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Cheese dairy in Nyzhnye Selyshche

In 2002, with the help of the Longo Mai Association of European Cooperatives, a cheese dairy was opened in Nyzhnye Selyshche, Khust district, Transcarpathian region. Here, three types of cheese are produced from cow’s milk using Swiss technology: “Narcissus of the Carpathians”, “Khust”, and “Selysky”. Ten kilograms of cheese are produced from every hundred litres of milk. Local cheesemakers have completed an internship in Switzerland, where they gained practical experience that allowed them to produce European-level cheeses.

The village cheese dairy is primarily a social project that helps the village to gradually develop. Milk is accepted both from residents of Nyzhnye Selyshche and from neighbouring villages. A wastewater treatment plant was built to treat the dairy’s wastewater. A water supply system was also built with spring water, which originates from a spring on the outskirts of the village. This crystal clear water is used not only by the dairy but also by the villagers.

Сироварня в Нижньому Селищі

Photos and videos of the cheese factory in Nyzhnye Selyshche

A brief overview of Selyska cheese factory

🗺 Location N48°11′47″ E23°26′52″
🔰 Opening date 2002 р.
🧀 Types of cheeses “Narcissus of the Carpathians”, “Selysky”, “Khust”
🧭 Distance from Iza village 10 km
🚙 The road for By car, on foot
🏕 Stand with a tent No
🏡 Housing nearby Iza, Khust
☕ Cafes and shops Iza, Khust
💳 Cost of the tasting tour 170 UAH for adults, 140 UAH for children
🕒 Working hours Mon-Sat: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Sunday: 11:00-18:00
☎ Phone number for information +38 (067) 386 51 09

Excursions and cheese tasting

The cheese factory offers guided tours with tasting.

The tour lasts up to one hour and smoothly flows into a tasting of three types of cheese, namely:

  • Semi-hard Selysky cheese, which is matured in cellars for at least three months. This type of cheese has a sweet and spicy taste and a pronounced aroma with light fruity notes.
  • Narcissus of the Carpathians is a hard cheese that takes more than six months to mature in the cellar. It has a bitter-spicy taste, a pronounced cheese aroma with a nutty aftertaste.
  • The traditional brynza of Khust region is a sheep cheese made using authentic technology by Transcarpathian shepherds.

How to get to the cheese factory in Nyzhnye Selyshche village?

 Walking route

🔰 Start From the Holy Intercession Church
🚶 Walking distance 450 m
🕐 Approximate time 6 minutes
⬇ Descent From 241 to 225 m

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