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Tourist routes in Uzhgorod and its environs

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Start your walk around Uzhgorod with a visit to the waterfronts, there are 6. From the center to one of them just a couple of minutes walk. There are several cozy cafes with delicious coffee and delicious cuisine, where you should stop and look around.

The temperature in Uzhhorod is now

8.0o C   |   46.4o F

In this section we will share with you really good walking routes in Uzhgorod, as well as consider what to see next. And the most popular tourist route in Uzhgorod is a quest in search of mini sculptures, such small statuettes, each of them symbolizes a part of the history of the city and its environs.

Walking around Uzhgorod – in search of mini-sculptures

Miniature sculptures have already become one of the city’s calling cards in Uzhhorod, which is why their number is constantly increasing. But no matter how many mini-sculptures there are in Uzhgorod, it is always interesting to walk right in the center, this is the most popular route in Uzhgorod. At the beginning of 2021, the total number of miniatures is already more than 40, most of them is shown on the map.

You will no longer surprise seasoned tourists with ordinary monuments. In Uzhgorod, they approached this creatively. Not so long ago, a new tourist route was opened here, which appealed to both city guests and local residents. Now, thanks to the sculptor Mikhail Kolodko, in the most unexpected places of the city you can find lovely little bronze sculptures dedicated to historical characters, mythical heroes and even the Rubik’s Cube!
The idea is not new, similar figurines of gnomes can be found in Poland, in Wroclaw. But Uzhgorod mini-monuments carry a much deeper meaning, because one way or another they are connected with important events for the city. Now there are more than 25 sculptures, and Nikolaichik became the first of them back in 2010. According to a modern legend, Saint Nicholas, who is revered in Transcarpathia, wrote a letter to the people of Uzhgorod, in which he announced that he was opening his representative office in the city. That is why he sent the Envoy to Uzhgorod to carry out an important mission.

Next in Uzhgorod appeared a mini-copy of the Statue of Liberty. This is the smallest operating lighthouse in the world, which has already become a symbol of the city and lives its own life. On holidays, Svobodka (as Uzhgorod residents affectionately call it) is dressed up in themed outfits. There are even ratings of her most original clothes!
The brave soldier Shveik also hid on the embankments of the river Uzh, comfortably sitting on the railing and holding a traditional Transcarpathian dumpling in his hands. Here the railing was damaged by bullets during the Second World War, so the place is quite symbolic.
The history of the mini-monument to the ship “Carpathia”, which was the first to respond to the Titanic’s distress signal, is also touching. Now the cabins of her figurine glow with warm lights in the evenings on the Uzh embankment.
No less original is the monument to the founder of pop art, Andy Warhol, who follows the life of Uzhgorod near the art museum. He was immortalized for a reason, because the roots of the famous American artist and film director are from Ukraine, and his real name is Andrew Vargola.
On these five mini-sculptures, the author’s imagination did not run out. Among the small sights and monuments are Harry Guddini (also with Transcarpathian roots), John Lord from Deep Purple, Wolfgang Mozart, Hedgehogs (in honor of the Czech beer of the same name), grapes, Rubik’s Cube, Kukots (the mascot of Transcarpathian fishermen) and many, many others. In order not to miss any of them, we recommend that you purchase a special card when walking and brighten up your pastime with an interesting quest.

Mini-sculptures of Uzhhorod on the map

Use the map of Uzhgorod below by applying filters. For example, “cafe” or “entertainment” and you can see which of these objects are nearby and the approximate distance to them, you can also see where to go – uphill or downhill

1. Knot Croton
2. Rubik’s cube sculpture
3. Tivadar Chontwari is a self-taught artist
4. Hanukkah lamp
5. Eiffel Tower in Uzhgorod
6. Peter the Great
7. Franz Liszt
8. Andy Warhol
9. Grape Bunch Monument
10. Good soldier Schweik
11. Lighthouse – Statue of Liberty
12. Jihlava hedgehogs
13. Master of Illusions – Harry Houdini
14. Jon Lord of Deep Purple
15. Royal Mail Ship Carpathia
16. Nikolaichik – assistant of St. Nicholas

17. Composer and pianist – Bela Bartok
18. Christina Chaki and Miklos Bercheni
19. Kukots, Transcarpathian worm
20. Nikola Shugay – robber
21. Small Already
22. Muhammad al-Idrisi
23. Hallom – ‘I hear’
24. Gavrila Gluck, artist
25. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
26. Hasta la vista, Lenin
27. Swan Lake
28. United Ukraine
29. One step away from Europe
30. Prince Laborets
31. Grigory Zhatkovich
32. Michael Strank

Ivan Sila is a famous circus artist wrestler, boxer, freestyle fighter and strongman. The real name is Ivan Firtsak or Kroton-Firtsak, from Transcarpathia, and it was about him that a book was written and the famous film “Ivan Sila” was shot. Some power tricks to this day no one can repeat. Ivan Sila could break chains and juggle heavy objects, hammer nails into wood with his hands, and boards were broken on his chest with a hammer. Under a pseudonym he performed in 64 countries of the world. In 1928 he was recognized as the most powerful man on the planet.

The honest servant Svejk, invented by the Czech writer Jaroslav Hasek, sat comfortably on the railing with a dumpling in his hands – a traditional Czech dish. The statuette of the good soldier was installed in 2012, on the day of Ukrainian-Czech friendship, with the participation of the writer’s grandson, Richard Hasek.

In 2014, by installing a sculpture of a Rubik’s Cube, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the super popular puzzle, the inventor of which is the Hungarian sculptor Erno Rubik, this is how the sculpture reminds of the Hungarian period in the life of the city of Uzhgorod.

A self-taught artist, Tivadar Kostka Chontvari, lived in Uzhgorod for a long time, he himself is a Hungarian of Slovak-Rusyn origin. In his memoirs, he mentioned the river Uzh and how he skated along it. During his lifetime, the artist was not recognized.

The Statue of Liberty perched comfortably on the railing, the locals dubbed it “Freedom”.
Formally, this is the smallest operating beacon, since there is a red diode in the torch. Svobodka is a kind of response to Ukrrichflot to claims regarding the holding of unauthorized regattas and swims.
The townspeople have established an interesting tradition – Svobodka is dressed in a variety of themed outfits, depending on the holiday.

In 2013, for the “Days of Czech Culture”, on the embankment of Uzhgorod, figurines of a family of hedgehogs were installed, they symbolize the excellent Czech beer “Hedgehog” (Ježek), which is brewed in the city of Jihlava (Jihlava)
The American illusionist Harry Houdini was born in Budapest, and his grandmother is from the Transcarpathian village of Storozhnitsa. Real name Eric Weiss, he became famous for exposing charlatans and his own complex tricks. The master of illusions, on his own biplane, made the first ever flight over Australia.

Jon Lord of Deep Purple turned his back on Korzo Street, from where you can go to a linden alley, indicating his discontent towards modern architectural vandalism.
The material for the sculpture was collected in the form of coins, for the composition “Smoke on the water”, 16 kg were collected with Ukrainian and foreign coins.
A couple of meters from Nikolaychik, which is the first in a series of mini sculptures, is the Carpathia, the first ship that came to the aid of the Titanic, taking on board all the survivors. There is a feature of the sculpture – you can put a candle inside, and it will illuminate the portholes.

Assistant of St. Nicholas, whom he delegated as his representative and envoy, having previously notified his intentions in writing.
Make a wish and rub his nose, and it will come true! For the little ones, there is a letter box, which is nearby, in a less crowded place, drop a letter there and Saint Nicholas will surely read it.

A talented Hungarian composer and pianist – Bela Bartok, also from Transcarpathia.
Look for a frequency sign nearby and listen to the Bartok radio, which catches in Transcarpathia.

Beautiful and very rich, twice widow – Christina Chaki and Miklos Bercheni, the leader of the national liberation war, brought color and breathed life into the Uzhgorod castle. The castle became the center of high society culture and politics of the entire region.

The cartoon character is Kukots, a worm in Transcarpathian style, a symbol and mascot of the Carpathian fishermen. There is a belief, before fishing, rub his nose and the catch will be good.

Hanukkah (Hanukkah lamp), according to the rite, the lamp is lit during the eight days of the Hanukkah holiday, which symbolizes spiritual stamina and the victory of holiness over impurity, light over the surrounding darkness.

Mykola Shugay robbed the rich, a member of the popular insurrectionary movement. Became known as Nikola Shugai the Robber, thanks to the Czech writer Ivan Olbracht.
Shugai was promised a reward, was betrayed and killed by his former comrades.

First mentioned in the chronicle of Anonymous “Gesta Hungarorum” (Acts of the Ugric peoples) of the 12th century, as a fighter against the tribes of the Ugrians led by Arpad.

The proud Prince Laborec is twisted with a rope, thus symbolizing his tragic death, the prince was tied up and drowned in the river, now the Laborec River in Slovakia.
It is believed that he was the founder of the Uzhgorod castle, earlier – castrum Hung

As part of the days of French culture in Ukraine, the Eiffel Tower was installed, now in Uzhgorod, though only in miniature.

One of the most popular classical composers is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. During his 35 years of life, he had a profound influence on the development of Western music and culture. Mozart had a phenomenal ear and memory, he had more than 600 works on his account, already at the age of five he was composing small pieces that his father wrote down on paper. The sculpture symbolizes the involvement of Uzhgorod and Mozart in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The composer was placed on the railing of the children’s music school
To this day, this music is impressive and inspiring.
Mozart is a great composer!
A selection of the best songs that you can listen to online

The representative of the Romanov dynasty, Peter the Great, was proclaimed tsar at the age of 10, nicknamed Peter the Great. Peter I always showed interest in the sciences and a foreign way of life. After a long journey through Western Europe, he launched large-scale reforms of the Russian state and social order. They say he loved Transcarpathian wine.

Liszt is one of the greatest pianists of the 19th century, his era was the heyday of concert pianism.
Franz Liszt is a Hungarian composer, virtuoso pianist, teacher, conductor, publicist, one of the brightest representatives of musical romanticism. Founder of the Weimar School of Music.

These two fish symbolize the Small Uzh, the so-called Mill Canal, which fed the mill in the 30s of the last century, where Zhupanatskaya Square is now. This branch of the river Uzh flowed along the modern Podgarskaya and Fedintsa streets and was removed underground, into huge steel pipes.

Arab geographer Muhammad al-Idrisi, author of a geographical work compiled on the initiative of the King of Sicily Roger II in 1154. On the woven map of Europe, the geographer for the first time marked the city of Gunkbar (Gungvar or Ungvar, today it is Uzhhorod).
A mandatory procedure is to drink a cup of coffee in the company of al-Idrisi and take a selfie.

Not far from the main post office you can find a miniature telephone. We are all used to, picking up the phone, pronounce “hello”, in English – hallo. Have you ever wondered where exactly this word came from and how it is translated? Hallom – literal translation from Hungarian “I hear”
A sort of hint that it was Tivadar Puskás, a Hungarian scientist who invented the telegraph (telephone)

Andy Warhol is an American artist, producer, designer, writer, collector, magazine publisher and film director, a notable figure in the history of the pop art movement and contemporary art in general. The founder of the ideology of “homo universale”, the creator of works that are synonymous with the concept of “commercial pop art”.
Born into a working-class family of Lemko emigrants from present-day Slovakia.
Lemkos. An ethnographic group of Ukrainians-Lemkos, has long inhabited the northern and southern slopes of the Low Beskids, between the San and Uzh rivers in the east, in the west – the river. Poprad and Danube. In other words, Lemkos are also Transcarpathians.
The figurine itself is near the art museum, which is very symbolic.

The artist Gavriil Gluck lived and worked in Uzhgorod. On his off-road vehicle he often traveled to the mountains to paint, and this time he is traveling with his painting “Lumberjacks”, it was she who brought the artist world recognition at the World Art Exhibition in Brussels.
The artist has more than 150 exhibitions. The artist’s works are kept in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, in the National Art Museum of Ukraine, in private collections in Europe, the USA, Canada, Israel and Japan.

How to identify a pump room with artesian water, because ordinary taps can no longer surprise people. The answer is simple, which means that the faucet for supplying water must be unusual. Now Uzhgorod has its own Pissing Boy or Manneken Pis, unlike Brussels, the Transcarpathian Manneken Pis looks like a right-hander and the result of its action is pure water with a high content of silicon.
Silicon is very useful for the human body and is difficult to find in foods.
Pump room Fontanus Cilicia

Міні-скульптура «Крістіна Чакі та Міклош Берчені» в Ужгороді
The grand opening of this romantic attraction took place in Uzhhorod on 14 December 2015. The mini-sculpture "Kristina Chaki and
Міні-скульптура "Кубик Рубіка" в Ужгороді
The mini-sculpture was unveiled in Uzhhorod on 22 December 2014 on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the invention
Міні-скульптура «Тивадар Чонтварі» в Ужгороді
This mini-sculpture was unveiled on 10.03.2016. It is located in Uzhhorod near the pedestrian bridge on the Kyivska embankment. It
Міні-скульптура «Вузол Кротона» в Ужгороді
This mini-sculpture is an imitation of a railing tied in a knot. Mykhailo Kolodko decided to perpetuate the memory of
Міні-скульптура «Їглавські Їжачки» в Ужгороді
The group of mini-sculptures was installed in Uzhhorod in May 2013. The event was timed to coincide with the Days
Міні-скульптура «Ференц Ліст» в Ужгороді
The mini-sculpture of Ferenc Liszt was installed on the railing of Botanichna Embankment opposite the Philharmonic in May 2012. The
Міні-скульптура «Лебедине озеро» в Ужгороді
The mini-sculpture in the form of a bronze TV set with a famous work was installed in Uzhhorod on 02.12.17
Міні-скульптура Наполеон
The Uzhgorod mini-sculpture "Napoleon" appeared relatively recently. It was unveiled on 5 July 2018. It became the thirty-fourth mini-sculpture in
Міні-скульптура «Малий Уж»
The mini-sculpture was unveiled on 7 February 2015. It became the thirteenth in Uzhgorod. The sculptural composition was made in
Міні-скульптура «Енді Воргол»
The mini-sculpture of the king of pop art Andy Warhol was installed on 6 December 2014. It became the tenth
Міні-скульптура «Ейфелева вежа»
In June 2015, Uzhgorod joined the celebration of the Days of French Culture in Ukraine. On this occasion, sculptor Mykhailo
Міні-скульптура «Майкл Стренк»
On February 17, 2015, Mykhailo Kolodko created a mini-sculpture that perpetuates the memory of Michael Strenk, an American soldier of
Міні-скульптура «Гаррі Гудіні»
Few people know that the legendary magician and master of amazing escapes from cells and chests, Harry Houdini, has Transcarpathian
Міні-скульптура «Джон Лорд»
The mini-sculpture of the famous musician John Lord was installed in Uzhgorod on 27 November 2014. It is located on
Міні-скульптура «Карпатія»
The Uzhgorod mini-sculpture of the Carpathia ship is located on Teatralna Square next to Mykolaichyk on the railing of the
Mini-sculpture "Janos Aran"
This mini-sculpture dedicated to the Hungarian poet and writer Janos Aran was installed on 25 October 2018. This mini-masterpiece by
Міні-скульптура Вольфганга Амадея Моцарта
The author of this bronze mini-masterpiece is Mykhailo Kolodko. He told us that the idea to erect a mini-sculpture of
Міні-скульптура «Мухаммад аль-Ідрісі»
On Koryatovycha Square, near the well-known Kobzar bookstore, there is another unusual mini-sculpture by Mykhailo Kolodko, which you can have
Міні-скульптура «За крок до Європи» (Маннекен піс)
Popular unofficial names for this mini-sculpture are "Manneken Pis" or "Boy with a Jingle Boy". The mini-sculpture of the tinkling
Міні-скульптура Лаборця
The mini-monument to Prince Laborets was erected on 7 May 2016 on the walls of the Uzhhorod fortress. The monument
Міні-скульптура «Hasta la vista, Lenin!»
This bronze mini-sculpture by sculptor Mykhailo Kolodko and blacksmith Roman Murnyk was inaugurated on November 11, 2017 at 11 a.m.
Міні-скульптура «Гаврило Мартинович Глюк»
Mikhailo Kolodko came up with the idea to immortalise the famous artist back in 2011. It took the author a
Міні-скульптура Маяк Унгвар (Свободка)
The author of this, as well as all other Uzhgorod mini-sculptures, is Mykhailo Kolodko. It was installed almost 12 years
Міні-скульптура Миколайчик – помічник святого Миколая
Helper of St. Nicholas is the first mini-sculpture of Uzhgorod. Its author is Mykhailo Kolodko. It is located on the
Міні-скульптура Бравий солдат Швейк
Schweik is a world-famous character created by Czech writer Jaroslav Hasek. His work The Adventures of the Brave Soldier Schweik
Міні-скульптура Кукоц
This original mini-sculpture was opened on November 27, 2016, and became Mykhailo Kolodko's 27th miniature in Uzhgorod. Kukots is made
Міні-скульптура Петро Перший
Although Peter the Great had never been to Uzhgorod, he was very fond of Transcarpathian wines. His mini-sculpture installed on
Міні-скульптура Микола Шугай
The sculpture of Mykola Shugai, the last of the Transcarpathian opryshks (participant of the peasant insurgent movement), was installed by
Міні-скульптура Алло
The mini-sculpture "Allo" was opened on September 17, 2017. It was on this day that Tivadar Puskas was born and
Міні-скульптура Єдина Україна
This patriotic mini-sculpture was installed on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Ukraine's independence. The author of the sculpture
Міні-скульптура Дзвін Свободи
This 29th mini-sculpture was opened in Uzhgorod on December 2, 2017. It was placed in front of the entrance to
Міні-скульптура Ханукія
The mini-sculpture "Hanukia" became the 27th in the city of Uzhgorod. This mini-masterpiece by Mykhailo Kolodka was opened on the
Міні-скульптура Ференц Еркель
This mini-sculpture by Mykhailo Kolodko was installed on September 2, 2018, near the entrance door to the Uzhgorod Children's School
Міні-скульптура Бейла Барток
This mini-sculpture was unveiled on September 25, 2015. Its installation was timed to the 70th anniversary of the death of
Міні-скульптура Іштван Лаудон
Istvan Loudon's mini-sculpture with a magnolia in his hands settled on the fence of the square of the Uzhgorod City
Міні-скульптура Метеорит Княгиня
This mini-sculpture of Mykhailo Kolodko became the 33rd in the city of Uzhgorod. It was installed on May 5, 2018,
Міні-скульптура Виноградне гроно
On April 1, 2016, in the city of Uzhgorod, a mini-sculpture of a grape bunch was solemnly opened on the
Міні-скульптура Ференц Келчеї
This bronze mini-sculpture was installed on January 30, 2019. It is located on the railings of the Uzhhorod Hungarian building,
Міні-скульптура Іштван Дендеші – перлина Ужгорода
On August 25, 2019, a mini-sculpture of the Hungarian poet Istvan Dendesha was unveiled in Uzhgorod. This event was timed
Міні-скульптура Закарпатський кіфлик
On September 9, 2019, on the occasion of the anniversary of the opening of the Torigvel Center "Dastor", the 42nd

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