Ruins of Vinogradovsky castle Kankov


If you go up the path to the remains of the Kank castle, you will see an incredible panorama Vinogradov. Behind is a mighty, lonely Black Mountain, and in front are the walls of an ancient city. castle’s.Nowadays it is difficult to find out where these or other parts of the fortress were once located. Almost nothing remains of the castle walls, as well as of the five corner towers.

Not far from the core of the castle, if you go a little to the northeast, you can see the ruins of the castle’s single-nave churches.Better than other parts of the castle complex are the remains of a small chapel built in the XIV century. Until recently, the chapel was covered with a tin roof, and the remains of ancient paintings were visible on its walls. Now the chapel is in an extremely neglected state, as well as the rest of the ruins of Kankov.

Kankov fortress was first mentioned in the Hungarian chronicle ” deeds Hungarian».This historical source claims that in the IX century there was a Slavic settlement on the site of the fortress, and two hundred years later the Hungarians built fortifications in its place to protect the border Kingdoms and trade «salt way».

Even when the castle was made of wood, it was destroyed by the Khan’s invasion Batu in 1240 In 1262, the fortress was rebuilt. This was the center of Ugochan zhupa, which was the smallest area in the Kingdom of Hungary.

During the reign of the Hungarian king Benedek Borsho in the XIV century, the Kankov was converted from wooden to stone. During the feuds and struggles for the throne, king Charles Robert took the Kanks by storm and completely destroyed them. Another monarch, Zsigmond I rebuilt the fortress, and in 1399 gave it to Peter the feudal Feathers, as a thank you for your active and heroic participation in the battle with the Turks in 1396. In the 15th century, Baron pereni gave the Kankov to the Franciscan friars, who turned it into a monastery. However, in 1557, a descendant of the Baron accepted Protestantism and kicked him out Catholic monks and priests from their own lands. The monks who resisted were brutally killed. According to legend, before these bloody events, the monks imprisoned the daughter of the Baron pereni in the dungeons of the fortress. The beauty went mad and died of grief, which led to the Baron’s cruel revenge.

Against pereni made a detachment Royal Austrian troops led by General Tekeleshi, who in 1566 captured and destroyed the castle. The castle was never restored again.

According to legend the name of the castle Kankov comes from the name of the legendary the owner of the castle-the robber Kanko, who reigned here during the feuds that began after the extinction of the arpadovich dynasty of Hungarian kings. According to another version the monks in they wore outer clothing made of sheep’s wool, which they called “Kanko”.

Another legend of Kankov tells that in the cellars of the castle, in the coffin, which is suspended on gold chains, is buried by the Hungarian Saint Giovanni Capistrana, who was of Italian origin and belonged to the Franciscan order. He became famous passionate sermons against the main enemies of Europe at that time-the Ottomans. Remains of the castle the well is still called the well of Saint Ivan Kapistran.

It is said that an underground passage led from the castle to the city. And indeed, recently a 12-meter-long section of this passage was found.

Dream fortress is sometimes disturbed by cinematographers. Here passed shooting of such a famous feature film as “Tabor goes to the sky”.

The castle was dismantled for a long time by residents of the surrounding area for construction fencing and paving terraces for vineyards. Even the barbed wire fence didn’t help wire.

Only recently the residents Vinogradov understood that the lock–tourist the object, not the source of the free stone. The territory of the castle was cleared of shrubs and has undergone significant improvement.

Photo of the castle Kanka

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Виноградів - Замок Канків
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Виноградів - Замок Канків
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Хочу в мандри
Виноградів - Замок Канків
#zakarpattya #yarek #vynogradiv #sevlush #kankiv #закарпаття #виноградів #замокканків #севлюш #ярек

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