middle of the picturesque bank of the Zhdenivka River. There is a pond with trout on the territory of the hotel complex. In addition to comfortable rooms, the hotel has a wood-fired sauna, billiard room, outdoor pool and mini-pool, restaurant and cafe. In addition, ski equipment and bicycles can be rented here. Prices for accommodation at this hotel start from 900 UAH per night.

For lovers of ski holidays, the best option in Zhdeniyevo is the mini-hotel “Extreme”. The rooms in the three-storey building of the hotel are surprisingly comfortable and convenient for living. There is a drag lift right on the hotel’s premises. The price of accommodation here starts from 805 UAH.

In addition to hotels in and around Zhdeniyevo, you can find a large number of accommodation options in private sector. Such offers are very favourable, as they allow you to save both on the cost of accommodation and on food, as most of them provide tourists with a kitchen where they can cook their own meals. Prices for accommodation in the private sector of Zhdeniyevo start from 400 UAH per day.

Садиба «Вербовий двір» (Willow Yard) у Жденієво
58A Shevchenko St., Zhdeniyevo
+380 ....
Садиба "Курортна" в Жденієво
171, Shevchenko str., Zhdeniyevo village
+380 ....
from 2400₴/day
Садиба «Шепіт гір»
Shypit tract, Turya Polyana
+380 ....
from 350₴/day
Готель «Смерековий двір» у Жденієво
253 Shevchenka St., Zhdeniyevo
+380 ....

from 900₴/night
Готель «Жди Ня Єво» у Жденієво
251 Shevchenko St., Zhdeniyevo
+380 ....

from 950₴/night
Садиба «Мисливський двір» у Жденієво
St. Shevchenko, 158, p. Zhdenievo
+380 ....
from 75₴/1 person

Where to eat in Zhdeniyevo?

Zhdeniyevo has a sufficient choice of catering establishments to suit different tastes and budgets. Most of them operate at hotels and recreation centres in the village.

The most famous restaurants in Zhdeniyevo are VitaPark Karpaty, Zhdy Nya Evo, Kolyba i Forel, Lisova Skazka, Smerekovyi Dvir, and Korchma. All restaurants, cafes, kolybas and grill bars in Zhdeniyevo boast friendly service, pleasant atmosphere and delicious dishes of Transcarpathian, Ukrainian and European cuisine.

Особливості меню
251 Shevchenko Street, Zhdeniyevo village, Transcarpathian region
+380 ....
Ресторан «Смерековий Двір» у Жденієво
253 Shevchenko Street, Zhdeniyevo village, Transcarpathian region
+380 ....
Ресторан «Лісова Казка» біля Жденієво (с. Збини)
Zbyny village, 75A (near Zhdeniyevo)
+380 ....
«Колиба і Форель» у Жденієво
253 Shevchenko Street, Zhdeniyevo village, Transcarpathian region
+380 ....
Ресторан «VitaPark Карпати» (Reikartz)
257 Shevchenko Street, Zhdeniyevo village, Transcarpathian region
+380 ....
Ресторан «Жди Ня Єво»
251 Shevchenka street, Zhdenievo, Transcarpathian region.
+380 ....

Tours and excursions

тур в закарпаття
2 days / 1 night
From 2391 ₴

How to get to Zhdeniyevo?

Most tourists come to Zhdeniyevo by public transport. For this purpose, they first get to the village by rail Volovets, and from there they take buses or taxis to Zhdeniyevo itself. Trains from Uzhgorod, Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv and Odesa.

However, the most convenient way to get to Zhdeniyevo is to use your own car. If you are travelling from Kyiv, you should choose the Kyiv-Chop. When you get to Nyzhni Vorota, you need to turn right and after 15 kilometres you will see the village of Zhdeniyevo.

🧡 A trip to Zhdeniyevo in your own car through the picturesque Carpathians will be remembered for a lifetime!

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