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Надсилайте актуальну інформацію та отримуйте більше цільових клієнтів. Ми розмістимо ваш об’єкт у нашому каталозі та покажемо поруч із локаціями, а також у загальному каталозі, це безкоштовно!

The Carpathian Mountains have long been one of Europeans’ favourite holiday destinations. It is convenient to get here from both the Western and Eastern parts of the European continent, as they are located in the heart of Europe. Mountain systems of the Carpathians cover a huge area of 190,000 sq km. For comparison, the Alps cover the same area. The Carpathian mountain ranges run through Ukraine, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia and Austria. On the map of Europe, they form a convex arc 1,500 km long, closing off the Middle Danube Plain.

Відпочинок в Карпатах круглий рік

Distribution of the area of the Carpathian mountain system by country

Countries Percentage of all Carpathian Mountains
Romania 53 %
Slovakia 17 %
Ukraine 10 %
Poland 10 %
Hungary 4 %
Czech Republic 3 %
Serbia 2 %
Austria 1 %

But unlike the Alps, the Carpathians are more forested and not as high and steep, making them more attractive and accessible to a wider audience of tourists.

The Ukrainian Carpathians, despite occupying only 24,000 square kilometres, are the true heart of the entire mountain system. Our Carpathians are extremely wooded and picturesque. They are home to 20% of all forests in Ukraine, making them the true lungs of Ukraine. The Ukrainian Carpathians are located in the Transcarpathian, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi regions. All these regions are among the most popular tourist destinations in Ukraine.

Rest in the Ukrainian Carpathians is popular at any time of the year. Tourists are attracted by dense forests rich in berries and mushrooms, clean mountain air, healing mineral springs, steep mountain rivers suitable for rafting and fishing, fabulous alpine and health-improving salt lakes, romantic palaces and castles, amazing wooden temples, unique museums, ski resorts, thermal waters and vats, the almost complete absence of harmful industrial production, environmental cleanliness, distinctive culture and hospitality of local residents, etc. The number of these attractive factors is endless, especially as new attractions are added to them every year, as the tourist infrastructure of the Ukrainian Carpathians is developing at a rapid pace.

Map of the best Carpathian resorts

The most popular resort area of the Ukrainian Carpathians is undoubtedly Transcarpathia. It has everything for a comfortable stay throughout the year. Many tourists choose to visit cities and towns in the Transcarpathian region. First of all, it is convenient in terms of infrastructure, as the cities offer travellers a more developed tourist infrastructure with a large number of different entertainment and attractions, which allows them to relax here all year round. The most popular cities in Transcarpathia are the regional centre (Uzhgorod) and the district centres of Mukachevo, Berehove, Khust, Tyachiv and Rakhiv. Rest in each of them and its surroundings has its own peculiarities.

Пішохідний міст в Ужгороді


The question of where to go to the Carpathians for the first time is often decided in favour of the city on the Uzh River. Uzhgorod is an ancient European city, the administrative centre of the Transcarpathian region and the most important centre of tourism in Transcarpathia. The culture and history of the city intertwine the paths of many nations. For centuries, Ukrainians, Hungarians, Jews, Slovaks, Czechs, Germans and representatives of many other nationalities have lived side by side in Uzhgorod. All of them contributed to the history and culture of Uzhgorod and left their mark on its architectural ensembles. Located in the foothills of the Carpathians, Uzhgorod is a true pearl of the Carpathians, a garden city, the capital of sakuras and magnolias, the western gateway to Ukraine and the most cosy regional centre.

Here you can relax with maximum comfort and drive all year round. For this purpose, there are a large number of architectural monuments, museums, cosy cafes and excellent restaurants, modern hotel complexes, shopping centres, swimming pools, saunas and baths, parks, picturesque embankments of the Uzh River, etc. More information about Uzhgorod can be found on our website at the following link.

The most popular locations for excursions and walks around the city of Uzhgorod are the millennium-old Uzhgorod Castle (Transcarpathian Museum of Local Lore), Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life (Uzhgorod skansen),  Uzhgorod Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Transcarpathian Philharmonic (former synagogue), Transcarpathian Art Museum named after Yosyp Bokshai (former Zhupanat), Museum of Fyodor Manailo, lane “Mustard Seed”, Street Korzo and Voloshyna, St. George’s Church, the newly renovated Sandor Petofi Square, the architectural ensemble of the Galagov district, the longest linden alley in Europe at Nezalezhnosti and Studentska embankments, Botanical garden, Castle Park, Bozdosh Park, Forest near Uzhgorod National University, the oldest church in Transcarpathia Horyany Rotunda, as well as a large number of  mini-sculptures, located throughout the city. To see all the sights of Uzhgorod, you should plan on at least 3 days of leisurely excursions.

The city is extremely accessible for pedestrians and cyclists. There are a large number of beautiful sidewalks and bike paths, which are a great place to walk. There are points in the city several bicycle rental and several electric scooter rental services. Water sports enthusiasts can visit the water park located in Pidzamkovyi Park, swim on the banks of the Uzh River or in the flooded quarry in the Radvanka neighbourhood, or visit indoor swimming pools located in and around the city. In addition, Uzhgorod has its own mineral water springs. They can be tasted at a pump room near the Uzhgorod City Children’s Clinical Hospital, a spring in the Bozdosh Park and at the Ungvarsky Hotel. In the latter, mineral water is used for bathing in a vat.

The largest number of tourists visit Uzhgorod every year in April-May, as it is at this time that the sakura, which turns the regional centre into a real pink Barbie paradise. At this time, the city hosts a huge number of various public events as part of the Sakura Fest festival.

Uzhgorod is the venue for many other festivals and fairs, which become a real extravaganza for lovers of traditions, humour, extreme sports, food tours and wine tastings. The most famous local festivals and fairs, in addition to the aforementioned Sakura Fest, are the following:

  • “Carols in the old village”;
  • “Uzhgorod palachinta”;
  • “Medovukha Fest”;
  • “A sunny drink”;
  • “Uzhgorod regatta”;
  • “Honey spas”;
  • “City Day”;
  • “Golden autumn”;
  • “Transcarpathian beaujolais”;
  • “Gingerbread Festival”;
  • “City parade of St Nicholas”;
  • “City Christmas market”.

Uzhgorod has many different offers for tourists and travellers in the form of comfortable hotels, cottages, apartments with a swimming pool, budget hostels and private sector. Prices here have risen significantly due to the war. This is not surprising, as Uzhgorod has become the safest regional centre in Ukraine due to its unique geographical location on the mountain slopes near the border with Slovakia. But our website will help you find the best accommodation option in terms of price and quality. A list of our recommendations can be found at the following link.

There are many places near Uzhgorod for various types of recreation at any time of the year. On the outskirts of the city in the village of Barvinok, there is a complex “Zolota Hora”, where you can improve your health with healing thermal waters. The complex has swimming pools and a jacuzzi with thermal water, a water park, a gym, a handball gym, a hotel, a park and a mini-zoo.

Another popular water treatment location in the Uzhgorod region is the sanatorium complex “Derenivska Kupil” in the village of Nyzhnye Solotvyno. The hotel offers an unusually picturesque arboretum on an area of 10 hectares, a wide range of wellness spa treatments based on mineral and thermal waters, bowling, billiards, tennis and golf, swimming in swimming pools, a gym, etc. This place is ideal for VIP-class holidays, so the prices here correspond to a high level of service and facilities.

Another place in the Carpathians near Uzhgorod that is worth a visit is Nevytsky Castle. The ancient fortress is not as well preserved as the Uzhgorod stronghold, but it offers incredible views of the Uzh River valley and the surrounding mountains. Fashionable hotel complexes are located nearby “Camelot” and “Verkhovyna Resort Medical & Wellness”, n the banks of the Uzh River at the foot of the castle, thousands of Uzhgorod residents and visitors come every year for beach holidays, fishing and picnics. There are many good places for camping in wilderness tents on the banks of the Uzh River, which attracts many holidaymakers every year.

If you drive a little further north to the city of Perechyn, in the summer, thousands of tourists visit the extremely picturesque Lavender Mountain. This place is a great photo zone and, at the same time, a location for buying various cosmetic products and lavender-based sweets. The smell of lavender and the sound of bees create an atmosphere of incredible relaxation and nirvana.

For lovers of ethnography, the village of Zarichevo near Perechyn welcomes visitors Lemkivska Sadyba house-museum. The museum, set up in an authentic early 20th-century hut, houses authentic exhibits that reflect the traditional Lemko way of life a century ago.

A little further from Perechyn, another good option for relaxing with water treatments near Uzhgorod is the world-famous vats of Lumshory village. It is in Lumshory that there are vats of healing mineral hydrogen sulphide water, which are extremely useful for treating diseases of the musculoskeletal system. This is the best holiday in the Carpathians using water and fire. In addition to the vats, there is a cascade of picturesque waterfalls. There are many offers for accommodation in Lumshory in houses and cottages with vats. Prices and service will pleasantly surprise you. But the village is extremely popular among holidaymakers, so you should take care of booking in advance.

The most famous waterfall in Perechyn district is undoubtedly the majestic Voyevodyn. Located 12 kilometres north of the village of Turya Polyana at an altitude of 600 metres, this waterfall is striking in its beauty and power. The height of its cascade is up to 24 metres. This waterfall is less popular than Shipot because it is difficult to get to. But the advantage of this place is the absence of large crowds of tourists. Here you can quietly enjoy the sound of the water and take cool photos.

In the immediate vicinity of Lumshory is the famous Polonyna Runa. The question of what to do in the Carpathians is easy to answer here. Firstly, it is a great place for picking berries, and secondly, for hiking. And finally, from the top of the meadow, you can enjoy an incredible view of the Carpathian Mountains. You feel like you’re on top of the world.

Not far from Perechyn, in the village of Turya Pasika, there is a famous resort of “Voyevodyno”. Here, amidst the picturesque nature on an area of 17 hectares, there are comfortable hotel complexes, cosy cottages, restaurants, a bar, a modern spa centre, an outdoor swimming pool, a gym, baths, an equestrian club, playgrounds and sports grounds, an art club, conference and meeting rooms, a tennis court, the Church of St Catherine, the romantic Schönborn Park, a ski slope and many other attractions. The resort of Voyevodyno is extremely popular at any time of the year, so it is worth booking a place here in advance.

In addition, despite a turbulent history with numerous wars, Uzhgorod district has preserved many valuable monuments of wooden sacred architecture. The most famous of them are located in the villages of Bukivtsovo, Chornoholova, Vyshka та Uzhok. Of particular value is the St Michael’s Church in the village of Uzhok, which has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2013.

Despite the fact that the Ukrainian Carpathians do not have their own sea, there are many locations here that are as beautiful as the Maldives or the Bahamas. One of these places is the so-called Blue Lagoon, which is located 7.5 kilometres away in the village of Chornoholova, Uzhgorod district. You will have to walk the last 2 km to get there. This is a great place to spend a hot summer in a tent. The turquoise-coloured reservoir is formed by the floodplain of the pure mountain river Lyuta and has a depth of 3 metres. The water here is extremely cool even on the hottest days, so you should be very careful when swimming here.

In winter, a large number of tourists come to the Uzhgorod region for skiing holidays. In this regard, the most famous local ski resort is undoubtedly “Krasiya”, which is located near the village of Vyshka in Velykyi Bereznyi district. This resort has the longest ski run in Ukraine, 3.5 km long. The slopes are suitable for both beginners and professionals. Near Krasiya there are a large number of different offers for accommodation for every taste and budget. During the high season, during the New Year and Christmas holidays, accommodation prices rise significantly. The resort is very popular in winter, so you should book your accommodation several months in advance. In summer, the situation with accommodation is better, so it is much easier to find a free apartment.

Another option for a ski holiday near Uzhgorod is the village of Novoselytsia in the Perechyn region. Novoselytsia ski resort with its gentle slopes is a great option for beginners.

Uzhgorod and its surroundings are a great place for wine tours and tastings. Uzhgorod has long been famous for its vineyards and wines. This is reflected even in the city’s coat of arms, which depicts a vine. There are several tasting rooms in Uzhgorod itself that are worth visiting. But first of all, it is worth going on a wine tasting tour to the village of Serednye, which is located just over 20 km from the regional centre. Local wine cellars, which are located not far from the ruins of the mysterious Serednyansky Templar Castle, were built back in the 16th century. Today, the Leanka winery operates on the site of the cellars. Its wines are famous all over the world. Under the ground, there are huge oak barrels in which the highest quality wines are aged. Tasting these wines is a unique opportunity to appreciate the hard work of local talented winemakers.

In general, a holiday in Uzhgorod and its surroundings will be an unforgettable event in your life, giving you the opportunity to improve your health and broaden your horizons, leaving you with pleasant memories of the beauty of the local nature and the hospitality of the Transcarpathians.

Замок Паланок


Mukachevo is the second largest city in the Transcarpathian region by area and population. Mukachevo is a popular historical and cultural tourist centre located on the banks of the Latorytsia River in the western part of the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine, in the foothills of the mighty Carpathians.

Mukachevo and its surroundings attract tourists primarily for its picturesque nature, healing mineral waters, beauty and originality, a large number of historical monuments and beautiful architecture. Mukachevo and the Mukachevo region have great opportunities for recreational, educational, active and business tourism.

It is no surprise that corporate teams, families with children, young groups of friends, romantic couples and pensioners are happy to find opportunities for recreation in Mukachevo and the surrounding area all year round.

In Mukachevo for аccommodation and lodging of tourists є sufficient number hotels, hostels, apartments with a swimming pool and budget proposals private sector.

Prices here are lower than in the “golden” Uzhgorod, but they are also quite high due to the war and the large number of people who want to find shelter here.

In Mukachevo itself, tourists and travellers will be able to see a large number of architectural monuments, enjoy the taste of coffee and culinary delights in cosy cafes and excellent restaurants, stay in comfortable hotels, go shopping in local shopping centres and the famous HID market, visit local water parks and swimming pools, vats, saunas and baths, stroll through the parks and embankments of the Latorytsia River, etc. More information about Mukachevo can be found on our website at the following link.

Most tours of Mukachevo include visits to such famous locations as Mukachevo Castle “Palanok”, Mukachevo Town Hall, cathedral St Martin’s, Palace of the Princes of Rakoczy (“White House”)St Nicholas Monastery on Chernecha Hill, wine cellar “Celtic courtyard”, water park “Carpathia”, Aqua City pools, mini-sculptures “Celt”, “Ferenc Rakoczy 2”, “Ilona Zrinyi and Imre Tekeli” and other interesting places of Transcarpathia.

Exploring the city of Mukachevo should start with its main attraction, the majestic medieval Palanok Castle. Today, it houses the Mukachevo History Museum. The fortress is located on a 68-metre-high mountain. It offers incredible views of Mukachevo and the surrounding fields, forests and mountains. More information about Palanok can be found at the following link.

The Mukachevo region is a great place for castle tours. In the immediate vicinity of Palanok are Chynadiyevo castle of love “Saint Miklos” and romantic Beregvar Castle-Palace.

The Chynadiyevo Castle was transformed into a real cultural and artistic centre by the artist Yosyp Bartosh. Every year in May, the extremely popular Silver Tatosh medieval culture festival is held here.

Built in the late 19th century by Counts Schönborn, Berehvar Castle is located on the territory of the Karpaty sanatorium in the middle of a fabulous park next to a picturesque lake. It attracts artists and film directors like a magnet. This is a great place for two people who want to forget about everything but their love in a romantic atmosphere.

In addition, many ancient wooden churches have been preserved in the villages of Mukachevo district. The most famous examples of wooden sacred architecture of Mukachevo district are located in the villages of Abranka, Yalove, Zadilske, Tyshiv, Deshkovytsia, Vilkhovytsia, Uklyn, Guklyvyi, Kotelnytsia and Bilasovytsia.

For those who enjoy wellness holidays, there is a unique sanatorium based on local mineral water in the village of Synyak near Mukachevo. Sanatorium “Synyak” with its unique hydrogen sulphide springs has a very positive effect on the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases. Thousands of people get back on their feet here every year. In addition to sanatorium treatment, there are three ski slopes in the village of Synyak. Synyak ski resort is suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers. In addition, Synyak is a great place for hiking in the mountains. The most attractive location for tourists near Synyak is the famous “Obavsky Stone”, which is a picturesque rock formation. It offers an incredible view from its top, and a wooden table with benches is equipped for picnics. In the village of Synyak, in addition to the sanatorium, you can stay in comfortable accommodation for a reasonable price private sector.

To the north of Mukachevo is the city of Svalyava. In the city itself, you can learn about the history of Transcarpathia in Svalyava Historical Museum, and you should definitely visit the unique wooden St Michael’s Church, built in 1588. The town and its surroundings are extremely rich in mineral water springs. Most sanatoriums based on healing springs are located in the village of Polyana, as well as in the villages of Solochyn and Holubyne. The best places for mineral water recreation in Svalyava district are Polyana village. Back in the days of Austria-Hungary, Polyana was known throughout Europe for its healing mineral waters. Today, it is a real capital of sanatorium treatment in Transcarpathia. The village’s tourist infrastructure is at a high European level. Tourists even feel like they are in Switzerland or Austria. In addition, in Polyana village and Golubyne village has its own modern ski slopes. In addition to sanatoriums in the village of Polyana, you can find a large number of offers for accommodation private sector in the village itself and in neighbouring Solochyn, where you can achieve double savings due to reasonable prices and the availability of your own kitchen.

Another interesting tourist location in the Mukachevo region is Volovets village and its surroundings. Situated in the middle of a majestic pass, the village of Volovets gives the impression of a small fairy-tale mountain country. Arriving in the village, tourists stand at the railway station for a long time as if hypnotised and admire the beauty of the surrounding mountain scenery.

Volovets and its surroundings are of great interest to tourists. First of all, Volovets district is a launching pad for hiking in the mountains, without which one cannot imagine a rest in the Carpathians. A huge number of different routes start from here: from the simplest ones for families with children to difficult routes to the mountain Pikuy.

In winter, the Volovets region becomes popular among skiing enthusiasts. Although the local ski resorts of Volovets and Zhdeniyevo not as popular as Dragobrat or Bukovel, but their level of service is at a high European level, and their prices are surprisingly moderate.

The village of Volovets cannot boast of a large number of historical monuments. But in this regard, there are interesting locations here. Of particular interest are Church of the Ascension of the Lord in 1893 та Folk History and Local Lore Museum.

Another attraction for tourists in the Mukachevo region is wine and cheese tours. A large number of cosy tasting rooms have been set up in the Mukachevo region for the former. The most famous among them are the Celtic Yard and Palanok Castle in Mukachevo, and wine cellars in the village of Bobovyshche. The most popular cheese locations in Mukachevo district are the following Holy Protection Monastery in the village of Rakoshyno and a restaurant “Poryadnyi Gazda” in Mukachevo itself.

Mukachevo hosts a huge number of different festivals and fairs every year. The most famous of them are:

  • Red Wine Festival and Competition, which is held annually on the eve of the Old New Year;
  • The Varosh Palachinta Festival and Fair, which is held annually in early spring to celebrate the farewell to winter;
  • Ogyn and Mnyaso gastronomic festival (May);
  • “St Martin’s Day (every year on 11 November);
  • “Day of Mukachevo” (щороку 22 травня);
  • historical reconstruction of the “Wedding of Ilona Zrini” (every year on 15 June);
  • “Parade of chimney sweeps” (annually on 27 July);
  • Varosh Beer Craft Beer Festival (held annually in August and September);
  • Beekeepers’ Fair “Honey Festival” (annually in August-September).


Beregovo is an extremely popular tourist centre in Transcarpathia. This cosy town and its surroundings are home to a huge number of attractive locations for holidaymakers.

First of all, tourists are attracted to Beregovo and its surroundings by thermal waters. In Beregovo itself, there are swimming pools of modern health complex “Zhayvoronok” and a publicly funded state thermal pool sports centre “Transcarpathia”. The most famous thermal pools of the Transcarpathian region and all of Ukraine are located in the health complex “Kosyno”, which is located on the outskirts of Beregovo near the village of Koson.

In the midst of an oak forest, there are many thermal pools, various saunas and baths, a VIP hotel and a wide variety of entertainment options, including the recently opened large modern water park. There are many interesting things to do near Kosyno offers for accommodation for every taste and budget, which are presented as comfortable hotels, and a large number of offers private sector. An interesting location with thermal waters is Teplytsya sanatorium in the city of Vynohradiv.

After the treatment procedures in the local thermal waters, it is worth taking a walk, and if you wish, an excursion around the central part of Beregovo. At the same time, you should definitely see such famous sights of Beregovo as “Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross”, “Count’s Court”, “The building of the former imperial court”, “Lutheran church” and “Beregovo synagogue”. The architectural ensembles of the central streets and squares of Beregovo make you feel like you are in Austria, Hungary or Switzerland.

The city of Beregovo has a lot of different wonderful offers for accommodation: from comfortable hotels to the private sector.

More information about rest in Beregovo can be found on our website at the following link.

In addition to Beregovo itself, a huge number of historical and cultural monuments can be seen throughout the Beregovo district. First of all, you can take a tour of the churches of Beregovo district, which are located in the villages of Chetfalva, Shalanky, Bene (Church of the Heart of Jesus and Wooden Reformed church), Vylok and Novoselytsia.

To get acquainted with the history of Beregovo district, you should also visit the city Vynohradiv. Here is what you should see Palace of the Barons of Pereni, Church of the Ascension та ruins of Kankiv Castle. The city of Vynohradiv is a convenient location for living. There are a large number of different comfortable cottages and suggestions private sector.

In addition to the Vynohradiv castle in Beregovo district, you can see the ruins of Korolevsky (Nyalab) and Kvasiv castles.

In addition to thermal waters and historical monuments, Beregovo district is a land of vineyards and wine. Wine tours in Beregovo and its surroundings are a great opportunity to taste the unique masterpieces of winemaking art made by the local servants of Bacchus. In Beregovo, you can visit a winery for tastings “Chizay” or visit the numerous wine cellars with tasting rooms of small private wineries.

When visiting Beregovo region in summer, you should definitely visit Lake Didove (Dyida). This large, picturesque lake with an area of almost 55 hectares and golden sandy shores has become one of the most popular beach holiday destinations in Transcarpathia. On weekends in summer, there is nowhere to go but down. However, the tourist infrastructure around the lake is at the highest level, which attracts thousands of tourists. There are many offers for accommodation tourists in comfortable hotels, cottages and the private sector. In addition, Lake Dyida is a great place for fishing. In its clear waters, you can easily catch carp, pike, perch, catfish, bream, crucian carp, white cupid, roach, silver carp, pike perch, walleye, ruff, carp, etc.

Хустський замок


Another place in Transcarpathia that is definitely worth visiting is the city of Khust and its surroundings. This small provincial town has an extremely interesting history. At one time, it was the capital of an entire state called Carpathian Ukraine. It happened on 15 March 1939. However, the young state was quickly occupied by Hungarian troops.

Today, Khust and its surroundings have become a major tourist centre in the Carpathians. It has all the necessary conditions for a wide variety of leisure activities throughout the year.

Travellers from all over the world are attracted by the unique historical and architectural monuments, picturesque nature, a wealth of healing mineral and thermal waters, a large number of cheese dairies and exotic animal breeding farms, etc.

First of all, when tourists arrive in the capital city of Khust, they go on a tour of its attractions. During a walk around the city, it is worth walking through the city park, explore the ruins Khust castle, Reformed Church of St Elizabeth, Roman Catholic Church of St Anne, Kabbalist synagogue and the city council building, where the independence of Carpathian Ukraine was proclaimed.

Another interesting town in the Khust district, where you can get acquainted with historical and cultural monuments, is city of Irshava. The question of what is interesting in Irshava can be answered by visiting the local Historical and local history museum, inspect Peter and Paul Church of 1825, to check the time with a unique sundial and walk through the the central bridge of 1924.

In the vicinity of Irshava, for a deeper acquaintance with the history of the region, you should visit Hamora smithy museum in the village of Lysychevo, to see Dovhayiv Castle-Palace, walk through the ruins of the Bronky Castle and visit The monastery of the Basilian fathers in the village of Imstychovo.

After visiting the historical and cultural monuments in Irshava district, you should definitely admire the scenery National Nature Park “Enchanted Valley” with its fantastic rock figures.

Travelling to the city of Khust and its surroundings is a very good option for families with children. In the city itself, you should visit ostrich farm, and on its outskirts, it is worth visiting a snail farm in the village of Nyzhnye Selyshche, buffalo farm in the village Gorinchovo and a deer farm between the villages of Iza and Lypcha. Getting to know such different representatives of the fauna will bring children a lot of positive impressions and emotions.

Another interesting location for children is the centre of Ukrainian wickerwork the – village of Iza. Almost everything is made of wicker here, including a large number of different souvenirs and baskets that kids might like.

Young tourists also enjoy excursions with masterclasses and tastings to the unique cheese dairy in the village of Nyzhne Selyshche.

Near Khust, at a distance of only 4 km from the city, is the famous Daffodil Valley, which is the largest facility of its kind in Europe. Every spring, it turns into a huge flowering field of more than 170 hectares. This is a unique natural monument that is definitely worth visiting at least once in your life.

To improve your health with thermal waters near the city of Khust, you should visit Velyatyno village. The local thermal waters have a unique chemical composition with high mineralisation, which is why they have a powerful therapeutic effect. The most popular sanatoriums in Velyatyno are “Tepli Vody” and “Trembita”. In addition to these, Velyatyno has many other offers for accommodation of tourists: from hotels to private sector.

Another place with thermal waters in the Khust district of the Transcarpathian region is the famous Borzhava sanatorium in the village Dovhe.

On the outskirts of Khust, there is another world-famous water therapy location – the village of Shayan. This small Transcarpathian village is home to a huge number of sanatoriums, health resorts, hotels and private sector proposals, where possible to live and rest according to the highest European standards. The main therapeutic factor in Shayan’s sanatoriums is the local mineral water, unique microclimate and incredible environmentally friendly nature. The Carpathian Mountains make a holiday in the village of Shayan simply incredible, as it is thanks to the mountains that the unique microclimate of this place has been formed.

Another well-known Transcarpathian tourist centre of Khust district is Mizhhirya village, which is located in the middle of the picturesque Rika River valley. There are many locations in the village and its surroundings that attract tourists at any time of the year. A large 500-year-old oak tree in the centre of the village is a witness to the history of the village. Many people are attracted by the isolation of this area from civilisation, combined with environmental cleanliness and richness of nature. The nearest town to Mizhhiria is Khust, 57 km away, and to get here, you have to travel 40 kilometres to the Volovets station. So this region is ideal for unity with nature. The local natural resources are under state protection, which is why the Synevyr National Nature Park was created. In Mizhhirya itself, there are many cosy hotels and cottages for comfortable accommodation tourists at reasonable prices.

Mizhhirya district has a large number of healing mineral springs, which are used to treat and prevent many diseases. As many as 53 mineral springs have been found here. The most popular local mineral waters are Soimy and “Kelechynska”, which have a unique chemical composition and healing properties. The highest quality spa treatment with local mineral waters can be found in the village of Soimy.

The question of what to visit in the Carpathians in terms of historical and cultural attractions is very easy to answer. Despite the turbulent historical events, many villages in Khust district managed to preserve wooden sacred architecture monuments of great historical and cultural value. Excursions to these shrines complement your holiday in the Carpathians and leave extremely positive impressions and enrich you spiritually and intellectually. The most famous wooden churches of Khust district are located in the villages of Danylovo (Mykolaivska and St Paraskeva), Lokit, Potik, Podobovets, Podobovets, Izky, Repynne, Verkhniy Studeniy, Bukovets, Soimy, Torun, Negrovets and Kolochava. The village of Pylypets has a unique Museum of wooden churches, which contains models of dozens of Carpathian churches.

For a deeper acquaintance with the history and culture of Mizhhirya district and the whole of Transcarpathia, you should definitely visit the village museum Kolochava. There are a large number of museum collections and interesting sculptures in this village, which attract a huge number of tourists from all over the world every year. In fact, there is no other place in Transcarpathia where lovers of museum antiquities can spend their holidays.

In the warm season, Mizhhirya district becomes a place of strength for those who like to hike in the mountains. A very popular location in this regard is the Borzhava meadow, where you can enjoy a relaxing holiday in the Carpathians. In addition to the incredible scenery, you can gather a huge amount of healthy berries, medicinal herbs and mushrooms.

In winter, Mizhhiria region attracts skiing fans. The most popular ski slopes are located in the village of Mizhhirya itself, as well as in the villages of Pylypets, Podobovets, Izky, Synevyrska Polyana and Verkhniy Studeniy. In this regard, the most popular location is the Pylypets ski resort. This place is popular not only in winter, as in summer the local chairlifts to Mount Hymba are also very popular. In the warm season, they are used by fans of extreme downhill mountain biking, paragliders and many ordinary tourists who want to take incredible photos on top of Mount Gymba.

In addition to ski lifts and a wooden church, the village of Pylypets attracts thousands of tourists every year with its local Shypit waterfall. Its turbulent streams create an incredible landscape that is ideal for photo shoots. In addition, a festival of youth subcultures is held near the waterfall every year on Ivan Kupala. For those who like water treatments, Pylypets offers the opportunity to use local in vats.

A very popular location in Mizhhirya district is the largest highland Lake Synevyr. There is a small island in the middle of the lake that can be reached by a special raft. Photos taken by the lake will be a great addition to any family photo album. Around the lake, you can buy local souvenirs, taste local cuisine in kolybas, cafes and restaurants. Relaxing by the water of Lake Synevyr becomes a real meditation and nirvana. For. accommodation you can use the comfortable hotels or private sector near the lake. In addition, from here you can go hiking on a marked trail to Mount Ozerna, which offers incredible views of the lake and the surrounding Carpathians. From this height, the lake looks like a huge eye with an island pupil and spruce eyelashes. It is not surprising that it is also called the “sea eye of the Carpathians”.

Not far from Lake Synevyr, there is a location that is extremely popular among tourists with children. We are talking about Rehabilitation centre for brown bears. It is home to dozens of animals that were mostly kept illegally in illegal private zoos. Each animal has its own complicated story, which you can learn about from the guides or read at the centre’s stands.

In Mizhhirya and its surroundings, you can find a huge number of other attractions. Very popular in this regard are 4×4 jeeping, mountain bike rides And, of course, mushroom picking.

At the end of your trip to Mizhhirya district, you should visit the local Tereblya River HPP with its huge dam and reservoir. This miracle of engineering impresses with its grandeur and beauty, and the reservoir resembles a real sea.



A wonderful cosy town of Tyachiv is a district centre located right on the border with Romania. A tour of the city will not take much time, as all its most interesting sights are compactly located in the central part of the city. In Tyachiv itself, you should definitely visit the local shrines: Reformed church, Church of the Holy King Istvan and Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.

To learn more about the historical and cultural heritage of the Tyachiv region, you should visit Museum “Silver Land” in the village of Grushevo.

At the end of your acquaintance with the historical sights of Tyachiv district, you should definitely visit St. Nicholas churches in the villages of Kolodne and Nyzhnya Apsha.

Fans of water activities can visit the famous Maryna water park in Tyachiv. It is open to visitors all year round. Families with children are especially fond of this place.

Outdoor enthusiasts in the Tyachiv region can go rafting on the fast-flowing Tysa River, hike in the mountains, take part in a cycling tour or travel through the mountainous terrain on horseback.

The largest number of tourists visiting the Tyachiv region go to Solotvyno village. There are unique salt lakes formed on the site of former salt mines, which resemble the Dead Sea in Israel. The largest and most popular is Lake Kunigunda. The healing effects of Solotvyno salt lakes and therapeutic mud are hard to overestimate. Every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world come to Solotvyno lakes to improve their health. The local tourist infrastructure is developing rapidly and is on par with EU countries in terms of service. There are many offers for tourist accommodation private sector. It is difficult to find a better place to relax on the beaches with health benefits in the whole of Transcarpathia.

To get acquainted with the history of Solotvyno salt industry, you should definitely visit the unique Museum of salt mines.

In addition, Solotvyno is home to the unique Ukrainian Allergy Hospital, which treats various bronchopulmonary diseases in special salt rooms.

Рахів взимку


The true heart of the Ukrainian Carpathians is city of Rakhiv. It has long been a popular tourist destination. In the 1920s and 1930s, due to its popularity among European tourists, it was even called “Hutsul Paris”. Nowadays, Rakhiv continues to develop rapidly as a tourist centre and is always associated with the phrase “Carpathian resort towns”.

Upon arrival in the city, holidaymakers are immediately struck by the beauty and majesty of the surrounding Carpathian Mountains. Rakhiv is the highest mountainous city and district centre in Ukraine and is located at an altitude of 430 metres above sea level.

This city is one of the first places to visit to get to know the Carpathians.

This is the starting point for a huge number of routes in the surrounding mountains, which are very diverse in their complexity and duration. The question of where to go to the Carpathians in the first place finds its answer in a trip to the highest mountain in Ukraine – Hoverla. Also popular among hikers are the two-thousand-metre-high mountains Berbeneskul, Hutyn-Tomnatyk, Petros, Pip-Ivan Chornohirskyi (there is a famous location on it – an abandoned observatory “White Elephant”) and Ribs, as well as alpine lakes Apshynets, Berbeneskul, Verkhne, Vorozheska, Gerashaska (Dogyaska), Ivor (Dragobratske), Mala Gropa, Maricheika, Nesamovyte and Nyzhne. So, when asked where to go to the mountains, Rakhiv district provides enough answers for any tourist.

In Rakhiv itself, you should definitely take time to see the historical sights and visit interesting museums in the city to get to know the Hutsul culture and traditions. A tour of Rakhiv should include such locations as Roman Catholic Church of St John Nepomuk, Cathedral of the Descent of the Holy Spirit, Museum of Mountain Ecology and the History of Nature Management in the Ukrainian Carpathians, Museum of Hutsul Bryndza та Museum of Hutsul carvings by Yurii Pavlovych. More information about holidays in Rakhiv can be found on our website at the following link.

Among the sights of the Rakhiv region, you should definitely visit the wooden “Strukivska Church” a UNESCO heritage site in the village of Yasinya, the wooden church of St Nicholas the Wonderworker (“upper” and “lower”) in the village of Serednye Vodyane, as well as a sign “Centre of Europe” between the villages of Dilove and Kostylivka.

In winter, the city Rakhiv and its surroundings attract fans of ski resorts. There are three gentle ski slopes in Rakhiv itself, which are a good option for beginners. Other good options for beginners are the slopes in the village of Yasinya and Lazeshchyna village. More experienced skiers choose the highest ski resort in Ukraine, located in the Rakhiv district – the Dragobrat. On Dragobrat itself, there are many different offers for tourists to accommodation.

The Rakhiv region also offers excellent opportunities for healing with healing mineral waters. There are almost 150 different springs here. The most famous water treatment location in Rakhiv district is undoubtedly the village of Kvasy. The healing power of Kvasy mineral waters helps to treat a huge number of diseases and ailments. These waters have even been used to recover astronauts, as they are very good at removing radionuclides from the body. It is convenient to relax here all year round. There are many different offers for holidaymakers in Kvasy for accommodation: from the sanatorium “Hirska Tysa” to private sector.

In general, a trip to Transcarpathia will introduce you to the soul of the entire Carpathians. This place has great healing and spiritual power. Throughout its complicated history, the locals have managed to preserve their traditions and prevent the destruction of spirituality in the most difficult moments. The cheerfulness and positivity of the locals, together with the majesty of nature, give you strength for a long time after your rest in the charming Transcarpathia.

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