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Manors and cottages in Mykulychyn

Ecotourism is now very popular. That’s why Mykulychyn is an exceptionally popular destination for travellers from all over the country. The purity of the atmosphere and the beauty of nature attract them here throughout the year.

Садиби та котеджі у Микуличині

Cottages and private manors in Mykulychyn

Accommodation in cottages is the best option for staying at the resort, although it is more expensive than hotel accommodation. But it’s the best way to spend time in a comfortable environment with your company or family. Such a surprise will also be a great gift for newlyweds or a romantic couple.

We have many options to choose from in our catalogue. The cost of renting a cottage or estate reaches its peak in winter. The high season here is the New Year holidays. In the summer, accommodation becomes more affordable and holidaymakers often rent cottages with a swimming pool in Mykulychyn village for a very reasonable price.

«Микулин Хутірець»
Horba plot, 163A, p. Mykulychyn
+380 ....
from 500 ₴/day

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Features of the resort

This place is famous for being the longest village in Ukraine – 44 km long. This feature ensures its proximity to many districts at once, facilitating their transport accessibility. Therefore, cottages in Mykulychyn are never empty.

The village is an ideal place for outdoor activities. Its infrastructure is very developed and every holidaymaker will find the most pleasant type of entertainment here.

The temperature in Mykulychyn now:

25.5o C   |   77.9o F

What to do in Mykulychyn?

Most people come here to spend time outdoors. In winter, they come to the village because of its proximity to popular resorts.

There is always something to do here. In addition to active entertainment and excursions, Mykulychyn has a well-developed catering industry. Therefore, tourists have a great chance to try the best local cuisine.

There are also shops and shopping centres where you can buy souvenirs or the most necessary things. Prices for cottages in Mykulychyn are affordable, so travellers have enough money for everything.

The most interesting locations nearby

Where can you eat delicious food?

ресторан при готелі «Міленіум»
St. Hrushevsky, 140 G, c. Mykulychyn
+380 ....
Рес­то­ран «Пивниця»
St. Hrushevsky, 68b, c. Mykulychyn
+380 ....

How can our service help?

The Go-To.Rest portal allows holidaymakers to choose the best holiday option in Transcarpathia and the Carpathian region. Our pages present current offers of the region at affordable prices. Therefore, if someone wants to rent a house in Mykulychyn, they only need to study our website.

Tours and excursions

How to get to Mykulychyn?

It is not difficult to get there. From Kyiv, Lviv, Rakhiv and other cities are reached by train, and Ivano-Frankivsk can be reached by public transport. When driving, you should take the H-09 highway.

🧡 Your rest in Mykulychyn will be one of the best and will be remembered for a lifetime!

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