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Hotels in Vyshka (Krasia)

Rest in Vyshka provides tourists with simply wonderful opportunities. This beautiful mountain village with a small number of inhabitants is located on the very bank of the river of the same name. Currently, it is a famous Transcarpathian resort.

Готель «Mont Blanc Family Sporthotel»

Hotels in Vyshka (Krasia)

Nowadays, every vacationer will find a well-developed infrastructure in Vyshka. Hotels (Krasiya) provide vacationers with a very large number of offers of various options for excellent accommodation.

“TOP Resort & Spa” offers vacationers comfortable living conditions combined with a calm home atmosphere.

The Mont Blanc Family Sporthotel is also famous for its coziness and excellent restaurant with full English/Irish or continental breakfast.

Naturally, many people look for hotels near the lift. In this case, we recommend booking a place in “Pearl of Krasia”. It has direct access to the lifts, is located in a building styled after the Nevytskyi Castle, and has an excellent number of rooms.

For people with a high level of wealth, the “Alpen House” is a good option, which is also located near the lifts and offers luxurious accommodation.

Туристична база «Едельвейс»
Sil village, 1
+380 ....

from 1300₴/day
Готель «Новий Сезон»
Vyshka village, house 288
+380 ....
from 950₴/day
Готель «Верховинський двір»
the village of Kostryno
+380 ....
from 1200₴/day
готель «перлина красії»
resort Krasiya, village Vyshka
+380 ....
from 1300₴/day
Готель «Alpen House»
with. Vyshka, 1, Zakarpattia region.
+380 ....
from 1700₴/day
Готель «Mont Blanc Family Sporthotel»
with. Vyshka, Transcarpathian region.
+380 ....
from 4500₴/day

All accommodation options on the map

Description of the area

Mount Krasia has long attracted travelers. Already in the 80s. in the last century, a famous sports center was located here, where masters and beginner skiers sought to get there.

The peak of the resort’s popularity falls on the winter period, as it has an excellent track. Among other things, it is also known for having the longest length among all ski runs in Ukraine.

Temperature in Vyshka now:

5.0o C   |   41.0o F

Rest in free time

In winter, it is very pleasant to go skiing in Vyshka, and in summer it is possible to enjoy from the heart fun hikes in the mountains and the beauty of the local nature.
Nearby are the famous Lumshory. Tourists must also visit the place where the meteorite fell in Knyahina or see the waterfalls.

You should also visit Mount Yavirnyk, Nevytskyi Castle, the Kostryna Church of the Protection of the Holy Virgin, the Likytsar Church of St. Basil the Great and St. Michael the Narrow, the local wooden St. Michael’s Cathedral, as well as the Chindiiv Castle “St. Miklos” 14th century. with preserved medieval architecture.

Visiting the sights will contribute to the accommodation of the village of Vyshka, the hotels of which are convenient for trips in any direction.

The Go-To.Rest service will recommend vacationers the best accommodation options in Transcarpathia hotels, and experts on the most pressing issues of travel to the region will tell about the most popular ski resorts and will advise the appropriate hotels in Vyshka (Krasia).

The most interesting places

Ужанський національний природний парк
The Uzhansky Nature Park stretches along the upper reaches of the Uzh River from the Uzhok Pass to the village
Церква Покрова Пресвятої Богородиці в селі Кострина
Another unique Boyko church has been preserved in the village of Kostryna, Uzhhorod district, Transcarpathian region. This is the Church
Церква святого Василя в селі Сіль
The Vasylivska wooden church, built in 1703 in the village of Sil, takes on other forms that are uncharacteristic of
Церква Іоанна Предтечі в селі Сухий
A rather complicated version of the Boyko-type temple with 3 tops of two quadrants can be seen in the village
St Michael's Church in the village of Uzhok
The church was built and consecrated on 11.06.1745, as evidenced by the carved inscription on the doorpost. The church was
Дідо-дуб у селі Стужиця
The grandfather oak tree grows on a hill near the church in the village of Stuzhytsia, Velykyi Bereznyi district (
Церква св. Анни в селі Буківцьово
The village of Bukivtsevo in the Uzhgorod district of the Transcarpathian region was first mentioned in written sources in 1582.
Церква святого Миколая в селі Чорноголова
The church in Chornoholova shows the influence of stone church architecture on wooden church architecture. The Church of St Nicholas
Ужоцький перевал
There are enough roads in Transcarpathia. All of them pass through the Carpathian passes, and each of them offers wonderful
Міні-скульптура Янко Деревляний
Ivan Shchur is a legendary figure in the history of hiking tourism in Transcarpathia. He is also called Yanko Derevlyany,
Свято-Михайлівська церква
St Michael's Church is a wooden church, an architectural monument of national importance. It is located in the village of
Гора Яворник
Yavirnyk or Yavornyk is a peak in the Ukrainian Carpathians, in the Polonyn Beskid massif. It is located within the
Невицький замок
Once upon a time, a Turkish princess settled in the valley of the Uzh river, "by coincidence" also an evil
Замок «Сент-Міклош» (Чинадіївський)
The austere Chynadiyevo castle with two corner towers, with meter-thick walls and mysterious dungeons, was built in the 14th century

Where you can eat deliciously

Ресторан готелі «Перлина Красії»
Transcarpathian region, Vyshka village
+380 ....
Ресторан «Alpen House»
Transcarpathian region, Vyshka village, 1
+380 ....

Tours and excursions

voivodship waterfall
1 day (10 hours)
From 600 ₴