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Hotels in Pylypets

The famous Pylypets ski resort is located on the beautiful Gimbi Mountain, which rises one and a half kilometres above sea level. It is home to an excellent sports complex that offers tourists all kinds of exciting winter activities. Around 30 km of groomed slopes, an excellent toboggan run and virtually unlimited freeride opportunities make the village a real centre of attraction for travellers.

Here they can enjoy all the benefits of modern infrastructure and excellent accommodation. For sports enthusiasts, there are rental facilities.

Готелі у Пилипці

Hotels in Pylypets

The village has excellent hotels offering a wide variety of services. Holidaymakers can choose the type of food they want and the features of the room they rent. If there is a desire to save money, there are a large number of catering outlets with excellent cuisine.

Naturally, prices reach their maximum during the high season, which begins in mid-December. In the summer, accommodation is much cheaper, and tourists enjoy the beautiful nature. For a reasonable price, travellers who come here in the warm season can find in the village of Pylypets hotels with swimming pools and other services that are too expensive in winter.

But in any case, you need to book your room in advance, as the flow of holidaymakers never stops.

Готель «Берлога»
Pylypets village
+380 ....
from 1100 ₴/day
Готель «Шепіт Карпат»
Pylypets village, 344
+380 ....
from 1400 ₴/day
готель «Горянин»
Pylypets, Shipot-Lazok tract, 348
+380 ....
from 1466 ₴/day
готель «Гранд Пилипець»
Pylypets, 352, Khust district
+380 ....
from 2400 ₴/day
Еко готель “Ізки”, Міжгір’я
village Izky, Khust district
+380 ....
from 1000 ₴/night

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What to do in Pylypets?

Most holidaymakers come here to conquer the mountain peaks. However, there are other great ways to spend your time here.

Hiking and trekking in the mountains, people admire the wonders of the local nature, ride the cable car, explore the surrounding waterfalls, conquer a paraglider or improve their health in the vats.

Therefore, tourists who come to Pylypets often need hotels for a rather long period of time.

The temperature in Pylypets village now:

6.9o C   |   44.5o F

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How can our service help?

In order to keep abreast of everything that the resort has to offer holidaymakers Transcarpathia, it is worthwhile to carefully read the information posted on the Go-To.Rest website.

Each page can be of great benefit to travellers, as it contains a large amount of data from leading experts. Therefore, for those who are looking for good hotels on our resource, Pylypets will offer the most favourable options.

Where to eat?

Чайовня «Сурія»
Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Khust district, Pylypets village
+380 ....
Ресторан «Колиба»
Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Khust district, Pylypets village, Shipot-Lazok tract, 348
+380 ....
Кафе «Плай»
Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Khust district, Pylypets village
+380 ....
Ресторан «Магура»
Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Khust district, Pylypets village
+380 ....
Кафе «Pit Stop»
Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Khust district, Pylypets village
+380 ....
ресторан «Аратта»
Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Khust district, Pylypets village, 343
+380 ....

How to get to Pylypets?

The holidaymakers will fly by plane only to Uzhgorod, where the airport is located. However, the further journey involves numerous transfers. You need to get to Mukachevo. Then you will have to take public transport towards Lviv. You need to get off at Volovets.

Trains run to this station from the following locations:

  • Kyiv;
  • Lviv;
  • Mukachevo;
  • Chop.

🧡 Your rest at the Pylypets resort will be one of the best and will be remembered for a lifetime!

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