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Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

One of the largest villages in the Tyachiv district is Nyzhnya Apsha (until 2004, Dibrova). The population of the village is over seven thousand people. The first written mention of it dates back to 1380. The main local landmark, the ancient wooden St Nicholas Church with a bell tower, is not visible from the road. The church was built in 1604 and rebuilt in the 18th century. It stands on a high hill. This temple is an excellent example of Maramoros Gothic. In Soviet times, the temple housed a museum of folk life, which saved it from destruction. In 1994, the temple was returned to the religious community.

Церква святого Миколая Чудотворця

Photo and video of the church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

A brief overview

🗺 Location N47°59′59″ E23°50′07″
🔰 First mention 1604 year
⬆ Height with bell tower 26 m
⛪ Style Maramoros Gothic
🧔 Confession Greek Catholics
🧭 Distance from Solotvyno 8.6 km
🚙 Road for Auto and on foot
🏕 Stop with a tent No
🏡 Housing nearby Solotvyno
☕ Cafes and shops Solotvyno

How to get to the church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Nyzhnya Apsha

 Walking route

🔰 Start From Nova Poshta #1 branch
🚶 Walking distance 500 m
🕐 Approximate time 6 minutes
⬆ Rise Mostly without ups and downs

On the map

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Верхня церква Миколи Чудотворця
Two historically valuable wooden churches have been preserved in the Romanian village of Seredne Vodiane (formerly known as Seredne Apsha,
Церква святого Миколая
In the Romanian village of Serednie Vodyane (formerly known as Serednie Apsha, population almost six thousand) in the Rakhiv district

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