Uzhhorod – attractions and museums

All vacationers in Uzhgorod are interested in getting acquainted with the history of the area, for this you should visit the museums of the city.
We have prepared a guide for you and collected the most popular and interesting museums, placed them on the tourist map and made a separate list with addresses and ticket prices.

The temperature in Uzhhorod is now

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Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life is an open-air museum in Uzhhorod (open-air museum)

Address : st. Chapter, bldg. 33a.
Opening hours : 10.00 -18.00. Tuesday is a day off.

Ticket price :

  • adult – 60 UAH;
  • students – UAH 40;
  • children – UAH 30
  • When conducting a tour in Russian or Ukrainian, the ticket price for an adult is UAH 200, for children – UAH 150.

The museum is open near Uzhgorod Castle right on the street, occupying an area of about 4 hectares. Its construction began in 1965, and the first visitors visited it in the summer of 1970. Now its collection includes many architectural monuments depicting the type of the ancient village of Transcarpathia and objects of ancient applied art.

Transcarpathian Museum of Local Lore named after Tyvodar Lehotsky

Transcarpathian Museum of Local Lore named after Tyvodar Lehotsky

Address : Kapitulna Street, 33
Opening hours : from 10.00 to 18.00, on Mondays the castle is closed.

Ticket price:

  • adult – 75 UAH;
  • students – UAH 50;
  • school-age children – UAH 30
  • Preschoolers – free.
  • When conducting a tour in Russian or Ukrainian, the price of a ticket for an adult is 375 UAH.

The collection of archaeological rarities, which belonged to archaeologist Tivodar Legotsky, consists of more than 1,000 items. At one time it was one of the largest private collections in Austria-Hungary.

Its creator dreamed of opening a public regional museum. In 1909 he was already taking the first steps to realize his dream, but at that time the authorities did not support it. Therefore, before his death, T. Lehotsky bequeathed his meeting to the family, which embodied his plans.

Uzhhorod Museum of Fyodor Manail

Address : Drugetiv, 74.
Hours : 9am to 5pm. Weekends – Sunday and Monday.

Ticket price :

  • adult – UAH 50;
  • students – UAH 30;
  • children – UAH 15
  • When conducting a tour in Russian or Ukrainian, the ticket price for an adult is 140 UAH.

The Museum of the Famous Ukrainian Painter Fedor Fedorovich Manail (1910-1978) offers visitors a large number of works of art, documentaries and personal belongings.

The exhibition has more than 2,000 exhibits. Here’s a look:

  • graphics;
  • scenery;
  • painting;
  • personal rarities;
  • monumental works;
  • samples of finishing skills;
  • arts and crafts, etc.

Transcarpathian Regional Art Museum named after J. Bokshaya

Address : pl. Zhupanatska, bldg. 3.
Working hours : from 09.30 to 17.30, on Mondays the museum is closed.

Ticket price:

  • adult – UAH 50;
  • students – UAH 30;
  • children – UAH 15
  • When conducting a tour in Russian or Ukrainian, the ticket price for an adult is UAH 200.

The museum was named after the artist Joseph Bokshay. It opened in 1945 in the building where the county was previously located, ie the administrative building of Uzhgorod. Earlier, the castle took its exposition. And now in the new room it is proposed to see large collections of the best paintings.

Кафе музей, Ужгород

Cafe museum under the castle

Address : Olbracht Street, 3
Hours : 09:00 to 23:00, No days off.

Admission is free – a café

A cafe that is more than a decade old. The owner himself says that this cafe has existed since the beginning of the last century, and he became the owner just a few decades ago. Nearby is Uzhhorod Castle, the Botanical Garden and the shop selling Transcarpathian honey.

Map of monuments and museums of Uzhhorod

Below is an interactive map of Uzhgorod, where all the sights and museums of the city. Just use the movies and choose cafes , entertainment , hotels and other places of interest near you.

1. Open-air museum “Old Village”
2. Bokshay Art Museum
3. Fedor Manail Museum
4. Museum of Local Lore
5. Literary Museum
6. Museum of Nature

Other tourist routes in Uzhgorod

Мини скульптуры Мукачево

Walking around Uzhhorod – in search of mini-sculptures

– All mini sculptures of the city on the map
– all attractions
– interesting places and institutions

Історичний центр Ужгорода

Walk through the historical center of Uzhgorod

The length is 2.7 km.
On the way to:
– the main sights that will help to understand the history of the city
– interesting places and establishments

Достопримечательности Ужгорода

Walk around Uzhhorod

The length is 2.55 km.
On the way to:
– cultural heritage – museums
– interesting places and establishments

Прогулка по Ужгороду

Sights of Uzhgorod on the map

– all attractions
– interesting places and establishments


Tourist routes around Uzhgorod


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