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The village is located near the Runa mountain valley in one of the most picturesque corners of the Carpathians. The village of Likitsary has been known since the XV century. And it was under this name that it was first mentioned in historical sources. In Austro-Hungarian times, the village was called Kurutsvar. According to legend, this name is connected with the fact that Likitsary was one of the largest centres of the Kurucs uprising.

In Soviet times, Likitsary was a more populated village. It was home to over 300 residents. However, a difficult road and lack of work led to an outflow of residents to Uzhhorod and Perechyn. According to the last census, the village was home to just over fifty residents, and now only a few families remain.


A trip to the village of Likitsary

You can get to this village by the road that runs along the villages of Turytsi and Turychky. Driving along this road and admiring the scenery on the left, in winter you can see the number one hundred carved into the trees. The fact is that back in 1970, local communists decided to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin’s birth in an original way. Through the efforts of foresters, a spruce tree was planted in the beech forest in the shape of the number one hundred. After you pass through Turychka, the relatively good road with a more or less tolerable road surface breaks off and a 5-kilometre semi-extreme journey to the remote village of Likitsary begins.

The village school has been closed for a long time, and there are no retail outlets or shops in Likitsary. However, a small masterpiece of wooden sacred architecture has been preserved – the Church of St. Basil, which was built in the 17th century and later substantially rebuilt in 1748 and in 1932, when the roof of the church was covered with tin. Next to the church is a frame bell tower on a high foundation.

The temperature in the village of Likitsary now:

29.8o C   |   85.7o F

Map of attractions of the village Likitsary

History of the origin of the village name Likitsary

The strange name of this settlement, which looks a bit like Romanian, is explained by an old legend. According to it, in ancient times, people rebelled against the king. After a long struggle with the despotic king, he was killed on the slopes of the neighbouring Mlaki mountain. The deceased tyrant himself was a huge man. That is why, in memory of the victory over the “great king”, the name Likitsari was given. According to another version, the name means a place of trade in Romanian. In the early 2000s, many of the houses in the village were bought by Kyiv residents and other nonresidents. At that time, everyone expected that a large ski resort would be built near the village. However, the project was never implemented. The purchased houses were used by the new owners as summer cottages. One of the wealthy owners of such houses from Kyiv even repaired the church in the village at his own expense, restoring the authentic wooden roof to replace the tin roof.

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Tours and excursions

Accommodation nearby

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Where to eat?

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