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Volovets ski resort

The Carpathians impress the imagination of tourists at any time of the year, and the Volovets ski resort allows them to enjoy the fresh air and gaze at the majestic peaks and admire the rare beauty of nature. The resort offers vacationers numerous entertainment. Horseback riding, hiking or excursions will give them a lot of positive emotions.


A brief overview

The complex is located on the foothills of Mount Plai at an altitude of 500 m above sea level.

There are 2 simple tracks designed mainly for beginner skiers. The short, gentle and flat 300-meter descent is perfect for learning the basics of sportsmanship. And after they are installed, tourists just need to relax in a cozy cafe or restaurant near the lift.

It is easy to rent accommodation here. Various hotels, boarding houses and sanatoriums operate in the village.

🗺 Location N48°40′01″ E23°11′50″
🌄 Height of Mount Plai 1323 m
🎿 Number of tracks 2
🗻 Track length 300m
⬆⬇ Height difference 100 meters
🧭 Distance from Volovets Near
🚙 Road for Auto, on foot
🏕 Stop with a tent No
🏡 Housing nearby Volovets
☕ Cafes and shops Volovets

Temperature in Volovets now:

-4.8o C   |   23.4o F

Where to go skiing

Volovets is great for beginners who are taking their first steps on the mountain slopes. Experienced skiers often warm up here and go on to Izky, Podobovets or Pylipets, where numerous difficult slopes are equipped.

However, novice athletes will find the tracks very convenient for training, and the downhill map will tell them everything they need to know to enjoy skiing.

In their free time, tourists should explore the numerous sights of the village Volovets

Description of the tracks

For those who come to Volovets, skiing is the central point of the program.

The resort season here begins in December, the snow does not fall until April. Therefore, 2 small tracks 300 m long with a height difference of 100 m perfectly allow you to enjoy sports excitement.

Athletes are brought to the top by rope and chairlifts.

Prices for the lift and instructors

Using the lift will cost UAH 20. for 1 flight. The ski pass costs UAH 200.

The Volovets ski resort also offers the services of instructors. Individual classes are priced at UAH 150 per hour, and group classes are priced at UAH 600 per hour.

Оренда гірськолижного спорядження у Воловці

Ski equipment rental

For those who have forgotten their equipment at home, there is a rental point for skis and other equipment (from UAH 70 per day).

Volovets on the map

What else to have fun in the village of Volovets?

From here you can go hiking, experience an extreme adventure or visit the most interesting excursions from Volovets. And for complete satisfaction, you should try local delicacies in bars, cafes, huts or restaurants.

Катання на конях у Воловці

Horse riding

It is nice to ride a horse at any age. It allows you to regain strength after a day spent on the slopes, take a break from working days, increase your tone, lift your mood, and relieve tension and stress.

This kind of pastime perfectly distracts from worries, bustle and anxiety, allowing you to join nature.

Horse riding provides any person with a huge positive emotional charge and contributes to the improvement of his physical form.

Прокат снігоходів у Воловці

Snowmobile rental

Snowmobile rides are good for your overall well-being because they give you a real boost of energy and vitality. The release of adrenaline and sparking fun will give you truly unforgettable moments. And the beauty of the surrounding nature will only emphasize the general joy from an extraordinary adventure.

Чани, лазні, сауни у Воловці

Vats, baths, saunas

Water procedures will bring real pleasure to tourists after a day full of sports achievements. Sea salt or decoctions of medicinal herbs are added to the container, which contribute to the normalization of heat exchange processes. In winter, they are important for strengthening immunity.

And a steam room in a bath or sauna dramatically activates metabolism, increases general tone and improves blood circulation.

Поруч багато інших гірськолижних курортів

There are many other ski resorts nearby

Skiing brings a lot of pleasure to travelers who come to Volovets. But the simplicity of the slope attracts mainly sports fans here. Those who have already gained experience should also visit nearby slopes. Not far from here is the village of Podobovets with difficult trails, and a little further are Verkhniy Studeny, Zhdenievo, Izky and Pylypets.

Піші екскурсії та походи в гори Воловець

Hiking tours and hikes in the mountains

The map clearly shows that Volovets is spread out at the foot of Plai and Temnatyk mountains, the Vich and Volovchik rivers flow here. The settlement is located at an altitude of 0.5 km. above sea level. Therefore, many people prefer to climb higher to take a look at the stunning panorama.

There is something for every tourist to see in Volovka. It is one of the most beautiful Carpathian regions. In winter, lovers of skiing can also participate in eco-tourism, because the luxury of the local nature will not leave anyone indifferent.

Excursions to interesting locations of Transcarpathia

The village is rightfully considered a rare area of beauty, which Transcarpathia is so rich in. It is not surprising that you can find a huge number of attractions here.

These include:

  • Shipit waterfall;
  • Volovetsky Pass;
  • forester’s house;
  • local history museum;
  • Kelechyn mineral spring;
  • Lake Synevyr;
  • the ancient wooden temple of Nicholas the Wonderworker;
  • Church of the Ascension of Christ;
  • Shenborn Castle, etc.

The most interesting places

Гора Плай
Mount Plai, or Borzhava as it is also known, is located in the Ukrainian Carpathians and belongs to the Borzhava
Церква Введення Пресвятої Богородиці в селі Абранка
The village of Abranka, Mukachevo District, Zakarpattia Region, was founded in 1611. In 1692, historical sources mention a church in
Церква Вознесіння Господнього в селі Ялове
It is hard to imagine that a traditional Transcarpathian village did not have a church until the end of the
Церква святого Василя в селі Задільське
The current church of St. Basil in the village of Zadilske, Mukachevo district, Zakarpattia region, was most likely built by
Церква Вознесіння Господнього в селі Тишів
For the first time, the village of Tyshiv of the Mukachevo district of the Transcarpathian region was mentioned in historical
Храм святого Духа (Котельниця)
There is an interesting wooden church - the Church of the Holy Spirit - in the village of Kotelnytsia, Mukachevo
Храм святого Миколая Чудотворця (Біласовиця)
The church in the village of Bilasovytsia was most likely built by the same craftsmen as the church in the
Палац графів Шенборнів (замок Берегвар)
In 1840, the owners of the Mukachevo-Chinadiyovo dominion, the Counts Schönborn, built a wooden house in the Berehvar tract as
One of the most interesting and attractive places for tourists in Transcarpathia is the magical high-mountainous Lake Synevyr. It is
Собор Святого Духа
The Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit was built in the 18th century with elements of the Baroque
Водоспад Шипот
A visit to the uniquely beautiful Shypit waterfall will be no less impressive. It originates from a deep underground spring,

Tours and excursions

Where to stay in the village of Volovets

Those arriving in Volovets will find rest in winter very comfortable. There is a lot of accommodation for tourists. It is mainly represented by private houses and cottages. There are also hotels and mini-hotels.

So where is the best place to spend the night?

Volovets offers a huge variety of places to stay. Therefore, the prices here are somewhat lower than in neighboring resorts.

For example, the 4-story building of the tourist complex “Greenwich” is located right on the territory of the ski resort in the very center of the village. The hotel offers orderly junior suite rooms and 2 meals a day.

The 3-story Eden Hotel accommodates travelers with all possible amenities. There are gazebos, a barbecue and a sauna on its territory.

In addition, it is easy to find a private housing option in the village.

Садиба «Затишок у Йолани»
St. Gagarina, 2, Volovets
+380 ....

from 200₴/night
Мотель «Едем» у Воловці
St. Karpatska, 192A, Volovets
+380 ....

from 612₴/night
Туристичний комплекс «Грінвіч»
St. Shevchenko, 1A, Volovets
+380 ....

from 600₴/night

Housing prices

The cost of accommodation is quite acceptable. For example, “Greenwich” offers its services from UAH 800. for one place in a double room, and “Edem” – from UAH 556. for a standard room for two guests.

In the private house “Zatyshok u Yolany” you will be able to find a budget option from UAH 200.

Where to eat

Volovets will fully provide vacationers with food. All establishments correspond to a high level of service, it is always easy to find a free seat in them, and the service is quick and attentive. The menu is based on dishes of Transcarpathian and Ukrainian cuisine, distinguished by great variety.

Here tourists will be served:

  • Borsch.
  • Bouillon.
  • Goulash.
  • Solyanka.
  • Stewed stew.
  • Shish kebab.
  • Beer, etc.

Travelers can enjoy a cozy atmosphere and a beautiful view from the window.

What are the best places to visit?

Cafe “Fortuna” will offer guests dumplings, delicious soups, delicious dumplings and local drinks.

Кафе «Fortuna»
Volovets, Transcarpathian region.
+380 ....

Food prices

Lunch here will cost approximately UAH 270. The reviews about the food in the establishment are the most pleasant.

Where and how to get to Volovets

Volovets, a ski resort, is located in the Boykiv region, in the Carpathian highlands near the confluence of the Vycha and Volivchyk rivers.

  • Ivano-Frankivsk is about 150 km from here;
  • Lviv – about 200 km;
  • Mukachevo – 60 km;
  • Uzhgorod – 120 km.

You should immediately tell those who are going to Volovets how to get here.

A railway runs through the village. It is enough to choose an electric train in Lviv and get to the desired stop. Long-distance trains from Mukachevo, Odesa, Uzhhorod, Kharkiv or Chop also stop here.

Buses are easy to reach from Lviv in the direction of Mizhhirya and Svaliava. There is also a flight from Uzhhorod to Volovets. The nearest airport is located in the city of Uzhhorod.

If you drive your own car, you must choose the road Kyiv – Chop to Zakarpattia Oblast. Near the village of Nizhny Vorota, you need to turn left onto the T-07-18 road and follow it for 13 km.

From Volovets to Podobovets and Pylipets is also easy to reach by public transportation or minibuses.

🧡 Skiing holiday in Volovets will be one of the best and will be remembered for a lifetime!

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