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The first mention of the village of Tuholka appeared in 1552. The settlement was noted in the deed of Prince Konstantin Ostrozky. During its existence, its population died out several times from various epidemics, its location changed. Currently, the population is about a thousand people.

The village belongs to the Koziv village community and is located in the Stryi district of the Lviv region. It is surrounded on all sides by picturesque mountains and meadows. On the northern side of the village is Dolzhka Mountain, the height of which is 1056 meters. The most popular Plai ski complex is located on its slopes.


The village of Tuholka is a holiday for every taste. Skiers usually stay there, as the resort is only two kilometers away. It is nine kilometers away recreation center Oryavchyk-Zveniv and the Dynamo-Trostian ski resort. The same distance must be covered to study the architecture of the Church of the Epiphany. The famous Veretsky Pass is 12 km away. In the village itself there is a wooden Church of the Holy Mother of God from 1845 (according to other data, 1858) with a bell tower from 1862, as well as the oldest and largest sycamore maple in Ukraine.

The temperature in Tukholka now:

9.9o C   |   49.9o F

Tuholka: map of attractions

Tours and excursions

voivodship waterfall
1 day (10 hours)
From 600 ₴

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