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Rest in Mykulychyn

Widely known balneological Mykulychyn resort is located near Bukovel, Ivano-Frankivsk, Tatariv and Yaremche.

Відпочинок у Микуличині

Where to stay in Mykulychyn?

The village has a large number of offers for every taste. These include hotels, cottages and the private sector. Suitable accommodation options can be found in any part of the village, closer to certain attractions and facilities.

This is especially convenient for travelling with children, as in this case you do not have to go far or travel far.

Here, tourists are provided with inexpensive accommodation, but their stay is always associated with a high level of comfort and leaves the most pleasant memories.

Hotels in Mykulychyn

Our website contains the best hotels, are designed for lovers of convenience. Prices here are lower than on any other resource.

Hotels are presented in a variety of categories, including the most luxurious. There is also excellent accommodation for budget travellers.

Meals are offered in the hotels themselves or in the surrounding restaurants and cafes.

готель «Срібні Роси»
with. Mykulychyn, Laz tract 54
+380 ....
from 1000 ₴/day
Готель «Гірська соната»
Mykulychyn, str. Hrushevsky, 188 B
+380 ....
from 1698 ₴/day

Mykulychyn: housing in the private sector

The village has a lot to offer for every taste. The cost of renting houses lower than in a hotel with excellent living conditions. For everyday use, holidaymakers are provided with a full set of household appliances and furniture. The most convenient condition is the availability of a kitchen, which saves people a substantial amount of money. Subsequently, they spend the freed-up funds on entertainment for all family members.

This type of rental is the most favourable option and is therefore very popular.

Cottages in Mykulychych

The village also has a large number of stunning offers of a wide variety of cottages and manors, which are the best option for a wonderful holiday with your company or family.

Here you can find an amazing combination of unity with nature and exceptional convenience. It is not surprising that most holidaymakers are looking for this type of accommodation.

«Микулин Хутірець»
Horba plot, 163A, p. Mykulychyn
+380 ....
from 500 ₴/day

All accommodation options on the map

Description of the area

The village, famous for its unique climatic features, is located almost 0.8 km above sea level and is washed by the Prut River. Not far from the village is the Carpathian National Nature Park.

A surprising feature of the place is its elongated shape, which has made Mykulychyn the longest village in Ukraine – 44 km long. Its outline creates favourable transport accessibility, and tourists can easily get to any point of the route from here.

The beautiful nature of the resort is conducive to active sports, hiking and walking, and the developed infrastructure provides travellers with everything they need.

The prices for services and accommodation are quite affordable and the flow of holidaymakers does not weaken for a single day. So for those who come to Mykulychyn, a holiday here seems like a fairytale.

The temperature in Mykulychyn now:

26.4o C   |   79.5o F

What to do in Mykulychyn?

Most holidaymakers come here to relax and improve their health. That’s why eco-tourism is extremely developed here. The Rokyta Velyka and Makovytsia mountains allow you to quickly take a look at the surrounding beauty.

In addition, staying here is convenient due to the exceptional accessibility to neighbouring settlements. In winter, it is convenient to get to ski resorts, and in summer – up to sanatoriums.

Accommodation prices here are significantly lower than in surrounding locations. The convenient shape of the village makes it easy to get to the right place in a short time, whether it is a spa or a restaurant serving local cuisine.

The most interesting locations nearby

How can our service help?

The most important and interesting information about a great holiday in Transcarpathia and the Carpathian region is provided by our Go-To.Rest service. The data is updated here daily, and the total amount of information is updated with more and more new facts. So those who are going to Mykulychyn will find accommodation quickly and easily on our pages.

Where can you eat delicious food?

ресторан при готелі «Міленіум»
St. Hrushevsky, 140 G, c. Mykulychyn
+380 ....
Рес­то­ран «Пивниця»
St. Hrushevsky, 68b, c. Mykulychyn
+380 ....

Tours and excursions

How to get to Mykulychyn?

The most convenient way to get to the village is by rail. Trains run almost to the resort itself:

People arrive directly at the right station and all they have to do is rent accommodation in Mykulychyn.

The village is also home to Highway H-09 “Mukachevo-Lviv”.

🧡 Your rest in Mykulychyn will be one of the best and will be remembered for a lifetime!

Popular questions

What are the housing prices in Mykulychyn?
The most moderate rental prices are in the private sector, where two holidaymakers will be asked to pay about 200 UAH per day. Naturally, accommodation with a swimming pool will cost a little more.
What housing options do you have in your catalogue?
Our travel portal offers excellent hotels, cottages or manors, as well as private sector rental announcements.

Detailed weather

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