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Private sector in Bukovel

Bukovel has long and deservedly made a name for itself as one of the most luxurious ski resorts of international class. That’s why the endless flow of enthusiastic tourists continues even in summer. In the absence of snow, the beauty of the region allows you to enjoy the amazing beauty of the mountains and have fun.

Приватний сектор у Буковелі

Accommodation in Bukovel

A comfortable rest in the extensive private sector is the most budgetary option for a great stay, because a person is in direct contact with the property owner. The owner offers travellers to rent a room, a whole house or a part of it.

The main feature of this type of accommodation is the availability of a kitchen, which contributes to significant budget savings. Therefore, those who choose the private sector (Bukovel) will not find the prices too high.

Such accommodation offers a wide range of different options and is in great demand. The cost of hotels here is quite high. In addition, many tourists prefer a free lifestyle in nature. Others try to provide their families with a varied diet.

Therefore, for those who come to Bukovel, private sector accommodation provides a lot of opportunities, among which you can always find the most suitable for each traveller.

Bukovel: accommodation in the private sector

Приватна садиба (готель) «Ra»
Polyanytsia, Ur. Cherries 160
+380 ....
from 700 ₴/day
Готель «Лапландія»
St. Karpatskaya, 67a, p. Polyanytsa
+380 ....
from 4000 ₴/day

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Description of the place

Bukovel is the main point of attraction Ukrainian Carpathians with exceptionally well-developed infrastructure, and many attractions are located nearby. The resort is located near Ivano-Frankivsk, near the village of Polyanytsia. It is not difficult to get here.

There is an airport in Ivano-Frankivsk itself. Trains to Bukovel run to the station Tatariv from:

  • Kyiv;
  • Mykolaiv;
  • Odesa;
  • Rakhiv;
  • Kharkiv, etc..

Regular buses run from Tatariv directly to the resort. In addition, connections to the village of Polyanytsia are available from Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, or Yaremche.

By car, you should take the T0906 highway and then go through the settlements of Nadvirna and Mykulychyn.

Temperature in Bukovel now:

16.9o C   |   62.4o F

Entertainment during your rest at the resort

The main resort of the Carpathian region is located here. Most holidaymakers come here to visit the ski slopes. However, we must admit that holidays here are great both in winter and summer.

There are a lot of attractions and excursions to the most popular places. Some people choose to climb the Hoverla, and someone wants to go hiking to a waterfall Velykyi Huk. There is also a huge amount of more relaxing entertainment in the form of swimming pools, a spa or vats.

Summer holidays in Bukovel allow you to enjoy water attractions, splash around in a warm lake or otherwise get involved in the nature of the region.
You can show your child the ethnographic park with a petting zoo or Husky House. Kids can walk among the trees, go dog sledding or explore the nature reserve.

In winter, the ski season opens here, which includes not only enjoying the mountain slopes, but also snowboarding or freeriding.

That’s why those who come to Bukovel sometimes want to rent private sector accommodation for a long time.

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Tours and excursions

Where to eat delicious food?

Кафе «Бульчиньоха»
Bukovel resort, village Polyanytsia
+380 ....
Корчма Filvarok
Bukovel, 47, Polyanytsia village
+380 ....
Ресторація «Курінь»
Shchyvky tract 2, 79, Bukovel, 21, Polyanytsia
+380 ....
Корчма «Бабин Бограч»
St. Karpatska, village Glade
+380 ....

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