History of the village of Sinyak

The healing spring “Synyavsky Key” is first mentioned in historical documents in 1783. The village of Sinyak appeared relatively recently. The date of its foundation was 1837. It was founded in a picturesque corner of the Carpathians near the sulfur springs, in the time of Count Philipp Franz von Schönborn-Buchheim. Thanks to the healing springs in which the water has a bluish tinge, the village is called the settlement of Sinyak (Hungarian – Kékesfüred (Kékesfüred), German – Blaubad (Blaubad)). The first inhabitants of the village of Sinyak were immigrants from the Czech Republic, namely from the Lower and Upper Chaslau (Czech Chaslava). In 1843, the population of the village reached 22 families who were engaged exclusively in deforestation and rafting (both men and women), loved to walk in wooden shoes and during this hard work with equal skill wielded an ax and saw. Most of the first settlers were ethnic Germans. and today many descendants of those Germans live in the village of Sinyak. Sinyak is the fourth largest village in Transcarpathia in terms of the number of representatives of the German national minority.

Origin of the name of the village

According to legend, the village was named Sinyak for the bluish hue of the local mineral water. This healing water was discovered by local shepherds when they realized that the herd grazing near the blue water of the Blue Swamp never gets sick, and then the shepherds, having tried the water themselves, found that it has a healing effect on them.

Healing mineral springs in Sinyak

Hearing about the wonderful effect of water, those who wanted to recover, began to visit distant landscapes. The Sinyak mineral water was used in sanatorium treatment in 1832, when a primitive “dome” was built by order of the administration of the count’s estate, and an inn was built to serve patients who came here.

In 1936, the Earl of Schönborn family, who lived nearby, opened a resort here, and by 1939, therapeutic showers and baths were established. Later, hotels and sanatoriums were built in the village, a lift and a run were also installed in the village.

Today in the sanatorium “Sinyak” treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, musculoskeletal and nervous system. The sanatorium operates on the basis of the Sinyatsky deposit of sulfide low-mineralized sulfate-calcium waters.

Roman Catholic Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

In addition to healing in the sanatorium for spiritual and general development, every tourist should get acquainted with the Roman Catholic Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, where you can see: a statue of the Blessed Virgin of the Poor, brought from Belgium, where in 1933 the Virgin Mary; the figure of the Holy Father Pio from the Italian city of San Giovanni Rotondo; chapel-grotto; the statue of the Archangel Michael and the coat of arms of Pope John Paul II on the wall of the church.

Ski slopes in the village of Sinyak

In winter, the village turns into a ski resort Sinyak. Sinyak trails are perfect for beginners, as they are characterized by gentle descents. Sinyak ski resort is located at an altitude of 450-650 m on the slopes of the Carpathian volcanic ridge. In the village on the slopes of the eponymous mountain Sinyak arranged three trails of medium and low difficulty. The resort’s trails are designed for both beginners and experienced skiers. The 950-meter-long, 1,000-meter-long expressway is used by adult skiers. Their height difference is 200 meters. The third track, 400 meters long and 50 meters high, is equipped for children. The trails are equipped with two types of lifts: a vertical tow bar 1200 meters long and a horizontal multilift 350 meters long, which is used for children. Tracks are regularly prepared by a snowmobile.

And what to do in Sinyak in the warm season?

In spring, summer and autumn in the village of Sinyak there are many interesting opportunities for entertainment and recreation. The best option for recreation at this time will be a unique sanatorium “Bruise”. Sanatorium “Sinyak” is 5 residential buildings to accommodate up to 330 guests.

There are 4 categories of rooms that are equipped with everything you need.

  • medical building with balneotherapy and diagnostics;
  • pump room;
  • dining room, bar, phytobar, cafe;
  • pool;
  • 3 types of saunas;
  • phytoparotherapy;
  • exercise machines and sports grounds;
  • exercise center;
  • cosmetologist;
  • leisure club, cinema hall;
  • free wi-fi.

Rest in the sanatorium “Sinyak” – includes a traditional set of services provided by many sanatoriums in Transcarpathia:

  • mountain excursions;
  • watch movies;
  • use of the library fund

In addition, trout are found nearby in the mountain river, carp and crucian carp are bred in the ponds, and fishing equipment is available. Children are fond of socializing with animals that live in the enclosures of the sanatorium, and from riding on carousels.

At the same time in the sanatorium Sinyak there are unique, special services:

  • terrenkur routes;
  • Large selection of sports games;
  • unforgettable dance evenings.

Here you should pay attention to the routes. The surrounding forests and mountains are ideal for this type of rehabilitation, as a method of spa treatment, which involves dosed physical activity in the form of hiking, climbing in the mountains on certain, marked routes. Terenkur develops endurance, improves the work of the cardiovascular system and respiratory organs, stimulates metabolism, nervous activity.

The enchanting nature around encourages travelers to travel through the mountains and forests.

You should climb the nearby mountain Dunavka. Mount Dunavka is the highest point of the Sinyak mountain range of the Vyhorlat-Hutyn volcanic ridge of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Dunavka is located on the right bank of the river Latorytsia on the border of Mukachevo and Svalyava districts of Zakarpattia region.

The height of the mountain is 1018 m above sea level. The eastern slopes are very steep, the western – gentle. Up to 600 m altitudes, mixed deciduous forests predominate: oak-hornbeam and oak-beech. Above is only a beech forest with a small admixture of conifers. At the very top of the mountain there are age-old pines. In the picturesque surroundings of the Dunavka mountain at altitudes of 800-900 m, pure ringing mountain rivers originate: the meadow on the outskirts of Polyana flows into Velyka Pinya, and Matekova, flowing through Sinyak, flows into Latorytsia.

Mushroom places

In addition to hiking enthusiasts, these places attract mushroom pickers. The surrounding forests are a great place to pick mushrooms. The best time to look for mushrooms is late summer and early fall. But when going to the forest, you should follow all safety precautions so as not to get lost. It is best to travel with local guides who will show you the best routes.

Excursions to the castles of Transcarpathia

If you want to get acquainted with the castles, there are three very popular fortresses near Sinyak: Mukachevo Castle “Palanok”, Chinadiyiv Castle “St. Miklosh” and the romantic castle of Shenbons “Coast” in the village of Karpaty. The warm season is ideal for excursions to these popular tourist destinations.

Where to stay

In the village of Sinyak there are many options for accommodation from budget to elite. The most popular place is the sanatorium Sinyak. Prices for accommodation in it start from 1120 UAH. Also popular are:

  • Polyana Ptykhiv Hotel (UAH 700-160)
  • “Beamont Hotel” (UAH 500-1800)
  • mini-hotel “Vovk Gasthaus” (600-800 UAH)
  • private estate “Crystal Water” (700-1200 UAH)
  • Vilux Hotel (UAH 600-1400)
  • Prolisok Guest House (UAH 350-600)
  • private estate “Smerekova hata” (UAH 560-2500)
  • Weelwood Estate (UAH 350-400)
  • and the private house “Prolisok” (UAH 515-715).

Where to eat

The most popular place for tourists in the village of Sinyak is the restaurant “Chardash”, which is located on the territory of the sanatorium. They feed here deliciously. There is a summer terrace. Live music is played in the evenings. The staff is very polite. Prices are reasonable

How to get there

Get to the village. You can get a bruise by train to Mukachevo or Karpaty stations, and then by minibus or taxi. You can get here by your own car on the Kyiv-Chop highway through the village of Polyana, the Carpathians to Sinyak. Get from Mukachevo 32 km if you drive from Lviv or Kiev, after the village of Karpaty turn right and 10 km

Popular questions

What to see in Sinyak?
In Sinyak, they usually go to a famous local sanatorium or to a ski resort. The best options for recreation will be walks in the mountains and excursions in the location near the resort.
Where to stay in Sinyak?
In Sinyak, there is a sanatorium "Synyak", where you can stay and receive medical procedures. In addition, as is usually the case, there are many private sector and hotel offers nearby. Prices start from UAH 350. per day