Tourist routes in Uzhgorod and its environs

Start your walk around Uzhgorod with a visit to the waterfronts, there are 6. From the center to one of them just a couple of minutes walk. There are several cozy cafes with delicious coffee and delicious cuisine, where you should stop and look around.

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In this section we will share with you really good walking routes in Uzhgorod, as well as consider what to see next. And the most popular tourist route in Uzhgorod is a quest in search of mini sculptures, such small statuettes, each of them symbolizes a part of the history of the city and its environs.

Walking around Uzhgorod – in search of mini-sculptures

Miniature sculptures have already become one of the city’s calling cards in Uzhhorod, which is why their number is constantly increasing. But no matter how many mini-sculptures there are in Uzhgorod, it is always interesting to walk right in the center, this is the most popular route in Uzhgorod. At the beginning of 2021, the total number of miniatures is already more than 40, most of them is shown on the map.

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Use the map of Uzhhorod below by applying filters. For example, “cafe” or “entertainment” and you can see other objects nearby and the approximate distance to them.
You can also see where to go – uphill or downhill

Mini-sculptures of Uzhhorod on the map

Other tourist routes in Uzhgorod

Tourist routes around Uzhgorod


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