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Manors and cottages in Iza

Village Iza is widely known for its wickerwork traditions passed down from grandfathers to grandchildren. Entire generations of locals have created real masterpieces that can now be seen by anyone.

Садиби та котеджі в Ізі

Accommodation in the village of Iza

Travellers come here to get closer to the history and culture of their country. After exploring the surroundings, they usually stay overnight and move on to new experiences. Therefore, cottages in Iza are usually used for short-term holidays, but are able to offer guests the best.

This accommodation option is the most optimal for those who are not going to stay here for a long time. A manor house can be rented for a company or family, although the rent will be somewhat more expensive than an overnight stay in a hotel. But for honeymooners or romantic couples, a cottage will be the best solution for a holiday for two.

Our catalogue has the most attractive options for daily accommodation at an affordable price.

Cottages and manors in Iza and the surrounding area

Садиба «Вікторія»
St. Krushennyche, 78, Velyatyno
+380 ....
from 850₴/night
Садиба «Біля озера»
St. Zarichna, 2, Iza village
+380 ....
from 200₴/night

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Rest in Iza

The village is located not far from Khust and the best way to get here is by motorway from Mizhhirya.

This place is extremely popular with tourists who come here every day. They want to see the creations of the craftsmen and buy something to decorate their homes. The products of Iza residents are famous all over the world Transcarpathia, Ukraine and is even known in European countries.

Craft traditions were formed here back in the nineteenth century and came from the craftsman Ivan Koshko. He passed them on to his children, and later they spread to the rest of the village. Nowadays, there is a real market of large and small crafts and souvenirs, where guests are offered:

  • baskets;
  • furniture;
  • crockery and other utensils.

Therefore, it is very convenient and pleasant for those who arrive in the village of Iza to rent a house. Such a shelter will allow tourists to leave their belongings and have a little rest.

Temperature in Iza now:

9.6o C   |   49.3o F

Entertainment in Iza

People usually come here to learn the unsurpassed skill of wickerwork or to buy wonderful wicker products. Religious pilgrims will be interested in the St Nicholas Monastery, which serves as a resting place for the relics of St Alexis of the Carpathians.

Usually tourists also try to visit Veliatyno and Shayan, visit a deer farm or see Khust with its sights and castle. Therefore, a short-term cottage rental is a great solution for them for a day or two.

Go-To.Rest offers those who are going on a trip to Transcarpathia useful tips on finding catering outlets or a good cottage and a selection of the most interesting excursions.

Tours and excursions

The most interesting locations near Iza

Страусина ферма у Хусті
There are many interesting places to visit when travelling in Khust district. One of these locations is the Ostrich Farm,
Буйволина еко-ферма «Райський куточок»
In the village of Gorinchovo, there is a unique buffalo eco-farm and tourist complex "Raiskyi kutochok" - a place where
Пам'ятник «Пинтя Вєлєт» (Пинтя Хоробрий)
Grygor Pyntya (Pyntya the Brave) was born in the Romanian village of Megoazh on 25 February 1670. He came from
Термальні басейни «Теплі води»
The Tepli Vody tourist complex in Velyatyno is a unique and colourful location based on thermal mineral water pools. It
Виноградівський замок Канків
If you walk up the path to the remains of the Kankiv Castle, you will see an incredible panorama of
Міський парк в Хусті
The city park in the city of Khust is located at the foot of the mountain, and on the mountain
Готична церква в селі Данилово
In the small village of Danylovo, Khust district, Transcarpathian region, with a population of 1800 inhabitants, there is the tallest
Церква святої Параскеви в селі Олександрівка
Near the church in the village of Danylovo, Khust district, Zakarpattia region, the road turns right, leading past a hill
Реформатський храм
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Успенська церква
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Хустський замок
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Долина нарцисів
Near the village of Kireshi (five kilometers north of the city of Khust) there is the most popular tourist attraction

Where can you eat delicious food?

Кафе «Марія»
village of Iza, Transcarpathian region
+380 ....
Ресторан «Водолій»
village of Iza, Transcarpathian region
+380 ....