Гірськолижний курорт Воловець

The Carpathians delight tourists at any time of the year, and the Volovets ski resort allows them to enjoy the fresh air, contemplate the majestic peaks and admire the rare beauty of nature. The resort offers its guests a lot of entertainment. Horseback riding, hiking or excursions bring them a lot of positive emotions.

Temperature now in Volovets:

-2.7o C   |   27.2o F

Volovets on the map

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Ski resort Wolowez

The complex is located on the foothills of the Berges Beach on a hill 500 meters above sea level.

There are 2 simple slopes, the main ones for ski trails are available. The short courses, safes and flats of 300 meters are perfect, and the sports facilities can be reached. It is also easy to find tourist attractions in a cozy café or restaurant near the ski lifts.

It’s just a house for rent. In the village there are various hotels, pensions and sanatoriums.

Wo man Ski fährt

Volovets is perfect for beginners, their first letter on the road. Experienced skiers are warm here and drive to Izok, Podobovets or Pylypets, which is a great destination.

As soon as you start, the tracks can be found in the training area, and the map of the slopes will be open to you, and you will be able to follow them.

Tourists stay in their leisure time to visit the many attractions. Volovets.


For young people, come to Volovets, go skiing in the middle point of the program.

The holiday season begins in December, the snow falls in April. Daher ermöglichen Ihnen 2 kleine Bahnen mit einerin Länge von 300 m und einem Höhenunterschied von 100 m perfect, die Aufregung des Sports zu genießen.

Rodel and chair lifts are provided at the sports center.

Lift prices and pictures

The use of the equipment costs UAH 20. for 1 flight. Skip costs UAH 200.

The ski resort Volovets also offers teaching services. Single furnishings for 150 UAH / hours and group furnishings for 600 UAH.


For children, the equipment for the house can be used, there is a ski and other equipment for rent (from UAH 70 per day).

What a night of salvation in the village you have. Wolowez?

From here you can hike, make an extreme adventure or enjoy the interesting excursions from Volovets. You can enjoy local cuisine in local bars, bars, cafes, huts or restaurants.


Reiten ist in jedem Alter schön. So you can find a day off on the Kraft Kraft track, keep up with the work, keep your condition, your mood as well as stress and stress.

This timepiece is a great addition to Sorgen, Hektik and Hektik and it is possible to enjoy it.

Reiten ist für jeden eine enorme positive emotionale Belastung und hilft, seine körperliche Form zu verbessern.

Snowmobile rental

Motorschlittenfahrten sind gut für Ihr allhemeines Wohlbefinden, denn sie lassen Sie einen regelrechten Kraftzuwachs spüren. The adrenaline rush and the glorious spas will be completely uninterrupted moments. Und die Schönheit der umgebenden Natur wird die allgemeine Freude an einem außergewöhnlichen Adventure nur unststreichen.

Baths, Baths, Saunas

Water deals can be used by tourists after a day of sporting services. Meersalz od abkochungen von Heilkräutern werden dem Behälter oinzuge fügt, um die Wermeübertragungsprozesse zu normalizieren. In winter they are important for the strengthening of immune systems.

Und Dampf im Bad oder in der Sauna regt den Stoffwechsel dramatichn an, höht den Gesamttonus und erhöht die Durchblutung.

In the many other ski resorts

Traveling, coming to Volovets, skiing is a lot of fun. Aber die Einfachheit der Piste zheht vor allem Sportbegeisterte an. When the experience is over, the selected slopes are closed. Very close to Dorf Podobovets with excellent routes and some other Verkhniy Studeny, Zhdenievo, Izky and Pylypets.

Hiking and trekking

The map shows that Volovets on the foothills of the Berge Plai and Temnatyk is located, where the river Vich and Volovchyk are located. The settlement is 0.5 km away. About the sea mirror. Many people can see more, a view of the beautiful panorama to your heart’s content.

In Volovets there is something for tourists. It is a beautiful Carpathian region. In the winter you can enjoy the love of skiing and ecotourism, because of the luxury of the local nature we will be able to enjoy.

Excursions to interesting places in the Carpathians

Dorf gilt zu Recht als eine seltene Schönheit der Region, die in Transkarpatien so reich ist. It is not overlooked, you can find a lot of attractions.

Hold this:

  • Shipit-Wasserfall;
  • Wolowez-Pass;
  • Forsthaus;
  • Heimatkundemuseum;
  • Kelechyn-Mineralquelle;
  • Synevir-See;
  • alte Holzkirche St. Nicholas of Wonderland
  • Church of Himmelfahrt Christi;
  • Schönborn Castle usw.

Accommodation in Dorf Volovets

The accommodation in Volovets winter vacation will be very comfortable. There are many apartments for tourists. It is very popular with private houses and cottages. It also offers hotels and mini hotels.

Wo könnte man also besser übernachten?

OchsenEs bietet eine große Vielfalt an Übernachtungsmöglichiten. Daher sind die Preise hier etwas niedriger als in benachbarten Resorts.

The 4-storey building of the Greenwich Tourist Complex is located directly on the territory of the ski resort in the heart of the dorfes. The hotel offers excellent junior suites and 2 guest rooms on the day.

The 3-storey Hotel Eden offers tours with all possible amenities. There are pavilions, a barbecue and a sauna on the grounds.

The gift is very simple, in the village a private living space can be found.

Real estate prices

The prices for the accommodation are not limited. Zum Beispiel bietet Greenwich seine Dienste ab UAH 800 an. for a place in a double room and “one” – from 556 UAH. for a standard room for two people.

In the private house “Comfort in Yolana” you will find a budget option from 200 UAH.

Wo man essen kann

Volovets wir Urlauber vollständig mit Lebensmitteln versorgen. Alle Eichrichtungen entsprechen einem hohen Serviceniveau, es ist immer einfach, einen freien Platz in ihnen zu finden, und sie bedienen schnell und sorgfältig. The menu is based on Transcarpathian and Ukrainian cuisine with a large variety.

Here are the tourist attractions:

  1. Borsch.
  2. Brühe.
  3. Goulash.
  4. Soljanka.
  5. Eintopf Eintopf.
  6. Spieße.
  7. Bier usw.

Traveling finds a cozy atmosphere and a beautiful view from the window.

What are the best places for a visit?

The Fortuna Café serves Knödel, sweet soups, local Knödel and local drinks.

Food prices

Das Mittagessen costs about 270 UAH. The reviews of the Essen in the restaurant are also available.

Where and how to get to Volovets

Volovets, a ski resort located in the Boykivshchyna region, in the highlands of the Carpathians near the confluence of the Vycha and Volovchyk rivers.

  • Ivano-Frankivsk is about 150 km away;
  • Lviv – about 200 km;
  • Mukachevo – 60 km;
  • Uzhhorod – 120.

We must immediately tell those who go to Volovets how to get here.

A railway runs through the village. It is enough to choose the right train in Lviv and get to the right stop. Long-distance trains from Mukachevo, Odessa, Uzhhorod, Kharkiv or Chop also stop here.

Buses are easy to get from Lviv in the direction of Mizhhiria and Svalyava. There is also a flight from Uzhgorod to Volovets. The nearest airport is located in Uzhgorod.

If you go by your own car, you need to choose the road Kyiv – Chop to the Transcarpathian region. Near the settlement of Nizhni Vorota, turn left onto the T-07-18 highway and follow it for 13 km.

From Volovets to Podobovets and Pylypets is also easy to get by passing transport or minibuses

Resort Reviews

Elvira, 20, Kyiv: “The vacation is amazing! We arrived by train with convenience. Tourist routes from Volovets are simply wonderful. We caught the winter wine festival in Mukachevo and walked around the castle Palanok.

Yuriy, 31, Lviv : “I am an experienced skier. But my wife and children really enjoyed their vacation in the Volovets mountains. Convenient lift, the route is designed for beginners. I myself often went to the difficult slopes in Pylypets and Podobovets, located 2 steps from here.

Volovets attracts travelers all year round. A real winter paradise has been created here for beginner skiers, and many surprises have been prepared for lovers of hiking and excursions in Transcarpathia.