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Vats of Bukovel

This region has unique recreational features that have made it famous throughout the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that every year it receives more than a million tourists from different countries. They enjoy the beauty of nature and clear air, and also take advantage of all the opportunities offered for recreation.

Vats (Bukovel) opened for tourists in 2008 and immediately made Polyanytsia famous, making it a balneological resort. And numerous positive reviews helped to further increase the number of tourists.

Чани Буковель

Bukovel vats nowadays

Cast iron vats (Polyanytsia) cook them according to 2 different schemes.

According to the first, people are placed in a vat at 36 °C, and then within an hour the water in them is heated to 45 °C. To enhance the healing effect, honey, decoctions of medicinal plants, needles and other healing substances are added to it.

Another option involves heating the liquid for several hours to 45 °C, and then adding medicinal extracts to it. They are quickly infused and provide an extremely pronounced health-improving result. The procedure lasts about two hours, during which the tissues have time to absorb useful substances. When the water cools, the person leaves the container.

The benefits of both procedures are equally pronounced.

Polyanytsia has at its disposal many offers of the best vats. But the following should be noted among them.

The temperature in Bukovel now:

17.9o C   |   64.2o F

Bukovel on the map

Bukovel is a Ukrainian resort of European level, which welcomes guests in summer and winter. It is located in Ivano-Frankivsk region at an altitude of almost 1 km above sea level. The village of Polyanytsia is located nearby.

The history of local vats dates back to the Celtic period. Then it was noticed that bathing in healing hot springs gives an amazing health effect. And a sharp change in temperature rejuvenates the body and strengthens the nervous system.

Modern people decided to follow the example of their ancestors and revived the ancient tradition. Now a huge stream of travelers wants to join a pleasant procedure, the benefit of which is undoubted for everyone.

Vats are made according to ancient recommendations. Some of them are fixed on supports, and the other is suspended on chains. The design features of the vats are such that the flames under them cannot cause discomfort to those who bathe.

Containers of different sizes allow several people (2-8) to take baths with clean mineral water from local underground rivers at once.


Буковельські Чани

«Bukovel vats»

Address: Bukovel, Polyanytsia village, Nadvirnyansky district, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Working hours: 10:00-22:00.

Prices for recreation in the vats: from UAH 1280/hour.

In vats in the form of a cauldron with a volume of 1800-2300 liters, 5-8 people steam at once. They undergo procedures using healing mineral water from a local spring with Carpathian medicinal herbs. The bonfire heats the containers from 36 to 45°C, and then people dive into the icy pool.

Bukovel Baths (Bukovel) strengthen the immune system and improve the functioning of the body, especially the heart and blood vessels.

«Пекельні чани»

«Hell’s vats»

Address: 150b Karpatska street, Polyanytsia village, Nadvirnyansky district, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Working hours: 10:00-00:00.

Price for 1 hour: from UAH 750. (up to 5 people).

Swimming here is recommended for both children and adults. Hutsul vats (Bukovel) are especially highly valued by women, as they have a magical effect on their appearance. This is explained by the intense antioxidant effect, the removal of harmful substances, the improvement of the figure’s slimness and the improvement of the hormonal background.

«Справжні чани»

«Real vats»

Address: Bukovel, Polyanytsia village, Nadvirnyansky district, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Working hours: 09:00-23:00.

Price for 2 hours: 2500 UAH. (up to 6 people).

“Real vats” (Polyanytsia) are famous for the fact that they use healing plants and an oak barrel with ice water. And after bathing, no one refuses to drink tea with honey from local herbs.

2023 prices for vats in Bukovel

Those who want to try the Bukovel vats for themselves will find the price in 2023 quite acceptable.

  • “Bukovelski vats” (Polyanytsia village) – from UAH 1280.
  • “Real vats” (Polyanytsia village) – UAH 2,500 for 2 hours (up to 6 people).
  • “Hell’s vats” (Polyanytsia village) – from UAH 750. per hour (up to 5 people).

How to get to Bukovel

Direct transport to Polyanytsia is difficult to find. The best option would be a trip to Ivano-Frankivsk, from where there are buses or minibuses to Polyanytsia.

From Lviv, it is better to go to Yaremche, and then also change to a bus.

The easiest option is to drive your own car or order a transfer.


🧡 Rest in Bukovel will be one of the best and will be remembered for a lifetime!

All services in the region

Accommodation nearby

You can stay in “Artotel” with high-class service, “Lavina” or “La Krechunu” hotels, “Mini Hotel Laplandiya”, where even pets are accepted, “Torba” complex with a wonderful sauna, etc. The price of accommodation is available to any vacationer and starts from UAH 600. per day for a simple double room in “Torba”.

Готель Continental
with. Polyanytsia, Staishche, 361
+380 ....
from 1600 ₴/day
Готель «Здибанка»
Polyanytsia, st. Vyshnya, 247
+380 ....
from 600 ₴/day
Готель «HeRICH»
St. Podina, 208B, Polyanytsia
+380 ....
from 1305 ₴/day
Приватна садиба (готель) «Ra»
Polyanytsia, Ur. Cherries 160
+380 ....
from 700 ₴/day
Туристичний комплекс «Торба»
Vyshnya tract, 163, p. Glade
+380 ....
from 600 ₴/day
Готель «La Krechunu»
Karpatska street, Polyanytsia village
+380 ....
from 3500 ₴/day
Готель «Лавина»
Rosysh Street, 253, c. Glade
+380 ....
from 720 ₴/day
Міні-готель «Arthotel»
TC "Bukovel", extract No. 5, p. Glade
+380 ....
from 1474 ₴/day

Tours and excursions

For those who came to the village of Polyanytsia, the vats will benefit the body. For the soul, this region also has many interesting offers.

In winter, there is a ski complex located on the peaks of Babyn Pogar, Bukovel, Bulchynyokha, Dovga and Chorna Kleva (Klyva). They invite both beginners and experienced athletes to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city with skiing and snowboarding.

In the summer, tourists can enjoy horseback riding, water skiing and catamarans. Those who wish can go on a hike.

Even the elderly or small children will enjoy the mountain air, forest spaces, luxury of local nature, warm artificial lake and healing springs here.

Where to eat deliciously

After visiting the vats near Bukovel, every tourist needs a snack.

A wonderful menu is presented in the “Babyn Bograch” inn, which offers traditional Carpathian dishes. They were served even to Emperor Franz Joseph himself. The food is cooked in a real oven, which allows you to give it an amazing taste. Travelers will be happy to taste mushrooms, homemade bread, real farm cheese and trout. Dishes are created right in front of the guests.

The Kurin restaurant serves the best national dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. Here travelers will find real national hospitality and join the unique atmosphere of Transcarpathia.

Inn “Filvarok” offers dishes of Hutsul and Ukrainian cuisine, among which the most vivid taste is banosh with cheese and crackers, pancakes with poppy seeds and cherries, dumplings, mushroom soup, derun with veal , sticks, horseradish with honey and horseradish, etc.

Кафе «Бульчиньоха»
Bukovel resort, village Polyanytsia
+380 ....
Корчма Filvarok
Bukovel, 47, Polyanytsia village
+380 ....
Ресторація «Курінь»
Shchyvky tract 2, 79, Bukovel, 21, Polyanytsia
+380 ....
Корчма «Бабин Бограч»
St. Karpatska, village Glade
+380 ....

What else to see in Bukovel

Those who came to Polyanytsia should also go on the following excursions:

  1. Bicycle rides.
  2. Climbing Hoverla.
  3. Hiking routes (mountainous, rocky, panoramic and other equally interesting directions).
  4. Visiting Yaremche.
  5. A trip to Verkhovyna and familiarization with Hutsul folk crafts.
  6. Svidovets lakes.

The region is rich in interesting sights, the main of which is the largest ski resort in Ukraine.

You should also see the magnificent wooden temple “Introduction to the Church of the Holy Mother of God” from the end of the 20th century, built on the site of a lost ancient religious building.

Popular questions

Prices for vats in Bukovel
"Bukovel vats" (Polyanytsia village) - from UAH 1280. "Real baths" (Polyanytsia village) - UAH 2,500 for 2 hours (up to 6 people). "Hell's vats" (Polyanytsia village) - from UAH 750. per hour (up to 5 people).
The most popular vats in Bukovel
The most popular in the village of Polyanytsia are "Bukovelsky vats", "Hell vats" and "Real vats".
Who is not suitable for the vat procedure?
Contraindications to this procedure are hypertension, cardiac diseases, liver and kidney diseases, increased convulsive readiness, cancer and endocrine pathologies.

Detailed weather