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Ski resort “Synyak”

Synyak ski resort is very popular among travelers. It is located in a picturesque corner of Transcarpathia, captivated by its special atmosphere. The complex offers all kinds of sports entertainment and other services.

This settlement is located in the Transcarpathian region near Mukachevo at an altitude of approximately 500 m above sea level. The Synyavsk spring of mineral water, which gave the village its name, was first mentioned in the chronicles in 1783. The village of Synyak itself was founded in 1837. Even then, the area was famous for its healing properties. And in 1936, it became famous for the fact that a full-fledged balneological resort was located here.

Гірськолижний курорт «Синяк»

A brief overview

🗺 Location N48°36′39″ E22°52′15″
🌄 Height of the mountain 1018 m
🏔 The length of the longest track 1200 m
🎿 Number of tracks 3
⬇⬆ Height difference 50-220 meters
🚡 Number of elevators 2
⛰ Bugel extract Yes (980 m)
🧭 Distance from Synyak village Near
🚙 Road for Auto, on foot
🏕 Stop with a tent Yes
🏡 Housing nearby Synyak
☕ Cafes and shops Synyak

The temperature in the village of Synyak now:

32.3o C   |   90.2o F

Description of tracks

First of all, of course, tourists visiting Synyak are interested in skis.

Therefore, it is necessary to explain that the complex is equipped with 3 tracks:

    • For experienced athletes, there is a 1200 m long slope with a height difference of 220 m.
    • For amateurs there is a slope of 950 m with a drop of 220 meters.
    • For beginners, there is a ski slope of 400 m with a drop of 50 m.

All slopes are quite gentle and comfortable. They are constantly processed by snow groomers and stored in a functional form by other modern technology.

But beginners still need to be careful, because in some places there are small irregularities and grass grows.

Lift and instructor prices

Travelers are served by 2 ski lifts: a cable car – “plate” and a multi-lift. The length of the ski lift is 980 meters with a height difference of 205 meters. And the multilift is 280 meters long, the height difference is 45 meters. The price of their one-time use is UAH 10. for a multilift and 20 hryvnias. for using a bugle extraction. There are 50% discounts for pensioners, students and schoolchildren under the age of 10, and children under the age of 7 ride for free. Guests of the resort can purchase a ski pass, which costs UAH 150 for half a day on weekdays (10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. or 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.), and UAH 200 for the same time on weekends.

For those who are not yet confident enough in their skills, there is a special school where experienced instructors teach. They teach everyone not only skiing, but also snowboarding. Individual lessons cost 50 UAH. at one o’clock.

Оренда гірськолижного спорядження Синяк

Ski equipment rental

Despite the fact that Synyak is a ski resort, not all tourists bring a supply of sports equipment with them. Therefore, there are 3 rental centers operating here. For a reasonable amount, every traveler will be provided with excellent equipment, including:

  • skis;
  • sticks;
  • sled;
  • snowboards, etc.

The price for using skis is UAH 100. per day, and snowboarding – UAH 200. day.

On the map

Where to go skiing

The complex is surrounded by picturesque dense forests on all sides, which favorably affect the soul and body of tourists. And the map of the slopes of the resort clearly shows the commonality of nature and sports passion that dominate here.

Карта спусків Синяк

Map of attractions: Synyak

What else to have fun in Synyak?

The resort has excellent conditions for a family holiday. Skiing in Synyak allows you to have a great time. You will also enjoy billiards, table tennis, a quiet evening in the library or the computer room.

Someone will want to warm up in the sauna, while others will prefer a cinema or a dance floor.

Sports lovers can try their hand at the shooting range or gym.

Those who come with children will gladly have fun in the mini zoo.

And tourists improve their health at sources with hydrogen sulfide water.

And all the guests of the resort will take a walk with pleasure and will breathe fresh and clean mountain air, admire relict forests and clear water bodies.

Прокат снігоходів у Синяку

Snowmobile rental

Rest in Synyak is not limited to ski slopes. A snowmobile safari allows the whole family to have an active time. Skiing provides an influx of positive emotions, good rest and fun. And inexpensive equipment rental provides everyone with high quality and reliable snowmobiles and the assistance of experienced instructors.

Піші екскурсії та походи в гори

Walking excursions and hikes in the mountains

It is not necessary to make a dizzying summit climb with a full set of hiking equipment. In the mountains, every traveler will feel the amazing transparency of the air, cleansing the lungs and intoxicating with joy.

Катання на санках


Sledding is not only fun for children, but also a great way to keep yourself in good shape. Some people will like rides from a high slide, while others will prefer slow skiing on a smooth slope.

This kind of entertainment is great for getting rid of extra pounds. In addition, it enhances the production of the joy hormone serotonin.

Відвідування лазні та сауни

Baths and saunas

Hot water, air and steam combined with cool bathing have always given people great pleasure. Since ancient times, in all countries of the world, people have preferred such a pastime to many other entertainments.

Bath and sauna help to relieve fatigue, relax muscles and saturate the brain with oxygen. They heal the body, strengthen its defenses and improve mood.

Excursions to interesting locations of Transcarpathia

From the Synyak ski resort, it is easy to get to interesting places that everyone should visit. You should definitely go on the following excursions:

In addition, many hiking trails start from here, which can be selected on the map.

Tours and excursions

тур в закарпаття
2 days / 1 night
From 2391 ₴
ужгород в сакурах
2 days / 1 night
From 1571 ₴

The most interesting places

Костел Іоанна Хрестителя в селі Кідьош
In the village of Kidosh, there is the Church of St John the Baptist, built in the 14th century on
Музей леквару в селі Ботар
The lekvar museum with a tasting room is located in the village of Botar, Beregovo district. This is one of
Боржавський замок
Borzhava Castle is one of the oldest monuments in Transcarpathia. The history of the legendary fortress can be found in
Руїни Квасівського замку
In the village of Kvasovo, Beregove district, there are ruins of a 12th-century feudal castle built in the Romanesque style.
Затисянський краєзнавчий музей
In the village of Tysobiken, Berehiv District, Transcarpathian Region, there is the Zatysyanskyi Museum of Local Lore, opened in the
Костел Воздвиження Святого Хреста
The tallest building in the city of Berehove is the church on Ferenc Rakoci Square. This temple appeared in the
Графський двір або палац Бетлена в Берегово
Behind the cathedral, in the shade of chestnut trees, there is another landmark of Berehovo - "Grafskyi Dvir". This is
Будівля колишнього імперського суду в Берегово
On Koshuth Square (Verbevtsiya) among the pretty two-story villas, the landmark Berehovo - a huge building of the former imperial
Руїни домініканського костелу
In 3 km. from the town of Berehovo in the direction of Vylok - Vynohradiv, after going around one of
Термальні басейни "Жайворонок"
The whole secret is that the water that fills the pools of the complex comes directly from wells 1,200 m
Державний термальний басейн у Берегово
Thermal springs in the area of the city of Berehovo, in the very south of Transcarpathian Region, are very rare
Озеро Дідове (Дийда)
In the summer, Dyida Lake is a favorite vacation spot for Transcarpathians and guests of the region. A sailing center

Sanatorium Synyak

There is a sanatorium not far from the complex. Hydrogen sulfide-rich springs are located here. Their waters reduce pressure, improve heart function, increase blood circulation, etc. In addition, the medicinal composition has a positive effect on the state of the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system.

In the sanatorium, it is recommended to undergo treatment for patients suffering from:

  • arthritis;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • varicose veins disease;
  • skin pathologies;
  • violations of the genitourinary system;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • rheumatism;
  • endocrine disorders, etc.

Exposure to humid clean air, saturated with the aroma of conifers, has an incomparable healing effect. And the picturesque landscapes of mountain ranges and the breezes of cool rivers relieve any stress and deprive you of chronic fatigue.

Where to stay

Synyak offers accommodation of different levels of comfort.

Interesting housing options

Recreation centers, sanatoriums and the private sector make it possible to rent inexpensive housing with amenities.

An economic option of accommodation is offered by the hotels Lisovyi Budynochok and Vovk Gasthaus, which are located practically in the center of the village.

The Baymont hotel is located near the ski resort.

For a family vacation, the most suitable option is the “Glade of Birds”.

Готель Кайзервальд Карпати
Karpaty, 1B (Schönborn Castle)
+380 ....

from 1300₴/night
Садиба «Смерекова хата» у Синяку
Sinyak village
+380 ....

from 460₴/night
Kотедж «Лісовий будиночок»
Sinyak, str. Sanatorna, 8V
+380 ....
Kотедж «Синяк Vilux»
Sinyak, bldg. 7,8
+380 ....
from 700₴/day
Приватна садиба «Кришталева Вода»
Sinyak, str. Sanatorna, 6V
+380 ....
from 700₴/day
Міні-готель «Vovk Gasthaus»
Sinyak village, 73A
+380 ....
from 1060 ₴/day
Beaumont Hotel (готель Бомонт)
Sinyak village, 33
+380 ....
from 650 ₴/day
Готель «Поляна птахів»
Sinyak village, 65
+380 ....
from 903 ₴/day
Садиба «Джерело під лісом»
Sinyak village, 39
+380 ....
from 1400₴/day
Садиба «Лісова пісня»
Sinyak village, 69
+380 ....
from 400₴/day
Санаторій «Синяк»
Synyak village, 1
+380 ....
from 1238 ₴/day

Housing prices

Prices for accommodation in Synyak and the surrounding area are quite democratic. If you want an economy option in a private guest house, then you will have to pay from UAH 400. per day. For accommodation in hotels, you will have to pay from 650 UAH. In the sanatorium, prices start from 1238 UAH. per day. And for the rent of cottages and houses, in total, you will have to pay from 1000 UAH. and higher.

Where to eat in Synyak

At the foot of the mountain there are numerous cafes and shops that allow tourists to calm their appetite.

Where you can eat deliciously

An excellent treat is offered by the “Detsa u Doctor” hut in Chinadievo, which serves European, Transcarpathian and Ukrainian cuisine.

No less tasty food is prepared by Kolyba over the Stream or the Sofia restaurant in Polyana.

There are also shops near the resort that sell hot meals, refreshments, and lunch.

Koliba над Потоком
with. Polyana, str. Diskovetska, 115
+380 ....
Ресторан «Чардаш»
Bruise (on the territory of the sanatorium)
+380 ....

Food prices

If you decide to stay in a sanatorium, the room price includes three meals a day. If you intend to eat in restaurants or cafes, then the prices will pleasantly surprise you. The price for breakfast in the “Detsa at the Doctor’s” hut starts at 30 UAH. for a simple scrambled eggs up to 60 UAH. for an omelet with sausage and cheese or pancakes with cottage cheese. Ukrainian borsch with meat costs 70 UAH, bograch – 100 UAH. The signature dish “Doctor’s Gostina” (gurka, picnic, peasant potatoes, shovdar, sauerkraut, sauce) cost only 50 UAH. for 100 gr.

Where is it and how to get there

Kiev is 614 km away from the Synyak resort, so it is better to cross them by train to Mukachevo. From here, the ski complex can be easily reached by minibus or taxi in half an hour.

If you think about how to get to Synyak by private car, then in this case you need to move towards Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Rivne or Ternopil. The village of Chinadievo will serve as a reference point, indicating the desired turn. In the cold season, you should take snow chains with you and stock up on winter tires.

Resort Reviews

Travelers leave numerous positive reviews about their vacation.

They point out that the slopes are suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers. Children are very pleased with the Multilift

Equipment is available for rent, and instructor services are also offered inexpensively. The safety of the skaters is closely monitored by rescuers.

Most tourists try to have a bite to eat in the pavilion-cafe, where the most delicious and most Transcarpathian dishes are prepared.

Popular questions

What are the lifts and tracks in the village of Synyak?
The complex is equipped with 3 tracks - 1000 meters long, with a height difference of 200 m, for experienced skiers; for amateurs, the track is 950 m long, the height difference is 200 meters; a track 350 m long, with a height difference of 70 m, for beginners.
How much does a holiday in the village of Synyak cost?
Housing economy option from 400 UAH per day, in the sanatorium prices from 1238 UAH and more. Rental from UAH 100 per day, lift from UAH 10. for climbing on the multilift.
How to get to the village of Synyak?
It is most convenient to go through Mukachevo by train, and from there by minibus or taxi. In a personal car, you need to drive towards Mukachevo, Chinadiyovo village will serve as a reference point, which marks the desired turn.

Detailed weather