Entertainment in Mizhhiria

In the Mizhhirya region there are countless opportunities for recreation and excursions. But sooner or later every traveler will want not only to replenish their cultural baggage, but also to have fun. Therefore, it is better to plan in advance how exactly to fill your leisure time. The options for holding it, especially on weekends, are very strong.

Temperature in Mizhhirya now

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Mizhhirya is a tourist center of Transcarpathia

The region is traditionally visited by a large number of tourists from around the world. It captivates with its unique European atmosphere and is famous for its unsurpassed hospitality. Therefore, it seems to every person who has been here that she has lived here all her life.

Travelers flock here because in the area there is no question of where to go to the tourist, entertainment is numerous and varied. Absolutely everything is provided for them. There is a large number of different events and happenings here every day, so you need to suggest a good time to visit them and what you need to see in the first place.

Where to go in Mizhhiria?

Although the region is not very large, there are more than enough ways to have fun here. Therefore it is necessary to dwell on them in more detail.

The most popular leisure options for the traveler are:

  • colorful excursions to historical and cultural sites;
  • walking routes that can be selected on the search page;
  • bicycle rental for walking on the streets of the district in search of amazing experiences;
  • tours in Transcarpathia;
  • extreme quad and motorcycle or jeep trips, etc.

Active rest of Mizhhirya

This interesting place offers lovers of active recreation amazing leisure options. Every day spent here will never be forgotten. There will also be a lot of interesting adventures for children in the Mizhhirya region. First of all, they include hiking and excursions. In addition, the site presents a large number of tours starting from here.

Extreme rest

Of course, any tourist will definitely try to visit the museum and see the most important sights. But many will also want to feel the adrenaline.

Active recreation in Mizhhiria is presented in the brightest options. Available here:

  • cycling;
  • jeep tours;
  • ATVs;
  • horseback riding;
  • paragliding;
  • hiking, etc.

Jeeping 4×4

Wonderful SUVs are not afraid of any weather. Both swamps and steep slopes are subject to them. Such an adventure will be a truly unforgettable memory. And the interesting places of Mizhhirya and its wonderful nature will make even the most cold-blooded fans of extreme sports forget about everything. A fascinating journey will allow you to get closer to the real Carpathians and gain sparkling emotions.

Mountain biking

There is a lot of entertainment in the region, and Mizhhirya also offers mountain biking. There are many places that are great for them. A trip to beautiful landscapes with visits to the most famous monuments of architecture and industrial history is suitable for both children and adults. It will allow you to forget about the hustle and bustle, admire nature and take stunning pictures.

Collecting mushrooms

There are a lot of mushroom places in the Mizhhirya region. They are scattered everywhere. In late summer and autumn in the woods or in the mountains there is a place to walk and collect the best specimens. Then they will surprise friends and acquaintances in photos on social networks. Especially since the region has just impressive in size and taste of the species.

Ski vacation

There are ski slopes in almost every village in the Mizhhirya region. The real capital of skiing is rightly considered to be the village of Pylypets, which is located in a luxurious mountain meadow at an altitude of about 1 km. For adults, there are 20 km of excellent trails of varying difficulty, which meet international safety requirements.

Modern hotels with developed infrastructure offer the highest quality of service and allow you to have a great time among the beautiful natural landscapes.

Holidays with children in Mizhhiria

Tourist routes that are worth visiting with a child have been developed in Synevyr Park. There are cognitive and ecological trails, bicycle and horse trails and a network of recreational points.

Children will also enjoy the cultural and natural sites presented by the Olbracht Historical and Ethnographic Museum in the village of Kolochava, the Forest and Rafting Museum in the village of Synevyr or the Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center in the village of Synevyrska Polyana.

In May, the ethnographic festival “Farewell of flocks to the mountain meadow” has been held on Synevyr Pass since ancient times. It is necessary to tell that it offers interesting to tourists who travel with children:

  1. Everyone is invited to attend master classes of folk crafts.
  2. Live folk music sounds.
  3. Against the background of mountain landscapes to the sounds of trumpets are mass festivities.
  4. Craftsmen prepare sheep products (cheese and cheese).
  5. Noisy fair, etc.

And children will gladly take part in games, entertainments and sports competitions.

Where to eat?

Travelers will not have to worry for a long time about where to eat well. Transcarpathia has long been famous for its excellent cuisine. The very tasty dishes offered by the restaurants and cafes of Mizhhiria will not leave anyone indifferent.

  • Orion offers gourmet world cuisine at reasonable prices.
  • “Under the waterfall” is located in the resort of Pylypets. Here it is recommended to try an amazing menu prepared according to European and Carpathian recipes.

After sitting here, you will not want to think about where to go in the evening, Mizhhirya will not only feed you to the dump, but also allow you to enjoy a wonderful holiday

Where to stay?

It is no less easy to find a place to stay. Each traveler will choose here what suits his individual needs. Then he will have to think only about where to go in Mizhhiria, comfortably relaxing in his hotel, recreation center or private apartment. Our site presents numerous offers in any part of the region. Therefore, it is better to choose the ones that are closest to the most interesting places to visit during your stay here.