Cottages and estates in Mukachevo

The ancient city of Mukachevo is small in size, but managed to concentrate a huge number of sights on its territory.

Котеджі і садиби в Мукачево

Cottages in Mukachevo and its surroundings

Cottage complex “Bilochka” is located in the bosom of nature near Mukachevo. Guests will find a swimming pool and sports fields here, and the rooms will be warmed by a fireplace. At leisure, they are offered to steam in a steam bath, visit a fitness center or arrange a barbecue. Therefore, those who prefer cottages with a pool know where to turn.

“Homestead” in the city of Mukachevo has at its disposal a garden and almost a complete set of the most important services.

“Smerekova Khata” allows you to improve your health, as it is located next to the hydromedical sanatorium “Synyak”.

Private Manor (Mukachevo) “Pryashivska” offers guests a playground, barbecue, picnic area and barbecue equipment.

“Lux Guest Haus” is located in the city itself. Tourists will find here a luxurious garden and a kitchen with everything needed for a vacation. In the morning, guests can fortify themselves with a continental breakfast. Therefore, those who plan a romantic vacation for two will not make a mistake in their choice.

Along with thoughts about where to go, tourists should also take care of decent accommodation. We recommend renting a cottage in Mukachevo, following the recommendations of the Go-To.Rest website.

The best housing options

Lux Guest Hous Мukachevo
st. Sechenov, 3, Mukachevo
+380 ....

from 2400₴/day
Садиба «Смерекова хата» у Синяку
Sinyak village
+380 ....

from 300₴/night
Котеджний комплекс «Білочка»
the village of Lisarnya
+380 ....

from 1400₴/night
Домашня садиба у Мукачево
St. Turyanitsy, 1, Mukachevo
+380 ....

from 500₴/night
Садиба «Лісова пісня»
Sinyak village, 69
+380 ....
from 400₴/day

Private estates of Mukachevo on the map

Every person is simply obliged to visit Mukacheve. Even in one day, it is possible to see a lot here, but most people choose a longer stay. Only a sufficiently long rest allows you to participate in the history of the region and enjoy its many entertainments.

The settlement stands on the banks of the Latoritsa River and is mentioned in the chronicles of the distant 9th century. Now it is one of the universally recognized centers, as it is located in the very heart of Europe. Travelers from all over the world want to visit it.

Many people want to see the local sights of antiquity, as well as to feel the special spirit of antiquity. Most vacationers try to get here as part of a combined tour Transcarpathia or visit one of the numerous city festivals.

Therefore, in order for guests to get the most complete satisfaction, they need to pay attention to cottages in Mukacheve. Only in comfortable home conditions can you really enjoy the atmosphere of peace and relaxation.

That is why many people want to rent a house in Mukachevo. This type of overnight stay is more expensive than in a hotel, but many tourists choose it. It can further embellish a busy travel program.

Daily rental of a cottage in Mukachevo allows you to accurately plan your vacation without losing a single day.

The temperature in Mukachevo now:

7.4o C   |   45.3o F

Unforgettable leisure time near Mukachevo

Places for walks and rest

Міні-скульптура Ференц Ракоці ІІ
The mini-sculpture of the Hungarian national hero Ferenc Rakoczy II was installed on October 24, 2015. It became the second
Невицький замок
Once upon a time, a Turkish princess settled in the valley of the Uzh river, "by coincidence" also an evil
Дегустаційний зал «Медовий дім»
In 2010, the Honey House tasting hall was opened by the family of beekeepers Ludmila and Viktor Peresta as part
Кафедральний собор Святого Мартіна
On the coat of arms of the second largest city in Transcarpathia, there is an image of St. Martin, who
Замок Паланок
Palanok Castle, the main historical landmark of Mukachevo, can be seen just a few kilometers from the city. An extinct
Мукачівська Ратуша
Mukachevo Town Hall is a three-story administrative building in the city of Mukachevo (Transcarpathian region). It was built at the
Водоспад Шипот
A visit to the uniquely beautiful Shypot waterfall will be no less impressive. It originates from a deep underground spring,

Tours and excursions


Винний погріб «Кельтський двір»
14 Pidlovachna Street, Mukachevo
+380 ....
Аквапарк «Карпатія»
St. Dukhnovycha, 89, Mukachevo
+380 ....
Bicycle rental "Velofan" in Uzhgorod
Uzhhorod, 9B General Svobody Street
+380 ....
Bicycle rental Uzhgorod
Uzhhorod, st. Transcarpathian, 45
+380 ....

Where to eat deliciously

Ресторан "Козачок"
Chinadievo, str. Dukhnovycha, 106
+380 ....
Restaurant "Decent Gazda"
Mukachevo, street Erdeli, 36A
+380 ....
Bograch Restaurant in Mukachevo
Cyril and Methodius Square 10-12, Mukachevo
+380 ....
Villa Del Re restaurant in Mukachevo
Mukachevo, Soborna Street, 14
+380 ....

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