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Cottages and private estates in Berehove

There is no tourist who would not dream of visiting the Berehove thermal springs. The composition of local waters has unique properties and has almost no analogues in the world.

Котеджі та садиби в Берегово

Rent of cottages and estates in Beregov and its surroundings

“House for guests on the street Shevchenko” offers vacationers relaxation on the terrace, and for entertainment, the rooms are equipped with modern television.

If vacationers prefer a cottage in Berehove with vats, then there is a house in the central part of the city with a sauna and luxurious boilers. There is a lake and a river nearby.

An excellent option is French Town with a picturesque area. There is also a lounge, a dining area and a terrace.

Those looking for Beach Cottages with Pools are advised to book a room at Villa Canada. Guests are provided with rooms overlooking the garden, swimming pool and jacuzzi.

Вілла «Писанка» (Велика Бийгань)
village of Velyka Byihan
+380 ....
from 800₴/day
Садиба «Villa Vera» (Берегове)
1A Koryatovycha St., Beregovo
+380 ....
from 600₴/day
Апартаменти "Лізак" (Берегове)
37 Novyi Bazar St., Beregovo
+380 ....
from 1000₴/day
Садиба «ЕЛЬЗА» в Берегові
21 Koryatovycha St., Beregovo
+380 ....
from 250₴/person
Садиба «АДЕЛЬ» (Берегово)
27 Koryatovycha St., Beregovo
+380 ....
from 300₴/person
Садиба "Ніна" у Берегове
71 Lehotskoho St., Beregovo
+380 ....
from 250₴/person
Садиба «Турул»
St. Koryatovycha, 2B, Berehove
+380 ....
from 900₴/day
Вілла «Canada»
St. Zh. Moritsa, 93, Kidesh
+380 ....
from 2000₴/day
Котеджі «FrenchTown»
St. Shevchenko, 130, Berehove
+380 ....
from 1200₴/day
St. Mukachivska, 76, Berehove
+380 ....
from 400₴/day
Садиба «Мапа» у Берегове
St. Molodizhna, 29, Berehove
+380 ....
from 450₴/day

All accommodation options on the map

Features of the region

Travelers come here to improve their health with thermal waters without spending too much money. The prices here will pleasantly surprise everyone.

The most popular is the state swimming pool located almost in the center of the city under the open sky of the Zakarpattia sports base and the popular Zhaivoronok complex.

With the exception of festive periods, staying in this region is for any family. The economical cost of rest is complemented by excellent service and a high level of comfort. Therefore, it is simply necessary to rent a house in Berehove in order to enjoy the benefits that are offered here to every vacationer.

Resting in local cottages is the best accommodation option, although it is somewhat more expensive than staying in a hotel. But it is here that you can have a great time together, with company or family in the most comfortable conditions.

In the catalog of our service, there are many offers for any choice for those who need to rent houses near “Zhaivoronka” or other interesting places in the area.

The temperature in Beregovo right now:

13.9o C   |   56.9o F

Leisure in Beregov

Most often, people come here for the thermal waters, but for them there is also a water park and saunas. And nature lovers rest in the brightest corners. Transcarpathia. It is recommended to have a snack and just have a good time in the pleasant cafes and restaurants that the city is so famous for.

Go-To.Rest hosts the most popular offers for booking accommodation, detailed author tours and the most popular types of outdoor activities.

The site also presents a lot of useful data about the most interesting places in Transcarpathia with the opinions of trained experts. Therefore, before planning a trip, each person should familiarize himself with our service and find the most suitable direction for himself.

Tours and excursions

What else to see next to Berehove

Leisure for adults and children

Other interesting places

Костел Іоанна Хрестителя в селі Кідьош
In the village of Kidosh, there is the Church of St John the Baptist, built in the 14th century on
Музей леквару в селі Ботар
The lekvar museum with a tasting room is located in the village of Botar, Beregovo district. This is one of
Боржавський замок
Borzhava Castle is one of the oldest monuments in Transcarpathia. The history of the legendary fortress can be found in
Руїни Квасівського замку
In the village of Kvasovo, Beregove district, there are ruins of a 12th-century feudal castle built in the Romanesque style.
Затисянський краєзнавчий музей
In the village of Tysobiken, Berehiv District, Transcarpathian Region, there is the Zatysyanskyi Museum of Local Lore, opened in the
Костел Воздвиження Святого Хреста
The tallest building in the city of Berehove is the church on Ferenc Rakoci Square. This temple appeared in the
Графський двір або палац Бетлена в Берегово
Behind the cathedral, in the shade of chestnut trees, there is another landmark of Berehovo - "Grafskyi Dvir". This is
Будівля колишнього імперського суду в Берегово
On Koshuth Square (Verbevtsiya) among the pretty two-story villas, the landmark Berehovo - a huge building of the former imperial
Руїни домініканського костелу
In 3 km. from the town of Berehovo in the direction of Vylok - Vynohradiv, after going around one of
Термальні басейни "Жайворонок"
The whole secret is that the water that fills the pools of the complex comes directly from wells 1,200 m
Державний термальний басейн у Берегово
Thermal springs in the area of the city of Berehovo, in the very south of Transcarpathian Region, are very rare
Озеро Дідове (Дийда)
In the summer, Dyida Lake is a favorite vacation spot for Transcarpathians and guests of the region. A sailing center