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Manors and cottages in Lumshory

🕒 Date of last update of the article: 10.02.2024 at 12:10 a.m   |  🖋 Author: Viktor Shatrov

Lumshory is nearby Uzhgorod next to the Polonyna-Runa valley surrounded by beech and pine bushes. Tourists flock here to enjoy a healing bath in local vats filled with water from mineral hydrogen sulphide springs.

Садиби та котеджі в Лумшорах

Private houses in Lumshory and its surroundings

Cottages in Lumshory are available to families with different levels of wealth and are in demand among guests of Transcarpathia.

Recreation center “Lumshory” is located in the bosom of nature. Guests can enjoy a bath, Transcarpathian cuisine and baths with healing herbs.

Manor house “U Serhiia” offers a coffee machine, a barbecue, a microwave oven, a set of dishes, an iron, a refrigerator and a kettle.

Those who decided to go on a trip to the village. Lumshors, cottages with a pool will bring great pleasure.

Hotel “To Lem Ande” is located right in the village. Here vacationers will be offered a swimming pool, a shared kitchen, a park, a restaurant, a terrace and a private beach.

“Myslyvska” estate is located at the beginning of the village of Lumshory to the right of the road. It has several comfortable rooms with modern television, as well as a bathhouse, a swimming pool and a terrace.

Those who are looking for a cottage in Lumshory with vats, it is better to book the hotel “U Tsymbora”. Vacationers here will be provided with wellness treatments, a sauna, and a spa. For relaxation, a balcony, TV and refrigerator are provided. There is an old cistern nearby in the open air.

In general, renting houses in Lumshory is not difficult and everyone will be able to find the most suitable option here.

Садиба «У попа» Лумшори
St. Lisova, 3, Lumshory
+380 ....
from 100₴/day
Садиба «Над потоком»
St. Kamennaya, 1, village Lumshory
+380 ....
from 800₴/day
Готель «Водограй»
St. Lisova, 5, Lumshory
+380 ....
from 1075₴/day
To Lem Ande Hotel, Lumshory
Lumshory, Transcarpathian
+380 ....
from 700 ₴/night
Chans "U Tsimbora", Lumshory
street Priozerna, 9, Lumshory
+380 ....
from 1500₴/night
Davir Resort & Spa, Lumshory
Lisova street, Lumshory
+380 ....
from 1650₴/night
Садиба «Лумшорські чани» у селі Лумшори (Закарпаття)
5 Luhova St., Lumshory village
+380 ....
from 2500₴/night
Котеджі «Едем» у Лумшорах
2 Kamyana Street, Lumshory village
+380 ....
from 1000₴/day
Заміський будинок «Сонячний Лаз»
building 90, Yakivske village
+380 ....
from 1800₴/day
Садиба «У попа» Лумшори
St. Lisova, 3, Lumshory
+380 ....
from 100₴/day
Мисливська садиба
St. Luhova, 5, Lumshory
+380 ....
from 600₴/day
Садиба «У Сергія» (Лумшори)
45 Kamyana Street, Lumshory
+380 ....
from 1500₴/night
Садиба «Лумшори»
Lumshory village, 8
+380 ....
from 700₴/day
Садиба «Над потоком»
St. Kamennaya, 1, village Lumshory
+380 ....
from 800₴/day

All accommodation options on the map

Description of the area

Lumshory are famous for their vats. They are made of cast iron. They can serve more than a dozen people at once.

First, the container with mineral or spring water is heated to a temperature that does not exceed room temperature. Then the boilers start heating with firewood and gradually the thermometer shows almost 45 °С. If people think they can’t take it anymore, there is an icy pool or river nearby.

That’s why many tourists want to rent a house in Lumshory in order to complete a full course of wellness procedures.

Staying in cottages is the best option for recreation. But, in this case, you will have to pay a little more than when staying in a hotel. However, here you can have a great time with your company or family in comfortable conditions or enjoy your honeymoon.

The temperature in Lumshory now:

5.2o C   |   41.3o F

Unforgettable leisure time next to Lumshory

Most often, vacationers come here to steam in the tanks. But here it is also desirable to go hiking in the mountains or go to the sights of the region, such as waterfalls, Polonina-Runa, etc. And a romantic vacation for two will be remembered for a lifetime.

Go-To.Rest offers vacationers the maximum amount of information about spending time in Transcarpathia. The resource will tell in detail about the necessary routes with the recommendations of specialists.

Leisure for adults and children

Kolyba "Lumshorsky vats"
Lumshori, street Luhova, 5, Transcarpathian region
+380 ....
Ресторан Давір-колиба в Лумшорах
Lumshory, Lisova Street, Zakarpattia region
+380 ....

Places for walks and rest

Tours and excursions

Detailed weather

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