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Rakhiv ski resort

Rakhiv is the highest city in Ukraine. Nearby is the highest peak of Ukraine – Mount Hoverla. Hutsul Paris is surrounded by mountains on all four sides.

So it is not surprising that Rakhiv has become a popular ski resort. Ski tracks here are located on Mount Menchul, which is located in the southeastern part of the Black Mountain massif (longitude 24.21257, latitude 48.05480). Their difficulty levels are elementary and intermediate. Skiers are attracted by their frequent changes in slope level. The length of the four tracks ranges from 300 to 1400 meters. They are equipped with two types of elevators – a cable lift and a multilift. The height difference is 230 m.

Рахів взимку

The short length of the tracks in Rakhiv and their gentle surface is a good option for those who like a quiet descent and those who want to learn to ski. The staff of instructors on these tracks is quite professional and will help any beginner to stand confidently on skis.

Thousands of tourists visit Rakhiv every year. A real tourist boom here occurs during the Christmas and New Year holidays. The prices here are much lower than in Dragobrat or Bukovel, and the quality of infrastructure and service are at the appropriate level.

You can get to Rakhiv by train, bus or your own car.

A brief overview

🗺 Location N48°3′0″ E24°13′0″
🏔 Height of Mount Menchul 1998 m
🎿 Number of tracks 3
🏔 Track length 300-1400 m
⬇⬆ Height difference 230 meters
🔵🔴 Level of difficulty Initial, middle
🚡 Elevator Bugel excerpt
⛰ Multilift Yes
⛰ Ratrak Processing No
🧭 Distance from Rakhov Near
🚙 Road for On foot
🏕 Stop with a tent No
🏡 Housing nearby Rakhiv
☕ Cafes and shops Rakhiv

The temperature in Rahov now:

3.4o C   |   38.2o F

On the map

Map of ski slopes in Rakhiv

Карта гірськолижних спусків в Рахові

Map of Rakhov attractions

Leisure near Rakhov

Скелі закоханих у селі Костилівка Рахівського району
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Церква святого Миколая
In the Romanian village of Serednie Vodyane (formerly known as Serednie Apsha, population almost six thousand) in the Rakhiv district
Собор Зіслання Святого Духа
The temple with a majestic main facade was built on the central square of the city in the period from
Роза Вітрів (гора Лиса)
We recommend all visitors to Rakhov to climb Mount Roza Vitryv, from which you can see all the Ukrainian two-thousanders.
Римо-католицький костел св. Яна Непомука
One of the oldest buildings in the city is the Roman Catholic Church of St. John Nepomuk. The history of
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Музей екології гір та історії природокористування в Українських Карпатах
The territory of the biosphere reserve is located in Rakhiv district. The Museum of Mountain Ecology and History of Nature
Музей гуцульської Бриндзі
The Museum of Hutsul Bryndza in the Ukrainian Carpathians is based on a modern interactive approach. The premises of the
Музей гуцульської різьби Юрія Павловича
On November 14, 2014, the Yuriy Pavlovich Hutsul Carving Museum opened for visitors on the first floor of the Hotel
Chornogora is the highest mountain massif of the Ukrainian Carpathians, it includes the town of Hoverla, the highest point in

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Where to stay

Готель «Rakhiv Hotel & Apartments»
St. Myru, 44, Rakhiv
+380 ....
from 650 ₴/day
Готель «Оленка»
St. Myru, 48, Rakhiv
+380 ....
from 480 ₴/day
Готель «Європа»
St. Myru, 42, Rakhiv
+380 ....
from 400 ₴/day

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