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Rest in Bukovel

Famous Bukovel ski resort is widely known all over the world. There is no person who would not want to visit it at least once. That is why many tourists come here in cold winters and hot summers. They are attracted by the exceptionally well-developed infrastructure, the unique beauty of nature and excellent accommodation.

Відпочинок у Буковелі

Accommodation in Bukovel

Our website contains options for the best hotels for tourists of different income levels. Moreover, their prices are much lower than in the ski resort itself.

It is not difficult to rent accommodation in Bukovel. All hotels are located near the complex and are as easy to get to as the resort itself. Most hotels are located near the ski lifts and offer the highest level of service.

There are also a lot of private sector options, as almost the entire village rents out its houses to travellers. For those who come to Bukovel, it is very easy to rent cheap accommodation. Such accommodation is the most budget-friendly, as it does not involve intermediary mark-ups. Holidaymakers can choose any type of accommodation according to their needs. It is also very convenient that they are allowed to cook, which allows them to save money on shops and restaurants.

The village also offers wonderful cottages, where it is so nice to stay with the whole family or a cheerful company. In the immediate vicinity, there is a huge selection of the best lodges, where guests will have the best holiday of their lives. The prices for accommodation are not too high, so guests often stay longer than planned.

With the variety of offers available, even the most sophisticated and demanding tourist will be able to find something suitable for themselves.

Hotels in Bukovel

Готель Continental
with. Polyanytsia, Staishche, 361
+380 ....
from 1600 ₴/day
Готель «Здибанка»
Polyanytsia, st. Vyshnya, 247
+380 ....
from 600 ₴/day
Готель «HeRICH»
St. Podina, 208B, Polyanytsia
+380 ....
from 1305 ₴/day
Приватна садиба (готель) «Ra»
Polyanytsia, Ur. Cherries 160
+380 ....
from 700 ₴/day
Туристичний комплекс «Торба»
Vyshnya tract, 163, p. Glade
+380 ....
from 600 ₴/day
Готель «La Krechunu»
Karpatska street, Polyanytsia village
+380 ....
from 3500 ₴/day
Готель «Лавина»
Rosysh Street, 253, c. Glade
+380 ....
from 720 ₴/day
Міні-готель «Arthotel»
TC "Bukovel", extract No. 5, p. Glade
+380 ....
from 1474 ₴/day

Bukovel: accommodation in the private sector near the resort

Приватна садиба (готель) «Ra»
Polyanytsia, Ur. Cherries 160
+380 ....
from 700 ₴/day
Готель «Лапландія»
St. Karpatskaya, 67a, p. Polyanytsa
+380 ....
from 4000 ₴/day

Accommodation in neighbouring areas

Those travellers who want to relax in pleasant solitude or save a decent amount of money, head to Polyanytsia or other surrounding villages. An extensive network of accommodation is offered by the private sector, which contains countless excellent accommodation options.

It is very close to Bukovel from any house here. And the cost of an overnight stay and the pleasant atmosphere will interest holidaymakers much more than the conditions at the resort itself. A huge variety of accommodation is available for daily rent near the ski resort, so holidaymakers will definitely find the right conditions for themselves. In Polyanytsia or other neighbouring villages, they will find excellent hotels and cosy rooms with all the amenities.

Готель «Мисливська вежа»
with. Lazeshchyna, 788, Zakarpattia region.
+380 ....
from 1540₴/night
Садиба «Смерека» у Яблуниці
H09 road, Yablunytsia village
+380 ....
from 512₴/night
Готельний комплекс «Під Хом’яком»
Tatariv village, st. Nezalezhnosti, 38
+380 ....
from 1580 ₴/night
Готель «Коруна»
Tatariv village, st. Pigivska, 660
+380 ....
from 2260 ₴/night
Villa Billa
st. T. Shevchenko, 753, Tatariv village
+380 ....
from 1195 UAH/day
Садиба «Дана»
83, Nezalezhnosti str., Tatariv village
+380 ....
from 750 ₴/night

All accommodation options on the map

Location of the place

The ski resort is located in Carpathians, in a village Polyanytsia near Ivano-Frankivsk. Not far from it are the reserve “Gorgany” and a beautiful natural park. Therefore, those who choose Bukovel, a holiday here will seem like a heavenly pastime.

To the nearest station Tatariv trains from the:

  • Kyiv;
  • Rakhiv;
  • Kharkiv;
  • Odesa;
  • Mykolaiv;
  • Kremenchuk, etc.

In winter, buses depart from the railway station to take holidaymakers to Bukovel itself. Buses run to the village of Polyanytsia from Vorokhta, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv and Yaremche.

The best way to get to the resort by car is to take the T0906 highway through Mykulychyn and Tatariv.

Attractiveness of the region

Thanks to its well-developed infrastructure, this place is a major tourist destination in the Ukrainian Carpathians. It functions equally well in summer and winter. In addition, there are a large number of attractions and various destinations for outdoor activities.

Bukovel also has a huge number of accommodation offers to suit a wide variety of tastes. Any traveller will find the best conditions here.

The resort offers:

  • great hotels;
  • cheerful tourist bases;
  • cosy houses;
  • elegant chalets and more.

You can spend a few nights or stay for a longer period.

In the private sector, guests will be provided with comfortable rooms or luxury apartments for the long term.

Temperature in Bukovel now:

10.3o C   |   50.6o F

Entertainment in Bukovel

Most people come to Bukovel to relax at the ski resort. It is the main tourist attraction Transcarpathia and offers excellent conditions for the best outdoor activities.

In winter, people come here to have fun on the excellent slopes, snowboarding and freeriding. The toboggan run allows both adults and children to spend time with a bang. A 1.5 km long rodelbahn is designed for high-speed sliding on a rail track.

In addition, the resort is close to the routes of the most interesting excursions, including climbing Hoverla or hiking to the waterfall Velykyi Huk. Lovers of a relaxing holiday prefer to soak in the pools, spa or vats.

The Go-To.Rest information resource provides a wide range of entertainment, accommodation and restaurants. It contains information about all the details of travelling in Zakarpattia with a detailed description of each destination. Holidaymakers will find here recommendations on how best to get to any place. Experienced experts will give recommendations on all the nuances of staying in the region. Therefore, for those who are going to Bukovel, it will be much easier to rent an apartment with the advice of our service.

The most interesting locations nearby

Where can you eat delicious food?

Кафе «Бульчиньоха»
Bukovel resort, village Polyanytsia
+380 ....
Корчма Filvarok
Bukovel, 47, Polyanytsia village
+380 ....
Ресторація «Курінь»
Shchyvky tract 2, 79, Bukovel, 21, Polyanytsia
+380 ....
Корчма «Бабин Бограч»
St. Karpatska, village Glade
+380 ....

Tours and excursions

Popular questions

What are the housing prices in Bukovel?
The cost of a holiday at a resort depends on many factors. Pricing is directly related to seasonality and in winter, accommodation will cost significantly more. Proximity to the ski lift will also add a decent amount. The landscaping and size of the house is also of great importance. Its location and distance from various infrastructure facilities are taken into account. Therefore, if you want to rent a house near a ski lift inexpensively, it is better to look for offers from the private sector.
Can I find accommodation with a swimming pool in your catalogue?
Thus, there are a variety of accommodation options, including those with a swimming pool.
Where to stay in Bukovel?
Holidaymakers stay in the tourist complex itself or choose accommodation in the village and neighbouring settlements. The local infrastructure includes comfortable hotels, gourmet cafes and luxury restaurants. However, most guests choose to stay in separate houses and cottages. Their rental prices are much lower, and the distance from the ski lifts is quite short.

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